Video Outline:

  • History: (0:35)
  • Unboxing: (1:15)
  • Materials – (2:30)
  • Color Options – (2:48)
  • Features – (3:30)
  • Nib Options – (5:57)
  • Filling Mechanism – (6:39)
  • Inking it up – (8:07)
  • How It Writes – (9:59)
  • Additional Features – (12:33)
  • “My Pen” System – (13:46)
  • Comparable Pens – (14:53)
  • Price – (17:11)

We’ve had Visconti on our radar for years, and many of you have been asking us why we don’t carry the brand. The truth is, we always wanted to! Ever since the now-famous Dr. Stephen Brown sent me his very first video pen video he made on the Visconti Traveling Inkwell (check it out here) I had it on my bucket list.

The thing is, a boutique brand like Visconti typically sells through brick-and-mortar stores, and it’s more the exception than the rule to sell through an online retailer like ours. I’m not shocked or surprised by this…after all, there was a time when Lamy and Pilot felt the same way, and we had to advocate for ourselves with them!

After attending the DC Fountain Pen Supershow this past August, we got to speak face-to-face with the great folks at Coles of London, the US distributor for Visconti. Getting to see the full line of Visconti’s pens and talk about our company’s shared values really opened the door for us this year. It became pretty obvious to all parties involved that the time is right for us to become officially affiliated, and things have been moving quickly since. It’s about 4 years of on-and-off conversations with Visconti that has finally resulted in what appears to be an overnight development. ;)

Now that you have some background, I’ll tell you our plan. We’re going to start out with the Visconti Rembrandt, which is their entry-level to their amazing line of writing instruments. That’ll be the focus of this blog post and video. We’ll also carry the full line of their inks and the Traveling Inkwell (which is bank ordered as of this post). We’ll follow that up with both sizes of the Homo Sapiens and the Van Gogh. We’re also going to have the limited edition Millennium Arc, which will only be around for a time. That’s the master plan at the moment, though they have some other amazing pens that we can always special order.

Now that you have some background for the Goulet-Visconti relationship, enjoy this very thorough video on the Visconti Rembrandt!


Brand overview/history (0:35)

  • Founded in 1988 by Dante Del Vecchio
  • A lot of innovation, artistry, and design goes into Visconti pens
  • Crafted in a 15th-century villa in Florence, Italy
  • The Rembrandt is their entry-level pen, inspired by the painter

Packaging: (1:15)

  • Really nice box, not real leather but the most realistic leatherette I’ve ever seen
  • Cartridge, converter, warranty info booklet

Colors/finishes: (2:30)

In Hand:

  • Grip: slick metal, not my fav for long writing but is comfortable in the hand and works well for shorter writing stints
  • I’ve been using it for meetings, quick notes and to-do’s and it’s worked well
  • Step: basically non-existent due to magnetic cap, no threads


  • Weighting (posted/unposted): slightly front-heavy when unposted
  • Slightly back-heavy when posted
  • My wife has smaller hands and comfortably posts it
  • When posting it repeatedly, you may see some light scratches around the curve on the body of the pen
  • My observation is that it’s because the material is a little softer than the acrylic resins typically used on most pens
  • It’s easy to polish out with a jeweler’s cloth in just a matter of seconds


  • 20g body
  • 13g cap
  • 33g overall
  • Similar to Pilot Vanishing Point, Lamy Studio

Nib Options: (5:57)

  • Stainless steel
  • Design on nib: lots of flourishing, beautiful design
  • Feed design: plastic feed (not unusual) with Visconti logo on it
  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Broad (not carried at GPC)

Filling Mechanism: (6:39)

  • Standard international cartridge/converter
  • Will fit an unbranded Standard International converter
  • Will take SI short cartridges
  • Long cartridges will get stuck!

How They Write: (9:59)

  • Ink used: Noodler’s Black
  • Nib smoothness: fairly smooth, not glassy, has a hint of feedback
  • Flow: VERY wet, especially after first inking it up, wasn’t as gushing after sitting overnight
  • Nib stiffness: stiff nibs as you’d expect with steel, but can get some slight line variation if you try
  • Line width of different nibs:
    • Fine and medium nibs are really, really similar to each other, basically both are medium nibs

Cap: (12:33)

  • Magnetic snap-cap, push-to-post
  • Can open easily with one hand, even close with one hand
  • Clip: very distinctive, the “Visconti bridge” modeled after Ponte Vecchio bridge, spring clip
  • Centerband: very nice, well-designed and attractive with Rembrandt name on it
  • “My Pen” system on finial, available as a separate upgrade to the pen
    • Letters, stones, can be swapped out on the pen


Comparable Pens: (14:53)

  • Visconti Van Gogh
    • Similar resin, more dramatic and matches Van Gogh paintings
    • Faceted
    • Same spring clip
    • Same MyPen system in the top
    • Same nibs
  • Delta Serena
    • Italian company
    • Design is somewhat similar
    • Nibs are very wet, as well
    • Different feel to it, slightly less expensive at $108
  • Aurora Ipsilon
    • Italian company
    • Much less elaborate feel to the pen
    • Plain color resin
    • Nibs are very toothy, wider range of nib sizes
    • Snap cap

The Visconti Rembrandt is a bit on the upper-end of a stainless steel-nibbed pens compared to many of the other brands we carry at, at $175 list price. As an authorized Visconti retailer, we are not allowed to advertise below the full list price. However, once you sign in to your account, you’ll see our best price available. You can create an account by clicking “Sign Up” at the top of this site.It’s not going to be a ‘starter’ pen for most folks. What I can say about these pens is that they are very clearly designed with passion and artistry behind them, and the fit-and-finish is quite exquisite. The Rembrandt is the first introduction to Visconti’s pens, and they will only get better from here :)

Write On,
Brian Goulet