Monday, August 5, 2013

Platinum Cool Review

I'm trying something different with this pen, the Platinum Cool. I shot the video and there was so much I wanted to talk about that it ended up being over 20 minutes long. Not that I'm afraid to post videos that long, but the footage ended up being in such clearly defined segments, I wanted to experiment with splicing it up and making it into a multi-part video. This allows you as the viewer to just watch the individual segment you want, and you can more easily reference it in the future if you want.

This is all a grand experiment, so I'd really love to hear what you think in the comments. If it's dumb, then tell me. If you love it, please tell me. As I'm a busy father-of-two running a retail company with a lot of things demanding my time each day, I'm ever-searching for the most time-efficient and impactful way I can get my knowledge from my brain to yours.

This video ended up being in 6 parts total, and I embeded the video playlist (so if you click play, it'll just string them all together). The 6 parts are:

The Cool is, forgive my unavoidable pun, a very cool pen. It's in a great price range (list $53, $42.40 on Gouletpens.com) with a converter (normally $7.50 on its own). It is an attractive pen, is well-balanced, light, and seals reliably. It has a snap-cap which has an insert inside it to keep the nib from drying out, and can accept either Platinum cartridges or converters (no eye dropper conversion though, sorry). But best of all, the nib has a lot of spring to it, with a very noticeable line variation going up at least two nib sizes with intentional pressure. It's no vintage Waterman, definitely has some spring if you want it to. It's a great alternative to the Noodler's flex pens for those of you who just can't get the hang of those, and is much cheaper than the alternative modern flex nib pens like the Pilot Falcon and Platinum Kanazawa Leaf Maki-e, though those are both great pens.

All-in-all, this is one of the more exciting pens I've seen come out lately, especially because of its versatility and affordability. Thank you so much Platinum for adding this pen to your line-up, it's refreshing to see pen companies that are coming out with pens that are both affordable and high-quality.
Platinum Cool Crystal Blue 2
Platinum Cool Crystal Blue 3
Platinum Cool Crystal Clear 1

Platinum Cool Crystal Clear 2

Platinum Cool Crystal Clear 3
Platinum Cool Crystal Rose 1

Platinum Cool Crystal Rose 2

Platinum Cool Crystal Rose 3

You can check out how this pen compares to other pens in size in the Pen Plaza, as well as how it writes compared to others in the Nib Nook. Thanks for reading my post! If you have experience with the Cool or just thoughts about the multi-part video format I did, please share it with me in the comments.

Write On,
Brian Goulet


  1. transparent feed, just like the Monteverde Artista Crystal!

    I am SOLD. even though I hate the Preppy/Plaisir nibs - I assume that this one is a step up, since it's flexy and also twice as expensive.

    Also, I like the multi-part video. I never mind the longer ones, but this is a nice way to jump to a specific section if I want to rewatch or compare later.

  2. This nib is in a whole other class from the Preppy/Plaisir! I think you will like it, and the feed is clear but ever so slightly frostier than the Artista Crystal. The Artista's great, but tends to dry out...haven't had that happen with the Cool. I think it's a great value for what it is.

    I'm glad you like the vids, I just realized I forgot to put links to the individual ones! Lemme get on that.

  3. Yes, the Preppy and Plaisir are the only Platinums I've had experience with, and while they're decent cheapies to start with, the nibs are just awful. I've been nervous that it's the general Platinum design, not just the fact that they're cheapies. But I love the clear Artista Crystal feed, and the clear section of one of my older Watermans, so the Cool has been tempting me. Now I'm sold on it. :)

    My trouble with the Crystal is that there was some kind of misalignment that caused it to skip any time I tried to start certain round letters (especially a, c, s). Either I fixed it the last time I pulled the nib & feed out for a deep cleaning, or my latest ink choices have been better suited.

    I didn't even think about the lack of hard links, by the way - if you click on the bottom bar of the embedded video before setting it to play, you can choose individual parts. :)

  4. After watching it both ways I, too, like the being given the choice of seeing the entire video all at once or having the option of going directly to a specific section of it. Nicely done, Brian, and I hope you'll keep this as a regular feature of your longer videos.

