The New is Here!

We announced a couple of weeks ago in this EPIC Goulet Announcement that we’d been working on a new for the last year and a half, here. The day has finally arrived, just three days before our 5th anniversary! While we were down a little longer than we’d have hoped today, the new site is live and we’re thrilled to introduce it to you! We are excited about the features of our site and wanted to highlight them for you as you get to know the new

Faceted Search

How often are you thinking to yourself, “I’d love a blue pen with a fine nib that’s under $50”, and spent hours searching for all your options? Now you’ll be able to find them right away, because we’ve assigned attributes to every product on our site and given you the power to narrow down your search by specific criteria such as weight, price, size, nib type, nib color, body color, and more. You can find exactly what you’re looking for, much easier.

Comprehensive Review System
Product reviews are incredibly helpful when learning about how a product ‘really’ is, and you’ve already helped us with over 45,000 reviews so far. We wanted to build upon that, so we’ve installed an improved review system that allows you go beyond an overall star rating and give your opinion about much more detailed aspects of each product. What does this mean? You can rate an ink’s flow, dry time, and waterproofness. You can rate a nib’s smoothness, a pen’s balance, a paper’s dry time, you name it. We put thoughtful consideration into rating all of the most important aspects of the products we carry with your use of them in mind. You’ll even be able to upload your own pictures and videos to your reviews, so you can show off what you’re able to do with them.

We’ll also have a Q&A section, where you’ll be able to ask us questions about specific products right there on the page you’re browsing. These questions will be displayed publicly with our answers, that way everyone can benefit from our conversation. We want to make our site the most comprehensive place in the world for fountain pen enthusiasts!

New Company Logo
When we announced that we were redesigning our site, you might have thought we’d be changing our beautiful blue ink splatter. No way! But we did update it, using the incredible artistic talents of our team. Our logo was designed and created in-house, and we’re proud that our team was able to incorporate the history of our logo (the splatter) with a cleaner and more timeless design.

Photography, Video, and Branding
Sarah, our photographer, has done an amazing job with all of the photography of our site, taking gorgeous environmental shots of all of our banners, category images, slideshow images, and of course the products themselves. She’s also been cleaning up old images for months, and is working to get clean images of all of our 3,000 products.  Jenni, our videographer, has worked hard to incorporate our new branding into all of our graphic and video animations that you’ll be seeing more as we produce more content. These gals do such phenomenal work that has been largely unseen, until now!

Integrated Blog
Nearly 5 years ago we started our blog,, as a separate brand from our store. The original idea behind this thinking was to make InkNouveau Brian’s “personal” blog reviewing writing products. There was a slight lack of foresight doing this, as it quickly became evident that there would be little to distinguish Brian’s “personal” life from the GouletPens brand. The creation of our new website provided us with an opportunity to marry the two together, our blog and our store, once and for all. The blog will still be run by me (Brian)

Responsive Design
All the cool new websites these days are doing it! So what is it? Basically, it’s designing a website so that it looks good no matter which device you’re using, or what size your browser window. We’ve programmed in about a dozen different templates for our site that shift and move around elegantly as you change sizes, so you can browse as easily on a 27” monitor as you do on your laptop or iPad.

Mobile Site
Our mobile site previously was, well, non-existent. But now we have one! It’s been designed specifically for mobile devices, and we’re expecting that you’ll have an infinitely more enjoyable experience browsing our store on your phone than before. 

The Bugs, oh the Bugs
Now, as we’d expect with any new website, we’re going to have bugs. We know that, and we accept that. We’ve been working with our developers for a year and a half to create our new site, and even though we’ve tried to make everything display and function perfectly, we know that there are unexpected bugs and quirks that you’re going to find. There are a few that we’re already aware of, but we want to hear about what you find. Please, let us know about them! Direct all problems or strange things you see happening on our site to, so we can work with our developers to “iron out the bugs”, as Rachel keeps on saying (even though that saying is nonsensical). Having information like which web browser and version you’re using, as detailed an explanation as you can give, and screenshots of the error you’re seeing, will help us to get it resolved quickly.

