TWSBI announced their Mini a long time ago, and it has finally landed in my hands. I only received a limited supply of them, but still couldn’t resist shooting a video because I knew how many questions I’d get about them and how they compare to the 540. In fact, I didn’t even get any of the ‘Classic’ Minis, but had to Frankenpen one up to show what it looks like.

In the top video, I cover:

  • TWSBI Mini unboxing (0:20)
  • TWSBI Mini compared to 540 (1:58)
  • Aligning the clip to the nib when posted (4:33)
  • Mini, 540 Schmidt, 540 Bock nib comparison (6:22)
  • Hack swap of a 540 nib on a Mini (9:35)
  • Showing TWSBI Mini clear, black, and classic (11:00)
  • Filling the Mini (12:35, 14:20)
  • Removing the piston mechanism (13:20)
  • Showing ink capacity of the Mini (14:58)
  • Mini writing with EF nib (15:35)
  • Mini EF nib compared to 540 EF nib (16:40)

In the video, I use the following materials:

In the first video, I touched on the fact that I thought the 540 nib might fit on the Mini. I did a little further investigation, and it looks like it will work. I covered my findings in the second video, and I also clear up the difference between the older Schmidt 540 nibs and newer Bock nibs.

As always, I’m a retailer so take everything I say with that in mind. I carry these pens at my site but they’re available at other retailers as well as directly from TWSBI, too. You can also see writing samples I did of all the TWSBI Mini nibs (EF, F, M, and B) and how they compare to all the other pens I have in the Nib Nook.

TWSBI Mini Clear
TWSBI Mini Black (no longer available)


TWSBI Mini Classic

What do you think? I’d love to hear your impressions, let me know in the comments.

Write On,
Brian Goulet