It’s always exciting anytime we can offer a new brand at Goulet Pens. S.T. Dupont joined our lineup back in December 2019 and it is a company located in Faverges, France near the French Alps that makes simply stunning and classy fountain pens. Their pens are world famous and many are chosen and used by Royals and celebrities. Their classic Line D collection shows their close attention to detail and knowledge of precise engineering. The Line D writes with a smooth 14kt gold nib and is crafted from brass and then finished with expertly applied urushi lacquer.

They are available in two sizes, Medium and Large, and several colors. The Medium includes colors Windsor Blue/Gold, Windsor Black/Palladium, Guilloche Blue, and Pearl White. The Large comes in Black/Gold, Atelier Brown, Atelier Blue, and Black/Palladium.

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