We’re very excited to present our new site to you, please head on over to the new and check it out!

Write On,
Brian, Rachel, and the rest of Team Goulet

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for this blog post about the new site! Makes it much easier to understand the improvements and offerings. The beautiful photography certainly stands out.

  • Shane Garland

    Hi Brian
    Congratulations to you and Rachel and your team on the new website – looks fantastic and so far for me flawless! Can't wait to start shopping!
    Don't know if I will upset you if I refer to a "competitor" of yours here but Fountain Pen Revolution does have some affordable flex pens from India (where I believe a lot of the Noodler's pen bodies and feeds are made). They also sell quite nice two tone flex nibs (almost identical in shape to the Noodler's flex nibs) which make a bit of a posh alternative to put in your Noodler's pens etc.
    Also there is a "new old stock" 1990's vintage fountain pen available from ebay called the Wing Sung 590 which in my experience flexes nearly as much as a Falcon but is steel nibbed so not nearly as soft and smooth as the Falcon – but at about US$4.00 posted I can't complain (SBRE Brown has done a video on this very pen). Again apologies if this information is inappropriate to post here but I think these business' are pretty small next to Goulet.

  • Urquhardt

    I love your new logo! It looks professional but friendly (sorry, design geek here). The new site is great too. You've made lots of changes but kept a familiar feel, which I like. Nice job!

  • Shane Garland

    With regards to Noodler's pens being temperamental – I now own about 40 Noodler's Pens (don't judge me) and the only model I have any issues with at all was the standard vegetal $20 Konrads which took a bit of re-working (mainly because the inside of the cap is a bit too short for the nib).
    I have had no issues (to memory) with the Creapers, Ahabs or Konrad acrylics. I am in Australia so still haven't received my Red Rebellion and Jade Neponsets (they are so close now I can feel it).
    I have never had a Noodler's pen that simply "didn't" write – if anyone is seriously wanting to throw theirs away let me know and I will pay postage and give it a loving home with me in sunny Sydney.

  • SMQ

    Love the new website, it looks great!!

  • Beth Irwin

    This is evil! Not only is it flying fast on my iPad & easy to resize so I can read headers, I've already found half a dozen products I never knew you had. Evil, evil Goulets! Now I have to fill my wish list until I can afford more!

    Argh! It's working!

  • SJ

    "………. “iron out the bugs”, as Rachel keeps on saying (even though that saying is nonsensical)…"
    A bit of history: that saying comes from the time a hot iron was used not only to smooth cloth but to kill any insects, larva, or eggs that were on or lodged in the fabric. Not that that has anything to do with fountain pens…..

  • Paul Peterson

    So I went to my Feedly feed last night to see if the weekly video Q&A had been posted. Since it hadn't been, and since I knew the launch of the new site was on your front burner, I tried to imagine what the scene was like at Goulet Pens. Don't get me wrong. I don't *assume* there's always going to be a nice long, chatty video waiting for me on Friday night. I'm excited when there is. It's a gift that I appreciate and look forward to. And it's usually (if not always) there. But it's not like you *owe* it to me.

    Anyway, I refreshed the the Goulet Pens home page a couple of times, and then I saw it! The new site! It reminded me of a chick breaking through an egg shell, and entering a whole new world — not that I've ever witnessed that firsthand, but I've seen it happen in cartoons. 🙂

    Congratulations to you and Rachel and your team of designers and developers! The new site looks and functions nicely already. And as you "iron out those bugs," it will only continue to improve. I know that designing and coding for responsive design requires additional time and effort, but I also know that your mobile users in particular will appreciate it.

    I don't really have much of a clue about what's involved with the whole e-commerce side of the site, but I'm sure it's significant. And that whole faceted search aspect. Dude!! That's a brilliant way to not only save me time by giving me filters to refine my search. It also at the same time exposes me to pen features I may not have been aware of: Wait, there's a pen with a *leather* body? There's a pen with a magnetic cap? (Oh yeah, I remember that video now.) There's *that many* nib sizes?! And so on.

