Fountain Pen Day! Special Video: The Fountain Pen News

November 2nd, 2012 is the first ever international Fountain Pen Day. What is it? It’s a day that members of the fountain pen network as well as retailers and manufacturers in the fountain pen world are marking as a “day to embrace, promote, and share fountain pens and the handwritten arts.”

You’ll probably see a number of retailers and bloggers doing special things to promote this kickoff holiday celebrating this crazy hobby we love. And what better way to kick it off than to show you a collaborative video that a bunch of us fountain pen video-making folks decided to put together. The video is called The Fountain Pen News, and was led by Stephen B.R.E. Brown, the Dutch-sensation on YouTube. It includes him, myself (Brian Goulet of, Brian Gray of Edison Pens, Brian and Lisa Anderson of, and Dan Smith of the Fountain Pen Geeks.  Stephen was the brainchild behind the video, but we all had fun contributing to this parody of the obscure Monty Python’s Flying Circus skit “News for Parrots”.

In addition to this video, we at the Goulet Pen Company are going to be celebrating Fountain Pen Day by doing two live broadcasts. The first one will be a meet-and-greet of the full staff at ‘Team Goulet’, which we’ll have streaming live on our Write Time page here at 11am EDT. We’ll be there with a chat where you can ask us questions as we tell you who we are and what we do every day. In addition to that, we’ll be giving away some fun stuff like bottles of ink, and we’ll be recording the whole broadcast for those who aren’t able to join us live. Rachel and I will be having our recently revived Write Time at 9 broadcast at 9pm EDT later in the evening, where we’ll be announcing the winners of our Lamy Studio Royal Red Giveaway, as well as some other spontaneous prizes. It should be a lot of fun, we hope you’re able to join us!

Have a great Fountain Pen Day. Today is a day to enjoy your pens and share them with your friends.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Dan

    Noodlers war paint rocks… Clearly the high point!

  • LOL I'm hoping that wasn't bulletproof black you used for warpaint!

  • So funny! Watch out, Rambo, here comes…well, some weird dude with Saran Wrap in his head, ink on his face and a belt full of fountain pens. FPenbo.

  • I want that belt. It'll help me with my daily carry.

  • Haha, you like that? I did that in one take : )

  • Oh yeah it was! That was legit, thumb in Noodler's Black, ink on face.

  • Haha…I'm happy to be in company with Rambo 😉

  • I got it a while ago, but I think that bandolier was only about $10…cheaper than most pen cases!

  • "This is ridiculous…"

    Hahaha, love it!

  • Liessa

    So next up a review on how well it holds up on skin, e.g. how many showers does it take to remove, which soaps to use, etc? 😉

  • Neillmot

    Excellent! I can see a new thread on FPN: "Best Black Ink For Warpaint?"

  • That video was pure awesome!

  • Nicky

    This is quite possibly the best FP-related thing I have ever seen. My stomach hurts from laughing.

  • Peggy J.

    Bravo, Brian!!

  • This was awesome to the max!

  • Kelli O

    Hahaha, that's too funny! I watched this video with headphone during lunch break at work. Everyone was wondering what I was having for lunch to have those LOL moments..

  • carol

    LAMBO….First Ink! With his trusty Lamy, Bulletproof Black, and a plucky band of Preppys, Lambo is ready to write to the death in a battle with the barbarian Bics. Will the mind-blowing colors available in bottled ink convince the Bics to give nibs a chance? Stay tuned. 😉

  • Robert Harris


  • That about sums it up, right?

  • No need…Noodler's Black I think would be the best! 😉 At least it's the best of what I've tried…

  • Haha, glad you like it!

  • Awesome! That's exactly what we were shooting for 😉

  • Thank you, thank you (insert bow here)

  • Glad you liked it 🙂

  • Haha, awesome! And probably if they watched it with you they wouldn't even know what was so funny about it 😉

  • Haha!

  • I thought so too…everyone did an awesome job 🙂