Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Robert Oster Fire & Ice: Ink Review

Hey there, ink lovers! Madigan here, bringing you my latest review on Robert Oster Fire & Ice ink. I've come across this ink several times on Instagram and instantly fell in love. The turquoise color plus the stunning sheen make this a stand-out ink, and sure to be one of the most popular colors. It reminds me of J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor, in terms of color and sheen, but without the gold sparkles, obviously. It would be a really great option if you love Emerald of Chivor but are worried about clogging issues. Read on to see what makes this ink so special.

Supplies Used:

Smear Test (Dry Time):
  • Medium- 20+ seconds is pretty standard for ink. Definitely not quick dry, but it shouldn't cause you trouble if you are writing or turning pages quickly.

Drip Test (Water Resistance):
  • Low- If you are looking for water resistance, look elsewhere. This one doesn't stay put when water is applied.

  • Medium- You can see a difference between the first swab line and the second, but not the second and the third.

Ease of Cleaning:
  • Easy- Pretty standard cleaning for this ink, no need to take any additional steps.

  • High- This ink throws a lot of shade! On down strokes you can see stunning pigment pooling and sheen, while on upstrokes, you get a lighter shade of turquoise. If you love shading/sheening ink, you have to try this one.

  • Medium- No hard starts, no gushes. If I was being really picky, I'd say it goes more to wet.

Packaging and Aesthetics:
Inks Similar in Color: 

I love this ink! It was the first Robert Oster ink I filled a full pen of, and let me tell you, I did not want to stop writing. To see it at its best, be sure to use fountain pen friendly paper. You can really see the sheen on Tomoé River or Rhodia paper. It might not be the most work or school appropriate ink, but for letter writing, journaling, or note-taking, I think this is a fantastic option.

You can find Robert Oster Fire & Ice at GouletPens.com in a 50ml bottle for $16 or a 2ml ink sample for $1.50. 

What is your favorite Robert Oster ink? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Noodler's Dostoyevsky with a Pilot Falcon SEF: Monday Matchup #125

Hey there, fountain pen friends, Whitney here. This week, I've paired Noodler's Dostoyevsky with a Pilot Falcon SEF. Read on to hear my thoughts on this pen and ink and why I may not be able to part with it!

I really enjoyed the fact that I've continued to break my trend of pink inks from previous matchups. Dostoyevsky was a lovely blue and worked well in the Falcon. My inspiration for the piece came from Dostoyevsky himself.  I read this quote from him and felt it really resonated with me. I had a few negative memories and feelings from the past year, but I like the idea of balancing the good wtih the bad. This past year was a difficult one for me on a personal level but I chose to focus on the things I got to do in the course of a single year and the progress I made as a person. I think that was the attitude Dostoyevsky was encouraging.

I did a few versions of this piece that included only the text, but they didn't feel quite right. In hindsight, I wish I had been a little more focused in my vision. I decided I liked the way the Ayn Rand portrait from my last Monday Matchup turned out and thought I'd give the technique another shot. I found it was already getting easier to have more confidence with using the water brush, so that was encouraging. I used a water brush to construct a likeness of Dostoyevsky. Once I was satisfied with the portrait, I wrote the quote in with the pen.

I am so in love with this pen, I really wanted to keep it for myself. The Falcon is amazing. It's got a very fine nib when not flexed and the nib is soft enough to offer plenty of line variation. It even has a bit of feedback, which I find perfect. The ink is great as well. I had a fine time using it for both writing and making the tiny water brush portrait.

I would recommend this pen and ink for all types of writing. I used it for writing some notes when I was getting a feel for it and it worked just fine. It would be great for writing that is intended to be more stylized as well. It would work for drawing and sketching as well.

a Rafflecopter giveaway You can find Noodler's Dostoyevsky in a 3oz. bottle for $19.50 or a 2ml sample for $1.25. The Pilot Falcon is available in nib sizes Soft Extra Fine- Soft Broad for $152. You can find them both at GouletPens.com.

Follow the directions below for a chance to win this pen and ink. We're excited to see what pen and ink you have matched!

How to enter Monday Matchup Giveaway:
  • Match a pen and ink together. They don't have to match in color, any fountain pen and ink works.
  • Take a picture of your pen and ink matchup. 
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What is your New Year's motivational quote?

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Goulet Q&A 151, Live Edition!

Last week for Goulet Q&A, we're threw the script out the window and answered your questions live as they came in through YouTube, Instagram Live, and Facebook Live! It was our first time doing this, so we hope you enjoyed it.

Here are the questions that were asked:
- Are there any interested black inks that aren't shimmering? (7:21)
- What pen do you 'whip out' to kill it in a business meeting? (8:07)
- Going to first fountain pen show, what tips do you have? Should I get there as soon as the doors open? (10:00)
- What tips/techniques do you have to get back into journaling? Any useful writing prompts? (12:37)
- Using a Pilot Metropolitan now, would a jump to the Pilot Custom 823 be reasonable or go with the Pilot Custom 74? (14:31)
- Do you have any recommendations for fancier pens with great stub nibs? (16:09)
- How do you decide what products you'll be carrying? (18:22)
- What did the Goulet family get for Christmas? (20:45)
- What fountain pens work well for school? (22:35)
- Are there any problems when writing with the nib upside down to get a finer line? (24:13)
- What is the 2017 Pelikan Edelstein Ink of the Year? (26:22)
- What's your favorite fountain pen purchase of 2016? (26:52)
- Speaking of ink, does Brian Goulet have any tattoos? (27:40)
- What is your favorite color of Robert Oster ink? And ink overall? (29:10)
- What are your thoughts on scented inks? (30:46)
- What would be the next step-up for a fountain pen after the Metropolitan and Lamy Al-Star? (32:34)
- Do you have a preference for body material in a fountain pen? Which have the most benefits?(33:39)
- If you could never use a blue ink again, what would you use? (35:15)
- Have you ever lost a much beloved fountain pen? (37:08)
- What would be the best way to get more young people interested in fountain pens? (39:20)
- What is your biggest fountain pen regret? (41:22)
- I know you have a lot of pens, but how many do you use on a daily basis? (44:14)
- What fountain pen do you deem the most 'Presidential'? (46:04)
- How many people have you converted to the 'Fountain Pen Army'? (48:05)
- If you could only stay with one ink brand forever, which would you choose? (49:37)
- Is your son already using fountain pens? If not, do you have a really cool first pen for him? (51:00)
- Do you have any favorite fountain pen puns of 2016? (53:06)
- If you could carry Sailor again or Montblanc, which would you choose? (54:14)
- Do you prefer classic pens, modern pens, or post-modern pens? (55:26)
- Where does the biggest demand for fountain pens come from? (56:40)
- What is your ultimate dream fountain pen? (59:09)
- In your opinion, what is the best selling pen & ink for Goulet? (1:00:06)
- Would you ever want to carry a LEGO-themed fountain pen? (1:00:57)

What do you think of this 'live' edition of Q&A? Let us know in the comments! You can catch up on any old Q&A videos you missed here.

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