    Congratulations again on your (our) new baby!

    Write (and rock!) on.

  • Tom Johnson

    Brian, your new web site is a BIG step up. The new features are huge, bold, and wonderful. Of course, I used the old web site so much I was able to almost navigate it blindfolded with one hand wrapped around a pen or three. A little learning curve ahead for me, but I love the faceted search, great rich photos (Sarah, a wonderful job here!), and the heart icon to quickly add a product seamlessly to my wish list (I'll be paying for that one ;). Looks like the old product reviews are not there, hope they'll get added later. If not, I'll enjoy adding all my old reviews back again. Congratulations, hope you had plenty of antacids on hand yesterday! I know it was a ton of work, but this is a wonderful new site and a credit to everyone who participated.

  • Jackie M.

    Thanks for answering my question about the Neponset, Brian. It was certainly not my intention to crush Mr. Tardif's soul by my implied criticism of his pens. I have the greatest respect for Nathan Tardif, his inks, and his pens. The fault in my Ahab is probably due more to my inexperience with the intricacies of pen tuning than any manufacturing defect.
    Noodler's pens are tailor-made for folks who like to tinker, and I've discovered that I'm not one of them. By the same token, I love classic cars, but I'm not a mechanic, so I'm probably not the best candidate to own and drive one. As an amateur calligrapher, I love the idea of flex pens, but I don't think I'm the best candidate for the Neponset. (A shame, too, because it looks really cool.) Maybe Nathan could come out with a flex pen "For Dummies"? Yeah! That's the ticket!

  • Liz I.

    Oh dear. This is a mess on my iPad with Safari. No left margin and not responsive. The blog is my favorite part of Goulet Pens and I'll be sad if it's unreadable.

  • Freddy

    Rachel and Brian, from just a cursory glance, I can see that you have a beautiful new upgraded site and I am looking forward to checking it out completely. I like the idea of combining Ink Nouveau with Goulet Pens; everything in one place. So far, I have only one thing that I find bothersome, but this is just me and I'm sure all of your other customers will love it. I dislike the constant movement on the home page showing what you have. I find it disturbs my concentration and is not necessary. Simple clickable arrows, < and >, at either end of a still photo will let me know that I can move on if I want to, or not. Again, this is personal and I'm sure that your six and a half billion other customers (isn't that Earth's current population? 😉 ) probably love it. Keep on doing what you're doing.

    Ultimately, it is not your site, per se, but the incredible people who work with you that have me coming back time and time again. Two days ago, I made a mistake in my order and called. It was close to 5:00 P.M. your time so I assumed I had missed you. When I awoke yesterday, way less than 24 hours later, I had a very nice e-mail from Caitlin stating that my problem had been resolved. So, again, the site is gorgeous but the people are truly Goulet Pen Company's heart.

  • Otter

    Hi guys, I noticed the change yesterday and have been marveling over everything, but still have to look more in depth at all the features. I did notice a few bugs (which you may have already ironed out *g* by now), but if I see them again I'll shoot you an email. All in all, a FANTASTIC job and I'm really happy to see the things I liked most are still there! Looking forward to checking it all out and ordering my next pen. Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  • Nancy Revelle

    I want to send a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the new web site – it's absolutely beautiful and I find it wonderful to look at and navigate on both mobile (iPad; Safari and Chrome) and desktop platforms. EXCELLENT job! I've built a few web sites in my day and this is truly gorgeous. I love the little touches here and there like the calligraphy font and what seem to be, at least, larger images. The photography, especially on the front page elements, is sweet! Congrats Sarah! Great use of white space, it feels neither crowded nor empty. You have every reason to be very proud of all the work you've put into this. Very, VERY well done! 🙂

  • Nathaniel

    "…please head on over to the new and check it out!" – Link here goes to somewhere not, but that's pretty minor.

    Other than that, it doesn't seem like it's possible to add products that are out of stock to the wishlists anymore.

  • Nathaniel

    Correction: I can't add *any* products to my wishlist.

