The first step to falling in love with fountain pens is to use them! But if you are grappling with the question of how to incorporate these gorgeous pens into your daily routine, we’ve got the list for you! We recently polled the lovely and active members of our Goulet Nation facebook group for their ideas of their favorite ways to use their fountain pens. Check out their suggestions below!

1) Journaling

2) Lists (shopping lists, To-Do lists, holiday gift lists)

3) Notecards

4) Calligraphy

5) Letters to friends and family

6) Copying Down Works of Literature

7) Handwriting Practice

8) Poetry

9) Taking Notes

10) Pen Pal correspondence

11) Writing down quotes and inspiration in a notebook

12) Meal planning

13) Thank You Notes

14) Daily Devotionals

15) Dream Journals

16) Doodling/ Drawing/ Sketching

17) Love letters

18) Book Notes

19) Recipes

20) Family Histories

No matter how you use your pens, it’s a guaranteed good time. Fountain pens offer a fantastic gateway to reconnect yourself with a simple creativity in an increasingly digital world. Thank you to all who shared their tips and ideas with us. It was so fantastic to hear all of your insight on how you show your pens love. If you want to join the conversation too, be sure to click the link above and request to join the Goulet Nation group.

What ways do you enjoy using your pens? Let us know in the comments below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team