Write Time at 9: 4/19/11- Nathan Tardif joined us live

Link to YouTube for my channel and the video.

This week’s Write Time was a truly epic one. Nathan Tardif of Noodler’s Ink joined us live by phone, and he did not disappoint. It was a fascinating conversation, and one definitely worth a listen. In fact, you’ll probably want to get out your favorite (fountain) pen and take notes.

Things he covered:

  • Some background into his pen/ink passion
  • New Noodler’s pens coming available in the coming months
  • Inks he’s working on
  • What inspires/motivates him to create new inks
  • Golden nuggets of fountain pen history

He was gracious enough to join us for about an hour and twenty minutes! Thanks to everyone who joined us, there were over 300 people that watched at some point. A special thanks to Nathan too for making this an incredibly interesting Write Time!

What did you all think?

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  • Surfbits

    It was great to hear Nathan expound on everything pen related. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    One thing bugged me though, I know you two well enough to know you take your business very seriously, but with a single camera focused on only you rather then maybe Noodlers products or some other subject while Nathan spoke, seeing you laughing and giggling (about I assume the chat), was not very respectful of your guest. He may not have seen it at that time on the phone, but if he watches the video today like I did, he may take your laughter as some degree of disrespect. You may want to edit this and run Noodlers based photos or graphics or maybe your store pics instead of the static video feed you have now.

  • Donna Bennett

    A fascinating Write Time! Many thanks to Nathan as well as to Brian and Rachel for hosting and providing great jumping-off points for Nathan's exposition.

  • Wow, you're right. The chat was BUZZING and everyone was trying to make us laugh, but I didn't think at the time how disrespectful it would come across. I'm going to take the video down and work on it to fix this, most likely we'll end up just reposting the audio, as the video really doesn't add anything in this particular Write Time.

  • Karen

    I was going to say the same thing. I thought about it this morning and imagined that the video might come across as if you were laughing at Nathan and not the chat nonsense…Glad someone brought it up too.

  • Rhea

    Oh Gosh – we were having so much fun last night it didn't even occur to me how it would look during subsequent viewings….I hope you tell Nathan how we all were truly enamored with his knowledge last night and meant NO disrespect.
    I agree with substituting photos of his products….

  • Well, we're going to replace the video with pics of something. Granted, I don't have pictures of most of the new products he was talking about, so it'll probably end up being just a generic picture of some kind, it'll be more for the audio, which is really the important part anyway.

  • carole

    Is it possible to recover any of the live chat? Or at least to point out, as somebody said last night, that over 100 people stayed tuned in all that time to hear Nathan? From the chat I saw, people loved hearing him talk about pen lore, esp his experiences as a kid. " If you write a nice letter, people don't always know you're 10 years old." LOL !

    Also some of us didn't realize he wasn't watching the live chat—which is too bad since it was obvious how much everyone appreciated his time. It was done in a fun way (fist slam!) but glad someone pointed out that could be misinterpreted.

  • Karen

    I'm really glad I tuned in for this, and I'm sure I will listen again to Nathan's interview. He covered so many fascinating subjects in such depth, I need to hear it more than once just to catch all of the finer details. It was an epic broadcast 🙂

    Thanks Brian & Rachel, and Thanks Nathan!

  • Unfortunately we haven't figured out a way to record the chat yet. We're looking into it for the future, but last night's chat is long gone 🙁 Yes, there was a lot of love in the chat, and there was at the peak 133 people in there! It was quite impressive.

  • Thank you Brian & Rachel for a great interview with Mr. Tardiff. I admire his knowledge and what he's trying to accomplish with his company. He knows so much about pens and inks. Maybe he should consider writing an autobiography about his life experiences, I would buy it in a heart beat.
    P.S. Kudos to you Brian for editing the video. Especially for people who don't know about the chat and tune in to hear Mr. Tardiff. I hope you have the chance to talk to Mr. Tardiff and describe what was happening last night and how many people tune in because they admire him and respect his work.

  • Definitely, I think it's worth another listen for all of us! There was just so much knowledge shared, I'm going to have to take notes!

  • You're very welcome. I'm working on getting the audio up right now. I actually JUST talked to Nathan on the phone to reiterate how much everyone appreciated his time!

  • Basset

    Well, in fairness to all, it was the chat which prompted the smiling. Brian and Rachel have no doubt already talked to Nathan about that, so he doesn't get the wrong impression from online postings

  • Last night's Write Time at 9 was an absolute pleasure to hear. Listening to someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Nathan was amazing. Thanks for a wonderful two hours.

  • Tim Guirl

    I enjoyed listening. The Goulets were exactly right in their approach to this interview, which was to let the guy talk. His iconoclastic approach to pens and inks and economics and politics riveted my attention. Thanks for providing this special broadcast.

  • You're very welcome! We knew that we would only be getting in the way, so we tried to interrupt as little as possible 😉

  • You're welcome, it was a pleasure for us to be able to do it.

  • You're very welcome. He's a fascinating man, and I appreciate his willingness to share with us!

  • Philip

    Hi Brian,

    I really enjoyed the interview; thanks for recording it for those of us who could not listen to it live!

    Looking forward to your review of the Pilot VP – I'm hoping to buy a matte black from you guys, but I'm not sure which nib width to choose! I only have Safari F and EF nibs and it's difficult to gauge from other users' experiences how they would compare to the Pilot nibs, especially when there's little difference between the F and EF nibs in my possession.

    Would it be possible to compare line widths of the Lamy nibs to the VP that you have? It would be much appeciated! I'm deciding between the Pilot F and M nibs as I would like something slightly narrower than my Safaris. Thank you!

  • I wasn't thinking to do a comparison to the Lamy nibs, but that's a really good idea. I think I'll do that!

  • It was great to hear Nathan. I think he could have gone on for at least a couple more hours 🙂 How old is he? I imagine him being about 50ish but I guess that's another mystery. I'd like to associate a face to the voice.

  • I saw a magazine article online from 2005 that said he was 31, so that would make him 37 now. He seems to have way too much life experience to be that young! But I'm pretty sure that's (approximately) his age.

  • Everything's cool. 🙂

  • What? No way! He's, like, close to my age! Amazing!

  • I haven't asked him to confirm it, but I believe that's pretty much his age. By the way, I like your avatar 😉

  • Haha thanks Brian! I like yours. I didn't mean to copy you but I really like how that splotch of Navajo Turquoise looked on a paper towel so I scanned it and made it into my avatar.

  • Catching up and finally got to listen to this broadcast. Thanks for doing it. There is much to love about the products he makes available and even more so why he provides them. I particularly appreciate his desire to keep the cost of his inks below $20.

  • You're very welcome! Definitely, even though some of his ideals are controversial, I think most people respect the fact he is a man of principle.

  • Loripartridge1

    A shade of blue.. a shade of black… how do you do?