  • Tom Johnson

    Nathanial, I added a couple of items to my wish list about 5 hours ago, so it works. Maybe so many people are looking at the new web site that things are slowing down. I think one item did not show up quickly, but was there a few minutes later. And, I'm sure there will be some continuing work on the site for some days to come. I noticed that only a few of the old customer reviews were in place this morning. Last night i saw none. I did notice when I clicked on "Send me an email when this item becomes available" that that did not add it to my wish list, I had to do that separately (which is the way it was previously).

  • Rita McGregor

    Will you have a "follow by email" option for the blog?
    Now, off to check out the new site…. 🙂

  • Tom Johnson

    Nathanial, I guess I was wrong in my comment. I was sure I saw the two items in my Wish List after they were added this morning, but they are not there now. I just now clicked to add one item and got the message that it had been added. Checked my wishlist several minutes later and it is not there. Still some bugs yet.

  • Thanks for the grammar correction. The top nag is the same, since the blog is integrated into the store site now. The navigation for the blog is on the right sidebar now. The Blog Index at the top is the same as what the old top nav used to be on the blog.

  • Muhahahhahaaaaaaa 😉

  • yuck! Well it's good to know where that saying comes from…I guess 😉

  • Thanks Tom! Yeah, you can image how stressful it was for us to go live, especially with us expecting to go live Wed…then Thur….then Friday morning…afternoon…evening! There are some unexpected surprises that we're working through, but all in all, we're thrilled with the new site and glad you can finally see what we've been working on for the last year and a half!

  • Yeah, there isn't much of a margin on the iPad, and we're working on that. Hang in there, there are some bugs we're working through!

  • Great point, Freddy, whatever the website it's still the same great team we have behind it all 🙂 As for the homepage, I understand what you're saying about the slideshow image changing, though this isn't a change from the old site. We still had a rotating slideshow, but it was smaller so perhaps less noticeable when it changed?

  • Thank you so much! Yeah, there are definitely bugs. We've gotten together a pretty massive list so far, some we expected and others that caught us off guard. It's going to take a little while to work through some of them, especially since we launched on a Friday and our developers are taking some time off this weekend (they have families too!). The site will only get better though, as we improve things. There's a lot to our new site, and I'm betting that once the initial shock of the change is over, most people will really appreciate the new features.

  • Thank you Nancy! We've been very intentional about all the changes we've made. Sarah's been great, and everyone's really put a lot into this new site so we're thrilled to finally show it off 🙂

  • Links are fixed, I don't know what happened there! We are definitely working out some bugs with the wish list.

  • It also makes a difference which browser and version being used, that affects certain bugs like what we're working out with the wish list.

  • Freddy

    Perhaps on the old site it was not as noticeable so didn't bother me. I assume I'll get used to it so it's no biggie. The overall look of the site, however, is stunning, and this from someone who loathes change. LOL.

  • Jack Linos

    While I am new to FPs, my first purchase of pen, ink, and paper, was from GPC, as have 2 other purchases in just 2+ months. I know the site well and I have only 2 complaints; one pragmatic and one personal. When viewing pictures of stuff one could click on ENLARGE photo, and from that enlarged pic, you could scroll through the rest of the photos QUICKLY. Now you can't enlarge photos and/or cycle through them quickly. In other words, less up close and personal views AND it takes longer to view. LOSE/LOSE.

    I am heartbroken at the removal of the LAMY 2K package (that I was hoping to get for myself), and 2 other packages, whose names escape me, for my nieces. UGH! Yes, of course, I could buy these items separately, if I could remember what they were, but they will be more expensive. BEYOND BUMMED.

    While the second concern is probably of little interest, I hope you will considering thinking about the way we access and move through photos is less than optimal.

    Organizationally-speaking, it's fine. Don't get me wrong, if I didn't care or you guys weren't my "go-to vendor," I wouldn't even be writing this. Best ~ Jack

  • Yup! It's there now, just added it in 🙂

  • O

    I really enjoy the new layout, but there are a few things that need to be fixed:

    (1) I placed an order on Thursday night, and it doesn't show up in "My Orders" (perhaps due to a new database?)
    (2) shipping link in the email leads to "Page Not Found" — not sure if this is due to issue #1
    (3) Shop By Brand isn't alphabetized in the mobile site
    (4) The "sort by popularity" option was incredibly useful, but it's not there anymore!

