TWSBI pens are an often-recommended favorite of many fountain pen fans for their large ink capacities and smooth writing nibs. These wonderful pens grace many of Goulet Pens’ lists for Top Products, including our 14 Writing Gifts Under $40 and Top 7 Next Level Pens.  But from this diverse and delightful line of demonstrators, our team has picked two standout favorites, the Eco and the Vac700R. Colin and Lydia have tackled the task of arguing the virtues of these cherished pen models in our latest Pen Battle blog.


Lydia here and this pen is my favorite recommendation for students! It is affordable, has a crazy amazing ink capacity for lots of note-taking, and is pretty appealing to many different style tastes. I own two Ecos in different nib sizes (Medium and Extra Fine) and I love them both equally. No matter the nib size, they flow beautifully and are always ready to write even if I leave them sitting for a while. There is a special insert in the cap that keeps the nib always wet and ready to write.

Eco is short for Economical and, boy, do these pens fit the bill. They retail for a mere $28.99, making them one of the best values on our site in my opinion. Cost is always a big factor when first introducing anyone to the fountain pen hobby and it is hard to convince someone to shell out $30 for a single pen. However, I have convinced countless friends to try my fountain pens and the Eco is always my first choice to hand them. I know the smoothness of the nib will knock their socks off and the demonstrator body with visible ink sloshing inside is an attention grabber. People are mesmerized by the movement of the ink.

The ink capacity is another fantastic selling point. The 1.76ml of ink you can load into this pen will carry you through pages and pages of inspired writing. I do not think I have successfully run an Eco dry yet before it was time for another monthly cleaning. Either one of my Ecos is among the first pens I reach for when heading off to a meeting where I know I’m going to be taking a lot of notes.

Also, no matter your preferred pen style, the Eco design is clean and simple enough to appeal to a wide variety of fountain pen users. The clear option is great for the minimalist who prefers to let the ink take center stage, but there’s also something classic about the black option that will appease the more traditional crowd. The lines of the pen are clean and the clip is simple yet effective. The pen is well balanced. TWSBI also offers some great Limited Edition colors.

Let’s recap. The Eco is the best because it’s:

  • Affordable
  • Demonstrator body is appealing and exciting to see the ink inside
  • Great ink capacity for notetaking
  • Stylish design appeals to many

You can find the TWSBI Eco in Black, Clear, and White at


Colin here, stating my case as to why the Vac700R is the king of the TWSBI line of pens. When I purchased this pen, it was actually my 5th fountain pen, but the first one I truly fell in fountain pen love with. Everything about it was awesome! The design, the nib, the ease of cleaning… it checked all of the boxes I was looking for.

I’ll come out strong with one of the best reasons to go with the Vac700R; ink capacity. If you’re looking to avoid the potential headache of eyedroppering your fountain pen, you won’t find a better bang-for-your-ink-capacity-buck than this. At a maximum of 2.37ml of ink storage, the Vac700R is only bested by the Pilot Custom 823 (at just $200+ more) out of the pens available at That means you can use an entire ink sample with room to spare!

The design of the Vac700R is another reason to lean this way. Like most other TWSBI pens, it’s a clear demonstrator. This offers the best way to know your ink level and also to see your favorite ink swirl around in the barrel. Another plus for me is the size of the pen. It’s fairly long meaning it does not have to be posted to feel perfectly comfortable when writing. Also, worth mentioning that the new ‘R’ design allows for better ink flow than previous models.

Another reason to go with the Vac700R is the unique filling mechanism. Finding a vacuum-filling fountain pen for this cost is great value. Like I mentioned earlier, this allows for extra-large ink capacity as well as a very satisfying filling technique. Whether from an ink bottle or the TWSBI Vac 20A, seeing the ink rush into the pen barrel after creating the vacuum is a fun experience.

My last point is a key difference between the two models. The Vac700R has swappable nib units. I can’t tell you how helpful this is in terms of versatility, inking your pen up, or cleaning it out. Being able to remove the nib unit has been a lifesaver. Want to go from an EF at work, to a 1.1mm Stub for play? You’re just an unscrew away!

So to recap, the Vac700R is my choice because:

  • Nearly unparalleled ink capacity
  • New ‘R’ design lends itself to better ink flow
  • Gorgeous demonstrator body highlights your favorite ink
  • Vacuum filling mechanism
  • Swappable nib units

The TWSBI Vac700R fountain pen is available at

Leave us a comment as well and let us know why you love a particular TWSBI fountain pen. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Write on,
Lydia & Colin