Jinhao X450/X750 Fountain Pen Nib Swapping

If you have a Jinhao X450 or X750, you can greatly increase the versatility of the pen by swapping out the nib with a variety of available #6 size nibs. In fact, it was because of this feature that Jinhao really got on my radar in the first place. It all stemmed from conversations going on about which pens would fit a Goulet nib.

When I developed Goulet #6 size nibs back in April 2013 (check out the blog post announcement here), I’d done so mainly to allow pen fans to swap out the Noodler’s Ahab flex nibs for conventional ones, and they work great for that. I also knew that there would be a variety of other pens that you could fit with the Goulet nibs, and Jinhao was one brand that people started talking about as a part of that conversation. I hadn’t had any personal experience with the brand at that time, but I put it on my mental watch list. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that Jinhao resurfaced and grabbed my attention again, and upon purchasing a variety of their pens, I saw what the buzz was all about. They’re solid pens, and the nibs are good…but limited. I knew there was a great opportunity here to marry the Jinhao pen and Goulet nib.

So in the spirit of education geared towards the tinkering pen enthusiast, I recorded this video to instruct you how to swap a Goulet nib (or any other #6 size nib you have handy) with your Jinhao X450 or X750. Both of these particular pens have the same nib/feed setup, so they will not only write similarly out of the box but they’ll also both take a replacement #6 nib equally well. When swapping, you can do it either dry or inked up, just be aware if you do it inked up you’re practically guaranteeing yourself some inky fingers!

Doing the actual swap is pretty straightforward, it’s not unlike swapping a Monteverde nib, TWSBI Vac-700 nib, or Noodler’s Ahab. The nib and feed are friction fit in the pen and there is a positive stop to keep it from going in too far. The nib housing is cut to fit the nib and feed exactly, so it practically orients them properly without you having to do anything special as long as you stick them in the right way.

So if you choose to upgrade your nib to a Goulet one (which I’m very obviously affiliated with and am promoting unabashed here), you’ll shell out $9.90 for a Jinhao pen, $15 for the Goulet nib, and you’ll still have spent only $24.90 for a solid pen (with converter) and a German-made Jowo nib in extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, 1.1mm stub or 1.5mm stub in steel or two-tone finish. By all standards, that ain’t too bad! The writing enthusiast in me is jumping up and down at the ability to swap nibs on yet another one of my pens. I love love love being able to do this.

I tried to be thorough, but undoubtedly there could be questions you have that I didn’t answer, so feel free to ask below in the comments.

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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  • Tom Suchecki

    Brian – you wouldn't happen to know if the Bulow pens are #6

    The ones I own look like Jinhao rebranded. I have a handful and hate their stock nib

  • I believe that Bulow is actually a subsidy of Jinhao, so it's not surprising if they are similar. I can't say for certain that all the Bulow pens are #6, but I have a couple of them and they are.

  • Tom Suchecki

    Good that makes it worth getting a goulet nib next order. Odd question do Goulet nibs fit a Monteverde Invincia Stylus or do I need to talk to Mike about grinding down a broad into an xFine???

  • Reilly Irvine

    I've got the matte black x450, and I can honestly say the nib and feed will not come out no matter how hard I pull, even using a rubber glove. Doesn't bother me too much as I wasn't planning on swapping the nib, but it is weird. Maybe its just the black one?

    • Anonymous

      They can. Try using some pliers and pulling slowly and gently. Also wrap some rubber around the nib and feed to act as a cushion while pulling them with the pliers.

  • Mike Winn

    Just in case you occasionally need a word of reassurance, your disclaimers and warnings were crystal clear here. Thanks!

  • No need for a custom grind, they'll fit 🙂

  • Perhaps if you've been using it for a while the ink could be built up/dried up in the feed and that's kind of holding it in there like glue…or if it's an older one, perhaps it wasn't removable? I don't think they were redesigned recently or anything, but I can't say for sure. I really don't think it would be that one color is removable and the other is not, in the same model pen. I'm willing to bet that you can get it out of there, but if it's that hard, it might come at the risk of damaging the nib or feed.

  • Tom Suchecki

    Thats great, I rather not add to Mike's work load for what amounts to a standard nib 🙂 Let the Master deal with tricky things like making smooth needlepoints :). I don't know how much business you get for your GP nibs but I thank you for having such a product stocked

  • Brandon Johnson

    I'm having the same trouble on my x750. I'm not that experienced in nib swapping, only ever done a Konrad (to Goulet F — thanks for these nibs, Brian! They really shine in these pens!).

    Going to try again in a few hours — keep me posted

  • allan1228

    hi Brian, with too much tinkering, I broke some of the fins of my Jinhao X450 feed. Do you sell replacement feeds for Jinhao.

  • Kevan Farmer

    Not really to do with the Jinhao but please, please, please do you have plans for a UK outlet for your products? I love my replacement nib for my Noodler's Ahab. I'd love to get other sizes but the postage from the States to the UK is a bit off putting 🙁

  • Marne M

    I also had this problem at first (which is why I came and sought out this video). I finally used a grippy jar opener and twisted and pulled with a fair amount of force (enough to make me just a bit nervous) and it came out. Mine was brand new, so I suspect some of them just have a tighter friction fit than others.

  • Louise

    Thank you very useful. What size replacement nibs do the plastic jinhao 599 take. And do you stock them?

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    Sadly, no plans as of right now or in the near future. Maybe one day though!

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    We sadly don't have any replacement parts for the Jinhao 🙁

  • Alex at Goulet Pens

    We're only familiar with the nib sizes that the Jinhao's we personally carry take. The 599 is a little different and unique to the ones we carry, so I don't believe our Goulet nibs will fit. I'd try checking out the Fountain Pen Network (fountainpennetwork.com) to see if any folks there could help!

  • I want to purchase goulet no.s 6 nib in medium for my jinhao 450 .pls advise how and from where to buy it as I live in India .

  • nagha

    Hello. I broke the feed for my Jinhao x450. Do you sell a replacement feed section?

  • Pako

    Hi, who producing Jinhao nibs?

  • Greg Parker

    I tried a noodler’s non flex in my Jinhao 750 today and I cannot seat the nib and feed all the way.The fit is extremely tight. I noticed that the Noodler’s nib is thicker steel, how do the Goulet nibs compare? it looks real easy in your videos

    • Sara Garcia

      The Noodler’s nibs don’t fit but the Goulet ones do. They fit perfectly so you don’t have to worry about that. 🙂