  • Thanks for the detailed feedback, O! Got some answers for ya:

    1) That's right, it's still in the old system and it'll take about a week or so before we're able to sweep back and get the last couple of days' orders that were placed before the site changeover and add them to your account on the new site.
    2) yeah, that's linking to the old site, which isn't working anymore. That won't be an issue for orders placed on the new site moving forward
    3) yeah, that's a bug. (headsmack), it's like that on the desktop version too. We're working on that!
    4) it's something we're going to be putting back in, but it wasn't ready for the new site in time for the launch. we'll be working on that!

  • Rita McGregor

    Thanks, Brian!

  • Ashley S

    It is definitely going to take some getting used to. One thing I already do not like, my old account was deleted?! I tracked all my old orders and stuff on there 🙁 So that is a pretty bug bummer for me. The new site looks more professional. But it lacks personality. Sure it is more…modern….simplistic.. and I Love the new logo. But other than that…. I dunno, the other site just seemed to have more…character. Blah I am probably talking nonesense! lol. Hopefully you can get this thing fixed with old accounts.

  • Peter Buergin-Witt

    Well, I'm missing parts of my wishlist, can't load new pens into my wishlist, and haven't figured out yet how to load my cart… I'm not impressed, to say the least! I believe in your business model, the great commitment of you, Brian and Rachel, and love what you've done with Goulet pens – but this is in my view a step backwards… Maybe some really web-savvy people will love this new site, but I used to shop your store because it was simple, different ans personal despite internet distance. These aspects seem to be missing now.

  • Peter Buergin-Witt

    OK, I just figured out that I need to specify the nib size first… Phew!

  • Kevan

    Well, it's definitely gorgeous. You guys did a wonderful job with the LOOK of the site, and yes, there are some new tools and filters, and that's cool. But it's definitely less intuitive. I miss the quick menus that allowed me to zip exactly where I wanted to go. For example, if you were searching for a specific brand of pen you could mouse over Writing Instruments—>Pens—>Pilot—>Custom 823, boom. There. Now you have to search by filter, and it takes longer. I suppose you could always type exactly what you want in the search bar, but the old design made general browsing faster. I guess that's what I'm trying to convey.

  • Maja

    Congratulations! Love the cleaner look and feel, but really miss three features that I adored from the old website. 1) Previously you could immediately see if an item was out of stock, now you have to select that item first. 2) Once you add an item to your cart it takes you to your cart – the old website gave you a choice. 3) Preferred using the sub-section drop down menus – must easier and faster to navigate ie: Ink –> Bottled Ink –> Noodlers. But I guess some things had to change to accommodate the new look and feel. I see that the 5% and 10% quantity discount has disappeared for inks – is this permanent? 😮

  • Wravis

    Hey Brian! I have been watching the G&A since episode 1! I am glad to see the Ooze Tube made a return after being MIA during September.

    This may seem like the furthest thing from important to most people but I was wondering if you could possibly give us a size comparison of the ink bottles for us used ink bottle buyers (I use them to hold india ink for brush and quill work, since the india ink companies use crummy plastic bottles).

    Also important would be the size of the mouth of the bottles. I know that their volume is listed but I still have some trouble visualizing the size of the bottles compared to one another. (For example, Waterman bottles hold less than Omas bottles but they have a relatively similar footprint). Even just a comparison of any ink bottles you have handy would be good. I know you're busy!

  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa

    Very proud of what you guys are doing and how you're progressing. Any new site is going to have glitches. So, I'm willing to wait it out and see how things improve. The site seems a little sluggish on my mobile devices, but that might be something on my end, not yours. Also, it seems to take a while, even on my PC, for products to get to my Wish List. But I love, love, love the numerous choices for filtering product search results. This rocks steady.

