Edison $28.95 Bulb Filling Pen

Coveted as one of the pens with the largest ink capacity and unique filling systems, Edison’s bulb filling pens have long been at the upper price range for most pen enthusiasts. Until now!

Okay, so this pen may not be for everyone. But Brian Gray was a good sport for letting me put this video together, so I want to plug his Edison Morgan LE group buy going on right now. It’s no 2-ounce bulb filler, but it’s still pretty nice 🙂

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Brian Goulet

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  • Nice April Fool's

  • What a cruel April Fool's joke…youtube is blocked at my work, so I'm guessing the video made the joke much more obvious than the article did.

  • Very well done!

  • Christine Witt

    And…it's a flex writer!

  • Dustin Wen

    Ha Ha Ha Ha… the best news of today.

  • I was laughing my head off. 😛

  • vieuxcarre

    Good thing you got this video up on YouTube before they close:

  • vieuxcarre
  • bulb is exact fit without cutting for the preppy, lol

  • Your work blocked YouTube for April Fool's? 😉 jk, I know what you mean. Watch the video when you get home, you'll appreciate it.

  • That's an even better value! 😉

  • Yup, YouTube got me for a second this morning 😉

  • Awesome! 🙂

  • It sure is! It's interesting to try to hold…

  • Thanks!

  • Thank you…I did the voiceover and edited most of the video in the wee hours this past Saturday…time well spent 😉

  • Yeah, we all just need to take nothing seriously today.

  • Freddy

    Brian, that was positively cruel, even if it is April Fool's Day. 😉 One of Brian Gray's bulb fillers is my dream pen. Of course, as soon as I saw the price, I knew what was coming but even so it's not nice to make a 67 year old man cry!

    Have a great day and thanks for always keeping both the Ink Nouveau and the Goulet Pen Company sites fresh, fun, and interesting. 🙂

  • Well played! I love it!

  • Marta

    Hilarious Brian! And. Clever. Innovative. 🙂 Also check out FP Geeks.

  • Troy

    That was great

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    If only it was a piston filler….. 😉

  • 3DogRule

    OMG that was fantastic. I'm still laughing.

  • Oh you…! I came here expecting to find a $28.95 Edison. I wasn't disappointed.

  • Krandall Kraus

    Bravo! Leave it to the two Brians.

  • Nicky

    What an amazing looking pen. That's what I call a super-flex!

  • David

    One bulb syringe viciously sacrificed in the making of this film.

  • Post AScript

    Well done. And it comes in rubber?

  • Michael

    It's the 2nd and I still can't find it on your website…. Colors? Can I upgrade the nib?

  • No need to cry, this isn't a a made up pen. You actually can make yourself a $28.95 bulb filler…. 😉

  • But this has more ink capacity!

  • haha, great

  • Yeah, it was interesting when I pitched this to Mr. Gray…he was actually pretty cool about it 😉 Free publicity for him, right?

  • You'll only be disappointed if you buy one, haha!

  • It's the 'softest' writing you can find 😉

  • well, it's still usable. You can clearly flush an Edison nib with it!

  • Yes, rubber baby blue finish 😉

  • Hey, cut the hold a little differently and you can put it on any nib housing! What versatility!

  • Michel_de_Montreal

    how about a 2 oz Piston filler 😉

  • Finally watched it…hilarious