Write Time Topics 3/15/11

Tonight we’ll be hanging out with you at 9pm Eastern US time, so come and check us out. No big whoop, we’ll be talking about pens (probably Lamy’s as we have been playing with them lately), Edison Nouveaus, and whatever you want to talk about. It’ll be a Q&A, so come hang out, talk in the chat, and we’ll see where it goes!

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  • Brian, if you ever expand you Pelikan selection, you may want to consider the M150 or the M200 series. They are similar but the M200 cost more, is slightly longer, has a gold nib, and hast atleast one aditonal color. Both are pretty good starter pens and the M150 was second fountain pen I purchased, the first was a Hero 100 (worst five bucks I ever spent). Sorry to ramble but I also just wanted to point out one intresting fact. The M150 and M200 nibs are interchangeable.

  • Thanks so much for the suggestion! We're slowly but surely looking to expand our pen selection, and the m200 is on our radar šŸ˜‰