Thursday, February 11, 2016

Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue: Ink Review

Are you ready for some Inky goodness?

Hey guys, Jenni here and this week I am reviewing the deep, rich and beautiful Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue. I used this ink in my most recent Monday Matchup and absolutely fell in love with so many things about it. Not only is this color the perfect hue of blue, but it also surprises you with purple and red hues when water is applied to it. This makes it the perfect match for the Noodler's Tinian Treasure fountain pen. I'm sure by now you are asking yourself, "Can it be used in everyday writing?" and "How will it write inside my everyday carry notebook?" Let me assure you, this ink will not disappoint. Get ready to be introduced to your new favorite blue ink: Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue.

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):
  • Medium- This ink isn't necessarily a fast drying ink, it took around 25 seconds to dry. But it definitely dried fast enough for sketching and drawing without smearing everything around the page. 

Drip Test (Water Resistance):
  • Low- When water is applied to this ink magic happens! Yes, the blue disappears making it non-water resistant, BUT what you get left behind with is a beautiful mix of purple and red hues that are gorgeous and perfect for art.  

  • Medium- This ink has a whole lot of pigment to it but I wouldn't consider it a highly saturated ink. It is a deep, dark blue but it only gets slightly darker the more ink you apply to the paper. It does however, leave behind a beautiful red sheen that totally makes up for it. 

Ease of Cleaning:
  • Medium- Cleaning this ink can be very easy since it has such a low water resistance. However, because the ink mixes with water to produce purple and red hues, it can lead to the staining of your pen and/or converter. Keep that in mind when leaving your pen inked up for a long amounts of time. 
  • Low- Unfortunately you don't get to see too much shading with this ink because it has a medium saturation. You can see a little bit of color variation every now and again, but overall the ink color is pretty consistent, which for me is fine because I LOVE the color!

  • Medium- This is a fairly dry, but great flowing ink. When writing with both the Lamy Al-Star and the Noodler's Konrad I found that there was a bit of hard starting and skipping. Once the feed of the pen was full of the ink, it wrote smooth and without issue. I'd recommend using this ink with a wet writing pen for best results. 

Packaging and Aesthetics:
  • 75ml glass bottle with 2ml ink samples also available.  
  • Gorgeous medium sized bottle that sits wide and low. 
  • Shallow bottle could make filling difficult when ink gets low. You may need to tilt the bottle to get the best results.

 Inks Similar in Color:


I haven't gotten the chance to try out many Faber-Castell inks but after using Cobalt Blue I have no doubt that I will be trying out more. This ink is great for everyday writing at work, home, in the art studio and beyond. Just make sure you are using it in the right wet writing pen for maximum enjoyment. Also, be sure to try adding a little water to the mix to see what kinds of purple and red hues you can get out of it.

You can find Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue at Gouletpens.com in a 75ml bottle for $30, a box of 6 cartridges for $3.50, or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50. Have you fallen in love with this beautiful blue yet? If not, please give it a try because it will most definitely surprise you.

What other inks have you been surprised by?

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Thursday Things: The Artist

One of the many wonderful things about fountain pens is their versatility! In addition to everyday writing, fountain pens are extremely useful tools when creating calligraphy and art. We love showing different ways to use them in our Monday Matchup series, and more recently we interviewed sketch artist Liz Steel to share some artful insight in the world of sketching. So flip to an empty page in your notebook, relax, and see where your pen takes you. Here are some of our favorite products to get you inspired!

Find our Thursday Things Artist shopping guide here. Featured products from left to right:

Rhodia No. 18 Notepad - Black, Blank, $9
Pilot Parallel Package set, $32
Goulet Ink Syringe Set, $4.95
Midori Traveler’s Sketch Notebook Refill, $7.20
Black Lamy Joy Fountain Pen - 1.5mm, $28
Leuchtturm A5 Notebook - Black, Blank, $19.50
Noodler’s Art Nib Pack, $6
Noodler’s Ahab Brush Pen, $23
Rohrer & Klingner Dip Pen, $30
De Atramentis Document Ink Black, $19.95
Noodler’s Ahab Pima Tortoise, $23
De Atramentis Document Ink Sample Set, $15.75

Noodler's Nib Pack
Lamy Joy - Black, 1.5mm
De Atramentis Document Ink - Black
De Atramentis Document Ink Samples 
Noodler's Ahab Brush Pen
Midori Traveler's Refill - Sketch Notebook

Do you have a favorite pen and paper combo to use for sketching?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Rainbow of Possibilities: The Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set

Pilot Parallel fountain pens offer a crash course into the calligrapher's experience. These pens are great for beginners because you can start practicing calligraphy without the mess of dip pens. Available in four fantastic nib sizes (1.5mm Italic, 2.4mm Italic, 3.8mm Italic, and 6mm Italic), these pens will spark your imagination. Create flourishes and fancy scripts with just a little practice.

We offer the pens separately, but you can also get all four available in a package set. You'll get all four pens, complete with 2 cartridges, a cleaning converter for each, and a package of Pilot Parallel Mixable Colour Assorted Pack cartridges all for $32. It's the Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set, perfect for getting you started on your calligraphy journey!

Pilot Parallel 1.5mm Italic
Pilot Parallel 2.4mm Italic

Pilot Parallel 3.8mm Italic

Pilot Parallel 6.0mm Italic

Want to see what these awesome pens can do? See some examples from around the #GouletNation! There are some truly talented calligraphers out there that can make these pens sing, but they are fun for anyone interested in creating interesting scripts from beginners to old hands. 

A photo posted by Attila (@attilasultis) on

A photo posted by William Setiadi (@williamsetiadi) on

A photo posted by Stu LeBeau (@calligraphynut) on

If you'd like to see these pens in action, watch Rachel's first video ever on the Pilot Parallels. She breaks the pen apart, shows you how they work, and demonstrates a technique for gradiating multiple inks together.

You can find each pen individually, and the entire Pilot Parallel Rainbow Set on Gouletpens.com.

Have you used Pilot Parallel pens before? What do you think of them?

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