Blue Mare is a German ink that is right there in the turquoise family. I really didn’t know what to expect before inking it for the first time…when I think ‘mare’ I think ‘horse’, and I don’t know of any blue horses! This is the only turquoise color in the R&K line, but it’s a really nice one.

It’s best feature is that it dries quite fast, even on Rhodia paper which is fairly ink resistant. Using more absorbent paper would get you and even quicker dry time. Like most of the R&K inks there’s essentially no water resistance, so be aware of that. That’s not a deal breaker for me though, especially in the turquoise range. I actually can’t recall a single turquoise ink that is really water resistant. Maybe you can mention one to me in the comments. But, like all of the other R&K inks, it cleans from the pen like a dream, so that’s a definite plus.

The thing about turquoise inks is that they are most often either leaning towards green or leaning towards blue. I would put this one in the ‘blue’ category, though not by much. It’s a pretty bright ink, but still plenty saturated enough to be able to read it clearly. That’s the thing with some turquoise inks, sometimes they’re too light or bright that they make for decent watercolor but are unusable in pens. This one is plenty usable in a pen and has some great shading if that’s your thing. I used a medium nib Lamy Al-Star (Ruby Red, if that matters) and found this ink to be a good matchup for it.

Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star

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Blue Mare comes in a 50ml bottle, and is available at in both bottle and sample form. I do sell this ink, so read my whole review with that in mind and use your own research and judgment to determine which inks are best for you.

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If you’ve used Blue Mare, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!