Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ink Drop: April Reveal and March Contest Winners

April Ink Drop Reveal: Under the Sea

For April's Ink Drop, we selected a range of blues, from green/turquoise to dark blue. We hope you enjoyed them!

Due to low participation, we have decided we won't be doing an Ink Drop contest this month, though we'd still love to see and share what you do with your colors! Feel free to sound off on what you thought of this month's inks in the comments below.

March Ink Drop Contest Results

As for the March 2013 "Fade to Black" Ink Drop Contest, thank you to everyone who entered, and to everyone who voted. This was a tough month, as all the colors were in the gray/black range. But you still did some amazing things with these colors!

Art Winners: 

The first-prize ($25) winner was Michael F.:

The $10 Art runner-up was Danielle C.:

Writing Winners: 

The first-prize ($25) winner was Gary L.: 

The $10 Writing runner-up was Ted A.:

Congrats to all four winners, and to everyone else who participated!


  1. Congrats to the winners! Great job! :)

    Sorry to see no contest for April, but maybe if it's an occasional thing, it will be more exciting and lots of people will enter. I just love seeing how different everyone's entries are!

    For now, I'll keep sharing what I do with the inks on my blog. (thisissuzy.wordpress.com) Contest or no contest, Ink Drop is lots of fun! :)

  2. Castelo, from BrazilApril 7, 2013 at 6:02 PM

    Wow! That was a great surprise. Believe me or not, I am about to buy the
    Diamine Soft Mint because I think that is the most beautiful blue that you have
    available. It is in my wishlist waiting for the TWSBI 580 come back to stock to
    be shipped together. Beside this, I very happy with the blue choice because I
    am a blue fan. It Remember me the sky.. the beach.. gives me serenity.. Thank
    you :)»

  3. Thanks, voters! Thanks, Goulets!

    The contest got me back to creating art after many years away. I understand if the Goulet's want to revisit the concept.

    I will continue to do something creative with the monthly ink drop, and actually already did for April!

    Keep on creating, folks, and keep looking up!

  4. This Month's selection was perfect. It brought a ton of creative thoughts to mind and every time I look at them thoughts of coral reefs come to mind. I love the ocean and diving and it too is a big part of my inspiration for creative thinking. Can't wait to see what comes next.

  5. Cool, thanks for sharing your blog, Suzy! You always have great work :)

  6. That's wonderful! Soft Mint is a really nice ink (hence, why we chose it!). It's not a very flashy ink, but it has a very appealing look to it that isn't exactly like other blues. It's very pleasant.

  7. It's been wonderful to see your art, Michael! Thanks so much for sharing and participating, please please please keep performing your art, it is inspiring!

  8. We really enjoyed this month's colors. We're big fans of blue around the Goulet shop, and these were some nice ones that I don't think a lot of folks have used before.


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