Lamy Studio Trim Ring Mystery

I had a couple of people email me about a mysterious problem with their Lamy Studio suddenly not being able to close or post. I played around with my Studio for a minute and discovered that the trim ring on the grip section is actually removable. It’s not common, but over time, the trim ring can unscrew and become detached inside the pen cap! A simple removal of the trim ring from the cap and rethreading back into place will get the pen working like new again.

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  • Mtruppi

    I think you did a pretty darn good job of describing everything through e-mail. The pen I encountered that had this problem was the stainless "fish." Did the other report happen to be that pen as well? I wonder if it is more prevalent in that particular model. The metal ring with plastic threads vs. the metal ring on metal threads. Don't know if that kind of thing makes any difference.

  • Melinda

    That was an extremely useful video – thanks, Brian! I'll be checking my Studio to see if the ring is loosening up. 

  • Now that you mention it, the other pen that had the trim ring issue like yours was a 'fish pen' as well! Perhaps it's just an affliction with that particular model due to the non-metal grip section.

  • You're very welcome!

  • Thank you for your video. I have that problem and will look in the cap for the ring. Funny, the ink stains on your fingers, make you look totally dedicated. I bet one was Purple Heart! 

  • Dale

    Thank you! In a couple of minutes the puzzling problem with posting my pen was fixed. Thank goodness the ring stayed in the pen. I greatly appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

  • You're very welcome! Now when you notice the cap starts to feel a tad loose when you close the pen, you'll know to check that trim ring. Thankfully, I haven't heard of anyone actually losing their trim ring yet, I think the tendency is for it to get stuck in the cap. 

  • Anonymous

    Hi Brian,
    My inability to close or post my Lamy Studio (not fish) was really bugging me until I had time to sit down on a Saturday and go online with the key words Lamy Studio loose lid, which routed me straight to your video. Thank you for helping me solve the problem: I was having no joy until I decided to get a watchmaker's screwdriver and remove the tapered plastic cylinder (inside the lid) that houses the nib, when the trim ring fell out. Strangely,
    that screw undoes in a clockwise fashion – just another little eccentricity that goes towards making my individual, perfectly weighted, excellent Lamy Studio.
    Thanks again!
    Mike, London UK.

  • I am totally dedicated! 😉 I have ink on my fingers all the time, it's just a fact of life for me!

  • Dan

    I just had this problem with another stainless Studio. Thanks for the video!

  • Vivian

    Thank you for making this video. I would have never known to look inside the cap for the trim ring. Fished it out and put it back on. Everything works GREAT!!

  • Nice! I'm glad this helped you out 🙂 Mystery solved!

  • Interesting, so you had this issue with a different Studio? I've only really heard of it with the Stainless one, because of the rubber grip.

  • PenAgain

    Cool! I looked for some kind of ring, and it was safely clicked inside the cap. I'm just glad it's metal and screws back on, and not plastic and broken. Thanks!