Rohrer and Klingner Verdigris is a lovely blue-black from Germany that comes in a 50ml bottle. Blue-blacks are incredibly popular ink colors because they are very work-appropriate but add a little splash of color to the daily grind. This is a very nice color.

The dry time is pretty fast, 15 seconds on ink-resistant Rhodia paper. You can get faster, but slower is much more common. This ink isn’t heavily saturated, but rather even in color so you don’t have a lot of shading (variation of color within your writing). The flow is wet, and water resistance very low. Like all Rohrer and Klingner inks, it cleans out very easily from the pen, which is nice for a color this dark to do that.

I used a Ruby Lamy Al-Star with a medium nib for this review, mainly because it’s a popular style of pen and the nib size is a good balance between dry time and shading ability.

Ruby Red Lamy Al-Star

In the fountain pen world, a blue-black ink is just about the most predictable color that you can find. Every brand has one, though they may not name it ‘blue-black’ (though a lot of them do!). Heck, even Pilot Iroshizuku is missing a black ink from its lineup, but has blue-black! Despite what you would think is a relatively narrow color range, these inks can actually vary quite a bit, usually swaying heavily green or heavily gray. Verdigris leans a little green, though not much. Here are some other inks to compare:

Verdigris comes in a 50ml bottle, and is available at in both bottle and sample form. I do sell this ink, so read my whole review with that in mind and use your own research and judgment to determine which inks are best for you.

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If you’ve used Verdigris, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!