    Drat, you've done it again! Another pen on my wish list.

  5. Erin @ La Plume EtoileAugust 5, 2013 at 7:22 PM

    Hi Brian,

    I love the new option to watch specific sections of the videos!

    ~Erin @ La Plume Etoile

  6. Not cool at all Mr. Goulet. I managed to say no, not ordering a clear as ice Platinum Cool pen. I'm going to restrain myself. Now I'm building my next order and thinking of all the cool puns I'm going to use.

    I hope you feel good about this ;)

  7. alliahczariellerelaysonguerraAugust 6, 2013 at 5:00 AM

    Oh, this! Exactly what I've been looking forward to. :D

  8. Philip KallenbergAugust 6, 2013 at 7:52 AM

    I am also casting my vote in favor of the segmented videos. I rarely have 20 minutes to watch a whole video but often find 5 minutes.

  9. The nibs on the Preppy and Plaisir are unique to those pens, all of the other Platinums have different (better) nibs. I don't know that most people explore Platinum pens too much because previously there's been such a huge gap between the prices of those cheaper pens and the nice ones (like the 3776's). The Cool is a great, GREAT stepping stone from Platinum's cheaper pens, to show what they can really do with a pen. Don't get me wrong, the Preppy and Plaisir are great pens for what they are, but the company makes much nicer pens, too.

    As for the video, when it's embedded as a playlist like it is here in the blog, you get the bar with the videos that makes it easy to select. On YouTube, if you're watching an individual video, it doesn't have that, so it doesn't make it as easy to switch. The general feedback I'm getting on YouTube is that people like the one continuous video better than the multi-part one here.

  10. It's a toss-up at this point, a lot of the feedback I'm getting on YouTube is that they like the single video better. I'll have to weigh out both methods and see which is best.

  11. Haha...I wouldn't be doing my job if you didn't feel this way, right? ;)

  12. That was my logic in splitting them up like this. I mean, normally with a long video I'll put in time markers so that you can jump to a certain topic, but it's definitely not as easy to do as it is here with an embedded playlist. What I'm finding is that doing it the way I have here is slightly more convenient on the blog, but far less convenient for my YouTube viewers. I have to serve both communities with the same tool, and right now it's looking like it's more of an inconvenience on YouTube than it is a benefit on the blog.

  13. Brian you are an evil man, I've already talked myself out of that goldfish pen more than once, and this video does not help me in that endeavor :-D

  14. Sorry the YouTuber's don't like the broken out videos! I love 'em. But the jumps you put in on long videos work too.

    Brian, is Platinum calling this "Cool?" In Japan it's called a Balance. Was wondering if this is a Goulet-ism or the US name for the pen.

    These nibs are GREAT! They've been around in Japan for decades. Glad to see this pen available via you all.

  15. Sorry to come in late with this question, I've been out of town and out of internet for a week or so. I am always nervous about Japanese nibs, as I like a good, fat Medium nib most of the time. Would you say the Medium on this pen is as 'medium' as say, a Lamy? Or still finer? I like the idea of the flex, but not enough to risk a Fine nib to get it.

  16. NO NO No... Please DO NOT break up the videos into pieces! Not only is it seriously annoying, it makes it a royal PAIN to download. Many of us around the World do NOT have fast enough Internet connections to watch YouTube in real-time. Therefore we must download the videos and watch them offline. You make it very difficult to do this when you break the video into small segments.

    Did I mention the breaks are annoying? If you want to post a video index you don't have to break the video up. Just post the subject and the time.

    Thank You, David

  17. I'm rather ambivalent about breaking up the videos, but I think that's probably because it's not useful to me yet. When it is, I think I'll be grateful. So keep doing it.

    I'm definitely thinking of picking up this pen, which is horrible as I just dropped a load of money at the DC pen show. It's just a slippery slope, isn't it?

  18. Why isn't anyone raving at the coolness of seeing ink through the section?

  19. Hi Brian! I see that the nib is friction fit. Is there any chance that a lamy nib can fit on this?


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