Rohrer and Klingner Magenta is a German ink that is one of the more vibrant colors in the brand. I personally have kind of an affinity to bold magenta colors, and this one is quite striking. I don’t use them a lot, and pinks in general aren’t my go-to color, but if I’m going to use a pink it’s going to be a punch-me-in-the-eyes pink.

The dry time is pretty fast, only 15 seconds on Rhodia paper. The water resistance is low, but the advantage of that is it cleans incredibly easily. There isn’t a great deal of shading, but there is some. Most magenta inks aren’t great shaders from what I find. The flow isn’t as wet as some of the other Rohrer and Klingner inks, though it was consistent and steady.

I used a Ruby Lamy Al-Star with a medium nib for this review, mainly because it’s a popular style of pen and the nib size is a good balance between dry time and shading ability.

Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star

There are a bunch of really good magentas in this color range. Here are some comparable colors:

Magenta comes in a 50ml bottle, and is available at in both bottle and sample form. I do sell this ink, so read my whole review with that in mind and use your own research and judgment to determine which inks are best for you.

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If you’ve used Magenta, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!