Probably the biggest selling point to the LAMY Safari/Al-Star/Vista/Joy pens are that they all have interchangeable nibs. You have the option of writing with an extra-fine, fine, medium, or broad nib in either black or silver stainless steel, and the option of 1.1mm, 1.5mm, or 1.9mm italic nibs in silver stainless steel. That’s a lot of choices for one pen, and it’s great for getting a variety of writing styles without having to purchase multiple pens.

Sometimes the nibs come out easily just with your fingers, but sometimes not. I shot this video on how to easily swap out LAMY nibs using nothing but run-of-the-mill scotch tape. It’s safe, fast, easy, and works well whether your LAMY is inked or not. You can also buy replacement LAMY nibs on our site for $14 each.

Let me know how you like the tip! Just post in the comments…

Write on, 
Brian Goulet