The LAMY Safari/Al-Star/Vista/Joys are probably one of the more popular fountain pens for those just getting into the hobby for many reasons, but that’s not really my focus here. Many of you out there already have at least one of these pens, and possibly a variety of different nibs as swapping them out is so easy. That’s one of the best thing about the pens, in fact.

I’ve talked before about how the nibs are interchangeable between the Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and Joy, in our LAMY intro post. But what’s even cooler is that the same nibs you already have will also fit in the Studio, Accent, Logo, and CP1. They’re all swappable!

Here’s the Studio:

Here’s the Accent:

Here’s the Logo:

Here’s the CP1:

Here’s the Safari:

Here’s the Vista:

Here’s the Al-Star:

And the Joy:

The nibs swap out easily with just your fingers or the tape method like I have here. So if you had your eye on a Studio with a fine nib, and you already have a fine nib Safari, maybe you’ll want to get an extra-fine or a broad Studio instead. Since you can swap the nibs out, just look to get something you don’t have and you can broaden your collection of Lamy nibs.

It also means you can take that sweet 1.1mm italic nib and put it on your Studio or Accent (which normally aren’t available with italic nibs)! You can really vary it up.

This is good news for LAMY fans. You can get a whole assortment of nibs and share them between your pen. You can have one pen and 7 different nib sizes, greatly increasing the function of your single pen. Or, if you wanted to add another pen, you have the option to use all of the nibs already in your collection!

Just to recap, the LAMY pens that all have swappable nibs (there a few others, but these are the ones available in the US):

  • Safari
  • Al-Star
  • Vista
  • Joy
  • Studio
  • Accent
  • Logo
  • CP1

And the nibs that you can use in them:

  • Extra fine (black or steel)
  • Fine (black or steel)
  • Medium (black or steel)
  • Broad (black or steel)
  • 1.1mm italic (steel)
  • 1.5mm italic (steel)
  • 1.9mm italic (steel)

It should also be noted that you can swap out LAMY gold nibs on these pens as well!

What LAMY nibs do you enjoy in your collection?