Monday, November 7, 2011

GouletPens Comparison Tool

We have a pretty cool feature on GouletPens.com that allows you to compare detailed specs of everything we carry, so we wanted to show you how to get the most out of this tool. We have spent a lot of time taking detailed measurements of everything, and this tool will help you to be able to quickly and easily compare products side-by-side with detailed specs. At a glance, you'll be able to compare:

  • Pictures
  • Prices
  • Detailed Pen Dimensions
  • Ink Properties, Bottle Sizes
  • Notebook Sizes, Page Counts, Rulings, Paper Thickness, Etc.
  • Stock Status
  • Reviews/Customer Ratings

Essentially, you just check the boxes underneath the products you'd like to compare, then click on "Compare" to see them side by side.

Check the boxes, then click Compare.

You can select products from anywhere on the site to compare to each other, which will pull up in a side-by-side detailed comparison like you see here:

Compare up to 3 products side-by-side.

I hope you enjoy the comparison tool, it's something we've spent a lot of time to put together. It's all part of what we're trying to do to make GouletPens.com a great place to learn as well as shop. If you have any questions about this tool or our site in general, feel free to email me (Brian).


  1. One of your best videos.  Well done! :-)

  2. There is a similar tool not as detailed from another
    company. I will not say who it is, It probably doesn’t matter much because they
    sell mostly different pens, but just as a question of etiquette. But it has one
    really nice feature, I don’t know how they do it, but all the pens are lined up
    on a grid so when you see the pens (it only works for pens) you can tell the exact
    scale of each pen. I wish it had an un-posted view. I will attach a picture.  The URL has been cropped out, though people that
    have Googled fountain pen may be able to pick it out in a hart beat.  He also has some pens he does not sell just
    for reference.

  3. I have mostly been a lurker of the blog, but the dedication you have to what you do, and the fact that you are constantly thinking of ways to improve and grow are one of the reasons why when I finally was able to make my first pen/ink purchase in awhile earlier today, I made it with you. A bit of dedicated googling could have saved me a few bucks, but I really appreciate the fact that you are so passionate about this hobby, and I have been enjoying reading this blog for over a year now.

  4. Interesting, I've actually never seen that before. Whew....setting that up would be a bit of work, but maybe we'll put it on the back burner :) 

  5. Thank you for coming out of your lurking, Maria! I'm really glad you're enjoying my blog, and now my store, too :) Thank you so very much for shopping with GPC even though we aren't always the cheapest. We try to be close, but price wars on the internet can be pretty cutthroat. Rather than get into that, we just charge what we feel is a fair price, then make up for any premium with extras like our Swab Shop, this blog, our videos, all of the features on our website, doing our own product photography, and other ideas that we have yet to implement. We're always looking at how we can build upon what we've already done, and I don't see us stopping doing that! I'm really glad that you appreciate what we do, we'll keep it up!

  6. I too follow your blog and am a dedicated follower of your store. One "extra" feature I would like to see concerns the reviews.

    It would be really nice to see all the reviews for a particular model, say for example a Lamy Safari, in one place, rather than to have to look at each individual colour to read the review for what is essentially the same pen.

    This also applies to the ink - some people leave reviews under the bottles, and some under the samples.

    I have no idea how complicated this would be from the back end, but I DO read the reviews people leave, and it would be really nice to have them all  in one place.

    Anyway you're doing a great job as it is, so don't worry too much about this minor niggle.

  7. That's a great idea....I'm not sure if there's any easy way for us to do it, but I will definitely look into it! 

  8. The comparison tool is awesome! Because I'm in the 'www' field, I appreciate that creating a great user experience is one of the major keys to success. And it is also the most often overlooked, because it can be hard work. Goulet Pens knocks UX out of the park! You make it so easy to find the products I am looking for, to see crisp, clear product photos that are always consistent, and to compare items. The site is always fast too, and checkout is a breeze. (plus, shipping is usually faster than anywhere else I shop)

    Anyway -  When I am looking for a pen, ink, or notebook, I always visit your site first. And as other customers have said, even if I can find a product cheaper elsewhere, I'd prefer to buy from Goulet Pens because the whole experience is just so much better. All of those little things really do add up.

  9. Wow, thank you so much Karen! I appreciate all of your compliments, Rachel and I both work really hard on creating an awesome experience on our site. You're right that most people overlook it, I think because it's just so much dog-gone work. I can't even add up how many thousands of hours we've put in to our website, but I think the effort shows in the end result. We're always looking to improve things....sometimes we're not able to do things we'd like, but all-in-all, I'm pretty darn happy with how the whole site is right now. I'm glad to know that you notice it (and I know a lot of others do, too). 

  10. Thank you so much for such a wonderful comparison tool, this is a great idea. Would you consider doing a video about how to select inks? Usually when I select inks I think about color, but when you mentioned anti-forgery I wondered if I should be thinking about more. I appreciate everything you do thank you! Audrie


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