Monday, October 18, 2010

Private Reserve Orange Crush Ink Review


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Private Reserve Orange Crush is another color we chose for the October 2010 Ink Drop. It's an underrated color, one you don't hear much about. Well, you're gonna hear about it now!

Private Reserve Orange Crush

Bottle Shape/Size:
Private Reserve isn't known for their 'fancy' bottles. Like Noodler's they put more emphasis on the ink itself, and the bottle is simply a vehicle for transporting ink. For that reason, it's very economical, only $8.40 list for a 50ml bottle. Though it's not the prettiest thing, it has probably the widest neck of any ink bottle on the market. You can practically stick a garden hose in this bottle.

Ink on Paper:
I tested it on 4 premium papers to see the different aspects of the inks performance.

Private Reserve Orange Crush on 90g Habana
Private Reserve Orange Crush on 90g Webbie
Private Reserve Orange Crush on 72g Moleskine
Private Reserve Orange Crush on 80g Rhodia Dotpad

Water Resistance:
Though this isn't at all what I would classify as a 'water resistant ink', it actually did hold up okay. If you spill something on this, you could probably still read it okay, though it soaks up a lot of the orange and just leaves red behind.

Comparable Colors:
Noodler's Cayenne
Noodler's Antietam
That's about it! This is a pretty unique color.

Good value
Big bottle opening
Excellent shading, not over saturated
Nice flow

Somewhat long dry time
So-so on absorbent paper
Fugly label/bottle

Brian's Bottom Line:
This is a very unique ink, and it performs really well. Though you probably will have to search to find a use for this type of color, it is a really fun one to use. I would stick to more in resistant papers with this one, a lot of the nice performance and coloration might be lost on cheap paper. Though the bottle isn't flashy, it's an affordable ink with qualities much like more expensive inks. I highly recommend it. What better time to try it than in October?

Private Reserve Orange Crush is available at GouletPens.com in 2ml ink samples for $1.25 as well as 50ml bottles for $8.25.

***I do make my living from selling ink like Private Reserve, so take that into account for this review. Though my main purpose for the review is not to sell ink, I'd be lying if I said I don't hope for it as a consequence! I'm not paid at all to blog, so this review is a labor of love for me. I hope you enjoyed it.

I would love to hear what you think. You're welcome to leave comments!


  1. This was one of my favorite inks for this month's Ink Drop, and a perfect example of why I love Ink Drop: discovery! I would have never thought of trying out this ink on my own. What I love most about this ink is that it's an orange ink that can be used as a daily ink. It's not loud and in your face like Diamine Pumpkin (which is a great color, just hard to read pages and pages of). This ink also has really great shading, and it's such a fascinating and unique color. An earthy, rusty, orange. Love it!

  2. What is hilarious through all of these reviews is just how bad Moleskine paper is. I bought a Moleskine 2010-2011 Academic Planner, and the paper is terrible, and expensive. I might as well be writing on paper towel. The paper has show-through with pencil, ballpoint, felt, etc. I understand that it is more porous and that not all paper is agreeable with fountain pen ink, but what can I use on it?

    Thanks for doing so many new reviews, too. The Diamine Pumpkin looked like a really great color. Anyhow, sorry for the paper rant, but my next planner is going to be from the Clairefontaine family.

    Take care.

  3. Werner Van Der CruyssenNovember 18, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    Thank you for this review. I use this ink in my Sailor imperial black pen which has a broad nib. Have to agree with you about performance on Moleskine paper (which I suspect is due to the paper quality rather than the ink). On my Maruman mnemosyne notebook it really shines: no feathering, no bleedthrough at all. I love the color and shading of this ink; as others have said it's not loud in any way; always reminds me of 'burnt orange' and seems to have some ochre in it. Not for business use but great for general note-writing, especially on creamy white papers.

  4. You're welcome. Yeah, it's definitely the paper that makes a big difference. My moleskine sucks the life out of just about all my inks.


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