Fanmail Vid: Opening a Goulet Package

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Bernard is a customer of ours in France, and sent us this video he made unpacking his GPC order. Some of you may recognize my overzealous packing, haha! It’s a fun and creative video, great job Bernard! If anyone else has fun or creative ideas for showing off your stash, shoot me an email and we can share it 😉 ~Brian Goulet

Dear Brian, dear Rachel,
I am so excited about all I am discovering with you! I am a newbie in the pen and ink’s world and it is such a fun! During the last Write Time at 9! you wished that people should send some pictures or vids of the packaging and so on… Here is one! I had my Iphone when my 11 year old daughter came with the inks and pens you had sent to me… this is not a professional movie but I think you and Rachel will find it cool… I had a lot of fun doing it… I know you will appreciate the epilogue.

Best regards and thanks again for the good work and the entertainment!

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  • That was awesome. I actually found myself bobbing along to the music and I loved the fist slam at the end. Thanks for sharing!

  • Watching this opening of your wrapping reminded me of the scene in Independence Day, when the Brent Spiner character slices opens the alien's casing!

  • Nathaniel

    When my RSS reader told me there was a post this morning, this was the last thing I expected to find. I have a sudden urge to do math proofs on a whiteboard and spend more money. 😀 Cool video.

  • I love the overzealous packaging!
    This was great! 🙂

  • This is a great video and I had to laugh so hard when the fist came down! I watched the Nathans Video on Bernanke ink last night, so it was fresh in my memory.
    It is a fantastic video!

  • When his daughter started to open the package, it reminded me so much of my own experience. I started out with my hands before grabbing a cutter to open through the layers upon layers of packaging.

  • Excellent video! The ending made me cackle with laughter. Bravo Bernard!

  • You know, I've often thought – this would be a great prank video – if one of Brian's packages could survive an NFL football game subbing as a football? I really think it would! Love your customer service AND this video!

  • @Nicky, love the fist at the end! I cracked up when I saw that 😉

    @Brian, haha! Wow, I haven't thought about that movie in years!

    @Nathaniel, you get urges to do math proofs? I cannot relate 😛 Though something about the Waterase makes me feel like I should be doing smart-people things!

    @Rita, par for the course for me 😉 I'm kind of particular about my packing!

    @Sven, Nathan's a hoot sometimes, I was practically in stitches the first time I saw his fist-pounding video!

    @César, I know you like the way I pack!

    @Speck, I'm glad you like the vid, I thought it was worth sharing.

    @Maria, haha! I don't know about that, but maybe! I've thought about doing a 'Jackass' style video where I throw packages off my roof, hit them with baseball bats, and things like that. It would probably be very entertaining!

  • So different from how I open my packages – I carefully remove the tape to preserve the bubble wrap for re-use! Excellent BSB showcase. The fist slam cracked me up!
    I too have a sudden urge to visit my Goulet Pen wishlist and place an order….

  • That's funny…the urge…to click…the…wish…list…must not…oh nooooo!

  • Nathaniel

    Yes, yes I do. The cheese slid off my cracker a long time ago. Perhaps, smart people should do Waterase things. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Basset here.

    I think the fist slam's going to be a trademark of sorts; would like to see that picked up in other vids as well.

  • @Rhea, definitely. For anyone else out there, if you're gonna go tearing into your package with a knife, just make sure you don't cut your bounty!

    @Maria, haha, fight the urge, fight the urge, fight the….ah well, just go for it 😉

    @Nathaniel, cheese slid off the cracker, that's a new one for me!

    @Basset, I think you may see some fist-slamming coming from me in the future if nothing else, just as an inside joke.

  • Awesome video! Cracked me up real good!

  • Thank you Bernard, for producing such a clever, funny video. Thank you Brian for sharing it, the punch line at the end sure was punchy 😉

  • I love the overzealous packaging!
    This was great! 🙂

  • Aw, that's a cute video!