Saturday, June 29, 2013

June Ink Drop Reveal!

We did something a little different for the June 2013 Ink Drop - we kept the colors a secret and asked you to guess what they were! Now it's time for the big reveal.

First, a little background. We called this theme "What's in a Name?" because we originally wanted to pick colors whose names didn't necessarily match up with what you'd expect. Sometimes when shopping, you might skip over an ink if its actual color doesn't match what you'd expect from the name, whereas the color might be really nice in its own right! By taking it a step further and intentionally keeping it a secret, it removes all preconceived ideas. Forget color name, forget brand... just try the ink and see if you like it!

So without further adieu, here are the June 2013 Ink Drop colors:
Ink #1: Diamine Dark Brown
Ink #2: Monteverde Purple
Ink #3: Noodler's Burgundy
Ink #4: Private Reserve Blue Suede
Ink #5: Stipula Deep Blue
We had quite a few guesses in our contest, and we randomly selected winners from those who guessed correctly. We had correct guesses for all but one of the ink colors - no one guessed the Stipula! The winners of $15 GouletPens.com gift certificates are Stephanie B., Justine H., Jonathan S., and Sam K. You'll be getting your gift certificate in your email shortly!

Thanks to everyone for participating - hope you enjoyed this month's Ink Drop! We'll have the full bottles on sale for members an extra month to make up for the wait time. ;)

July's Ink Drop is shipping out on Monday. It'll be back to normal, where you'll know the colors as soon as you receive your shipment. Get ready.... the theme is: America!


  1. I've passed over Private Reserve Blue Suede I don't how many times for that very reason.

  2. Exactly! It's a lovely color in its own right, just not what I pictured. :)

  3. Since no one got the Stipula you can give me that reward - mine was close, at least in my own eyes it was. :D

  4. Thank You! What a nice surprise this morning. I want to thank the folks who write comments about the ink for helping me get 2 right. The comments about the Diamine Dark Brown were right on! Justine H.

  5. Blue Suede is named after the color of vintage blue suede shoes, which were actually the exact same color as the ink. Granted, it's something most young people will not be aware of, but the color is actually quite accurate! It has lovely shading in a flex pen as well. :)

  6. Good theme! Absolutely none of those colors are ones I would associate with their actual names. How weird.

  7. yup. Very close to the color of Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye's shoes in one of the earlier scenes in the movie White Christmas.

  8. I didn't get any of them right, but when I saw the "blue", I put it up to the window with a tube of Bay State Blue. I thought they were sooo close...but when putting the two samples on paper, what a shock. Nowhere near (BSB is in a class by itself for brilliance---it almost talks back). But I like the Stipula Blue...need to get that one.

  9. I've been using the blue suede and it's outstanding. I really like that color.

  10. All colors are looking so fantastic. Specially purple color is catch in my eyes !!


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