The most popular Pilot pen that we sell is undoubtedly the Pilot Metropolitan.  It’s great for newbies and fountain pen veterans alike, and also makes for a great gift. The Metropolitan first came out in late 2012, and there have been different designs released since then. We’re so excited about the newest collection – “Retro Pop.
The Retro Pop Metropolitans are available in the following colors:
These will be available with both fine and medium nibs, and will be $15, the same price as the current colors offered. These steel nibs are surprisingly smooth and write consistently well. They’re a bit finer than many other brands, especially the fine nib. If you’re curious how they compare to other nibs, be sure to check out our Nib Nook.



We’ll also be carrying the rollerball version of each of these new colors. They’ll be available in November as well, for $13.50. There is a ballpoint version but we won’t be carrying it at Goulet Pens.

You can learn more about the Pilot Metropolitan at What do you think of the new colors? Is there a particular design you have your eye on? It’s totally acceptable if your answer is all of them. ;)

Write on, 
The Goulet Pen Company Team