Quo Vadis Habana A4 Blank – Wed. Review

Every Wednesday now, I’m doing reviews/overviews/comparisons of specific products and brands. Today is all about the new A4 Quo Vadis Habana, which just arrived in the US.

Many of you have been asking for A4 bound journals, well the wait is over! Quo Vadis has come out with their Habana journal in an A4 (8.25″ x 11.75″) size. The journal itself is well-made just like the other sizes, folds incredibly flat and has the elastic enclosure, back pocket, and ribbon marker that you will recognize from the smaller sizes. For the time being it’s only available in a black cover with blank paper, but they could offer more if these are popular.

Quo Vadis A4 Habana

Quo Vadis A4 Habana

Quo Vadis A4 Habana back pocket

What more can I say? It’s a Habana and it’s big. It has 80 sheets of fountain pen friendly 85g ivory paper. The price isn’t too bad either. The 6″x9″ A5 Habana lists for $24, and this A4 Habana is $30, for nearly twice the paper area.

What do you think?

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  • Carlos Olivo

    It seems that paper merchants are finally reacting to market needs. This is an interesting option, but I've just got a very similar Moleskine A4 notebook with 88 sheets of 100 gsm paper for 15,75 €. I still have to test it, but at the price the Moleskine seems a winning option.

  • MR McC

    Love this size, looks great, just wish it was refillable

  • Dspeers

    Love the looks, concept etc, but the thing is just TOO expensive. 

  • I don't want it to become available in other colors, because then I would have to buy it. 
    Great video, Brian! Also, I like the totally-clean desk you're rocking. I'm jealous.

  • I haven't tried the A4 Moleskines, but the A5 ones have been really hit or miss on the paper quality, at least for fountain pens. I'd love to hear how yours is!

  • Yeah, I hear ya.

  • Yeah, $30 ain't cheap, I will agree. 

  • Thanks! Yeah, what you don't see is the mounds of junk I moved off that very desk right before shooting that video 😉 I'm a very visual person, so I have a lot of desk space and stuff is strewn about it all the time! 

  • Manfredo

    Great movie Brian, we wait till next Wednesday, Greets from Europe 🙂

  • Carlos Olivo

    Hi again Brian and all. Finally, I've been able to try the Moleskine 100 gms A4 notebook and am dissapointed. Clearly it doesn't behave as bad as its 70gms A5 siblins, but the 100 gms sheets are rather toothy and thick and nevertheles they bleed and feather a bit, even with point F pens. Besides the notebook doesn`t lie flat when open as the Havana.

  • Thanks! 

  • Thanks so much for your input about the Moleskine, and for the pictures! I've heard 'okay' things about the Moleskine 100g, but I'm not all that impressed with the one you have here 😛