Monday, September 25, 2017

Stipula Fading Gray with a Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray: Monday Matchup #157

Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.

Hi, all, Whitney here! This week, I'm pairing a Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray in Fine with Stipula Fading Gray to create a piece inspired by one of my favorite book series. Want to hear how I created the piece and what I thought of the pen and ink? Keep reading on to find out!

The books I read as a child had a large impact on my sense of humor and the way I write or speak superfluously. I drew great inspiration from that. I love the combination of darkness and humor in this particular author's books. I wanted to choose something a little more tame for the Monday Matchup so that I didn't scare everyone away, but the possibilities were endless. The research I put into this had me laughing as well.

I started by drawing my sketch out in pencil and it was honestly really frustrating. I am better at drawing from life or drawing doodles that I just make up. When it comes to creating a scenario with characters that already exist, I have a hard time. I think I just wasn't feeling super creative when I drew it. I go through artistic moods and there are times drawing something just works and other times, not so much. It took me a while to get these characters to look right and I'm still not in love with it. Once I got it looking acceptable, I went over the pencil and erased it mostly. Pencil lines are one of my artistic pet peeves. Maybe it's just the paper, but the ink looks suspiciously like pencil, making it difficult to tell if I'd erased everything. Then I wrote the quote in and did an ink wash around the illustration. If I were to do it again, I'd probably try it on Rhodia paper and use a different ink.

The nib on the Perkeo is so, so fine, like an undercover Extra Fine. It may have also be attributed to the dryness of the Stipula ink. Or it could also have been because I was using thicker sketch paper that is didn't feel super smooth. I think my general frustration at the drawing made the use of this pen less enjoyable anyway. The ink was fine, but I wouldn't say I was blown away by it. It's a nice gray, but that's not typically an exciting color, except maybe in the case of a gray whale. If you are looking for a charcoal gray, this is not your gray. The pen is super cute though. I wouldn't mind using it for more everyday endeavors, like note-taking or little sketches in my Bullet Journal. I think this nib needs smooth, less absorbent paper.

Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.
Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.
Book illustration inspired drawing done with a Kaweco Perkeo fountain pen and Stipula Gray ink.

You can find the Kaweco Perkeo Old Chambray at Goulet Pens for $16. Stipula Fading Gray is available in a 70ml bottle for $19.50 and a 2ml sample for $1.50.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Goulet Q&A Episode 183: Noodler's Safety Pen, Orange Inks, and Maturing As A Pen Collector

In this episode, I talk about Noodler's "Boston Safety Pens", my favorite orange inks, and how my pen buying patterns have matured over the years. 

This week:
  • First day of fall!
  • health update
  • giant nib!
  • VP Crimson Sunrise came and went in 11 hours, don’t think we’ll get more 
  • TWSBI Classics in white and turquoise
  • MV 3-ink set for fall
  • Robert Oster Sublime, Lake of Fire
  • Just put a bunch of stuff on sale right now, clearing out some old inventory
  • We adjust our stock every couple of months, so we want to only keep stuff on the shelf that you want
  • We’re being very intentional about our inventory right now, having just paid for all the move and stocking up for the holidays
  • We have a few reasons we will put things on sale: discontinued products, overstock are two of them, so you will want to check our newsletters and sale page often over the next month or so as we clear out and stock up for holidays
  • Coming: Noodler’s Polar Purple and Legal Blue
  • Lamy Aion
  • Monteverde Noir inks
  • other new things will be coming along, don’t have dates to mention yet


1) kaiputsonahat- Instagram (12:58)
What are your thoughts on sub1.1mm stub nibs, like the Singularity stubs? Are there any stock/aftermarket nibs at <1.1mm that offer great line variation?
  • Not a lot of them, that's part of why we like the Nemosine stubs, they're unique
  • The thing about finer stubs is they aren't going to have a lot of line variation, period
  • You're dealing with a smaller amount of metal on the tip, so there's less room for variation
  • combine that with the fact that most stubs are pretty rounded as is, and that makes it not very crisp
  • if you have a sub 1.0mm stub and it's sharply ground, it's going to feel pretty scratchy without a lot of sweet spot, so it won't be a very pleasurable writing experience
  • there really aren't a lot of other stock sub 1.1mm stub nibs, quite honestly
  • you can get them custom ground through nibmeisters

