There’s a neat little pen that I recently discovered, called the Platinum Carbon Desk Pen. Put simply, it’s a $12 extra-fine nib Japanese fountain pen, that can use pigmented ink like the Platinum Carbon Black that is included with it (in a single cartridge). There’s really one reason why you’d want this pen, and that’s to write really, really fine. You can see how it compares to other nibs in the Nib Nook.

It’s an attractive pen, but by itself it’s more function over form. The cap that is included with the pen leaves a little to be desired, but c’mon, it’s cheap. If you want to jazz it up, then you can get the base for it, and that’s going to run you an extra $20. It’s not a super-heavy base, but it definitely gets the job done. It has some kind of cap insert in the base, so it does seal the nib of the pen. I only tested it for a couple of days and the pen started up just fine, I’m not sure how long it would last sitting in that base before the nib would dry out. But it seems to do the job, and I kind of like the look of it!

Platinum Carbon Desk Pen, extra-fine steel nib.
Platinum Carbon Desk Pen Base, sold separately from the pen. 

So here are some of my thoughts:


  • Inexpensive- $12 for the pen, an extra $20 for the base (not needed to use the pen, though). Even $32 for both, that’s pretty good.
  • Very fine nib- it’s a Japanese extra-fine, and it lives up!
  • Attractive- it looks like it costs more than it does
  • Writes well- flows consistently, and is pretty smooth (with some feedback, like most Platinum nibs)


  • Cap isn’t postable- because of the long body
  • Converter isn’t included, that’s an extra $7.50
  • Only available in one color, one nib size
  • Cap is pretty ugly!

Even with these cons, it’s such a great writing pen for the price. Of course I’m a retailer and I sell these pens, so take what I say with that into account. But honestly, I’m impressed, and I don’t even like pens with fine nibs like these for my own daily writing. I’ve actually taken one of these guys for use on my own desk.

Platinum Carbon Desk Pen Set, the pen with the base. 

I don’t think this is a pen that typically gets a lot of fanfare. I don’t even remember ever seeing it or reading about it before I discovered it in my Platinum catalog. Rachel first mentioned to me, “hey, did you know Platinum has this pen with an extra-fine nib?”. That’s all it took, and now I have it in my hands and in our store! We carry the pen, the base, and a package set with both together with a bit of a price break.

If you have any experience with this pen or any questions about it, I’d love to hear it in the comments below!

Write On,
Brian Goulet