Pilot Metallic Vanishing Point Fountain Pens Have Landed!

The popular Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens already come in a pretty good range of colors, but Pilot’s really stepped up their game with the new Metallic colors. I was originally told they’d be available in the US around mid-May, but they came early! They’re here now in Copper Red, Desert Orange, Mountain Blue, Tropical Purple, and Valley Green.

In this video, I show:

  • Showcasing each of the 5 colors (0:34)
  • Comparison to several other VP’s (like the pink LE from 2011) (1:40)
  • Showing inks that match each color pen (4:04)
  • Comparing the Desert Orange to an orange Rhodia pad (5:10)

If you haven’t already seen it, check out the two blog posts I already did showing some pictures of these new metallic VP’s, this one and this one. They are the same price as all of the other Vanishing Points ($175 list, $140 at GouletPens.com), and are available with an extra-fine, fine, medium, or broad nib in black, rhodium, or yellow 18k gold. These aren’t a limited or special edition, either, these colors are said to be an ongoing part of the Vanishing Point line!

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Brian Goulet 

2017-10-11T13:49:46+00:00 April 18th, 2014|Pen Reviews|4 Comments
  • David

    The thing that stops me cold is a black finish on metal. I am worried the matte black will chip/flake/wear away. The Pilot matte finish is reported to wear poorly. The black finish on likes of the Monteverde Intima pens also have a bad reputation for wear. Tell us about your experience over time with this wear issue.

  • Angel Lalalalopez

    Another word you could use instead of "sparklyness" is lustre or shimmer! (:

  • TJ

    Or "sheen", "glimmer", and "glitter".

  • penemuel

    With the comparison of the finish to the LE pink VP I was wondering, how durable is that pink finish? It might give some hint as to the durability of the new ones (which I'm hoping is better than the matte black…)