2) Helmut C.- Facebook (15:31)
Is it likely the Goulet Pens will have the new Noodler's "Boston Safety Pen" in stock?
  • not very likely
  • Here's Nathan's video, and another here
  • It's a pretty cool design, much like a vintage safety pen
  • his videos are nearly 1.5 hours in total, so I'll summarize
  • it's a pen design that's made to be leak-proof and always wet at the ready
  • the nib unscrews down into the ink, and the cap plugs the end of the pen
  • however, it uses India Ink, not fountain pen ink, so it's not a conventional fountain pen
  • Nathan took these to the Boston Pen Show for 2017
  • I haven't yet heard how they were received, but we've been getting asked about them a lot!
  • Nathan currently doesn't have a means of mass-producing them, so it's no guarantee they will be available to us
  • we will have to wait and see


3) Mark C.- Facebook (19:46)
With a cartridge fountain pen that has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, how long should it take on average for the ink from a new cartridge to feed through to the nib? If it takes hours, what is typically the cause – blockage in the feed, in the intake air channel? Is there anything else to look for?
  • it should only take about 30-60 seconds to feed down and be ready to write
  • your pen might need to be cleaned! maybe even soaked overnight in water (with a little dish soap)
  • bulb syringes help a lot, but might not get all the dried ink out of a feed channel without soaking
  • you can squeeze the cartridge to flood the feed when you use it, to speed up the process
  • you can also "shake it down"
  • if your pen writes just fine and you don't feel like cleaning it, try one of these techniques and be on your merry way

4) Francisco D.- Facebook (26:20)
I really like orange! One of my favorite pens is my hi-tec-c in orange. Do oh have any recommendations for orange inks? What about recommendations for orange inks in cartridges?


5) Anne P.- Facebook (29:55)
I've noticed that my Pelikan M400 sings but only when I write against the desk in one of my classrooms (it's a plastic table). How does writing surface affect pen performance? Or am I just pressing too hard? Still.
  • if it's a single piece of paper on the writing surface, it'll pick up more of that texture behind it
  • in general, it's best to have at least a single sheet of paper under the paper you're writing on
  • you're feeling the texture from the writing surface which is causing your nib tines to vibrate, and "sing"
  • I bet if you put another sheet under it, it'd stop

6) wlocklear- Instagram (32:15)
How bad is it that I don't rinse with water after using Goulet Pen Flush? I forget every time.
  • it's not good...
  • pen flush is a cleaning agent, and if you aren't flushing out the pen after you use it, you're putting that cleaning agent into the ink that you're putting back into the pen...and it might have long-term negative effects on the ink
  • I don't think it'll cause any problems to your pen, but I don't know, quite honestly
  • I suspect it'll just dilute and cause your ink to degrade quicker
  • try to remember to flush the flush!


7) thelexlutz- Instagram (34:31)
I know your kids are still young but do they show any interest in fountain pens? Do you think you will try to get them into the hobby in the future?
  • they do have some interest, yes
  • I've spent a little time with them
  • my kids are 5 and 7, and my 7 yo son I've spent some time with him
  • my daughter's a little less interested but I will surely spend more time with both of them
  • Now that I'm thinking about it more, I will make more time to spend with both of them on using fountain pens!
  • They both have expressed interest in working here, specifically they both want to be "leaders of the Goulet Pen Company"

8) Marcos G.- Facebook (37:44)
I noticed that as my fountain pen journey goes on. I'm much more deliberate when buying fountain pens. How has your buying pattern change ? If any at all.
  • I think it's very nature to slow down in your pen purchasing as you gain more experience in the fountain pen world
  • exceptions could be if you get into collecting, you might go on binges when you find good deals
  • Most folk start getting their focus narrowed to specific models, colors, materials, brands, etc, and show more of a focused interest
  • me personally, I haven't really slowed down, if anything I've sped up!
  • I'm an odd case though, I do this for a living
  • knowing, using, and collecting pens is part of my job, so that very much enables my hobby
  • also, as the success of Goulet Pens has grown, my ability to purchase pens has increased!
  • I do definitely have pens I'll pass on these days though, though I'm still kind of a pen junkie
  • I haven't really changed all that much

QOTW: What pen do you have sitting around that you haven't used in a while? (45:14)

Write On,
Brian Goulet

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Things: Empty Ink Bottles

Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.

We're crazy for empty ink bottles! Fountain pen inks come in some of the most gorgeous, eye-catching, and appealing bottles many of us have ever seen. Why not show them off? These bottles make the perfect desk decoration, especially when you find a new purpose for them. This week's Thursday Things showcases the luscious lines and classic curves of some of our favorite ink bottles. It also serves as a great reminder that you can find these stunning empty bottles for sale here on our site! If you're looking for ideas on how to use these beauties, check out our 7 Ways to Re-Use Empty Ink Bottles blog. 

Featured products:
Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.
Empty Ink Bottles
Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.
J. Herbin Glass Dip Pens
Colorful flat lay of empty fountain pen ink bottles and glass dip pens.

Which brand's ink bottle is your favorite?

Write on,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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