  • Molly

    I miss not being able to zoom into pictures, especially where notebooks are concerned. Looking at the interior shot of a Clairefontaine Basic notebook, you can hardly tell there are lines at all. It would be helpful to have a zoom feature.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Tom Johnson

    Brian and Team: My comments:
    1. I would like to log-out without having to go into "My Account".
    2. "Out of Order" shown boldly on item pages and the search results icons. Now you have to catch the "email when in stock" option to know if something is out of stock. When I use this not I get an error message.
    3. I miss the hierarchical drop down menus when looking for items – very faster to narrow down than the search entry.
    4. Larger images in My Wishlist, they are so small now.
    5. Ability to arrow through the product images instead of clicking on the thumbnails.
    6. Would like to see the status in My Orders summary: In Process, Shipped. Also miss the price breakdown of the items in each order (minor).
    7. Info on out of stock items (like "Expected Delivery in December" in the Quick Shop or Product Pages.
    8. Dates of product reviews.

    All in all, it is great, bold, and very versatile. Just placed an order, it went smoothly as expected. By the way, the above is not in any special order and I realize that some of these things are in the works. Photos are awesome!

  • Slider

    The new site looks awesome clean and uncluttered. I love the new search and your team have preformed with your usual outstanding manner. There is one thing that either has changed or I just have not figured it out yet. That is the lack of sub menus for each manufacturer to go directly to a desired model. Ex:Noodlers/Ahab it seems that now I have to wade through page upon page to get to what I am looking for. That aside the new sight is great.?

  • Emily

    Bigger font please! Looking forward to trying out the new site. Congrats!

  • Emily

    Errr, I should amend… Bigger font on the Blog only.

  • Jack Linos

    While I am new to FPs, my first purchase of pen, ink, and paper, was from GPC, as have 2 other purchases in just 2+ months. I know the site well and I have only 2 complaints; one pragmatic and one personal. When viewing pictures of stuff one could click on ENLARGE photo, and from that enlarged pic, you could scroll through the rest of the photos QUICKLY. Now you can't enlarge photos and/or cycle through them quickly. In other words, less up close and personal views AND it takes longer to view. LOSE/LOSE.

    I am heartbroken at the removal of the LAMY 2K package (that I was hoping to get for myself), and 2 other packages, whose names escape me, for my nieces. UGH! Yes, of course, I could buy these items separately, if I could remember what they were, but they will be more expensive. BEYOND BUMMED.

    While the second concern is probably of little interest, I hope you will considering thinking about the way we access and move through photos is less than optimal.

    Organizationally-speaking, it's fine. Don't get me wrong, if I didn't care or you guys weren't my "go-to vendor," I wouldn't even be writing this. Best ~ Jack

    p.s. I posted my comment in the wrong place, don't mean to be a pest. Cheers and thanks again.

  • Gary

    I find this new site to be less than user-friendly in comparison to the old. As the last commenter suggested, it would be helpful to have more sub-menus so that one can find a specific model within a brand without wading through 5 pages to find it. I also miss the "by popular" search setting for items listed. I enjoyed seeing what was trending and buying what was hot. I also miss the picture layout. I liked how you could click once on the group of pictures and have the ability to scroll right or left through them. They were also closer in view than these are. I also find the layout to be encumbered by more clutter and complication. This is to say that there are more buttons to push and more options for your search, but things aren't intuitive. I really enjoy simplicity in my shopping. One thing I really like is how seamless the site is now with my Iphone browser whereas before it was harder to use. All in all, I'm afraid that I liked the old site better for it's simplicity and ease of navigation. I understand the need, internally, to upgrade and I can't fault you for that, but I really thought the layout and the ease of use in the old site made it (at least for me) almost perfect.

  • I S

    This is going to seem like a really fussy thing, but on the product pages you have the default 'items per page' setting as showing 15 items, but have the items in a 4-across grid. This makes the last line of the 15 only have three across and makes it look like those are all the items. You have to remember to look at the arrows/page number of the items to see that there actually are more to see. Maybe the item count settings should go with a number more comfortably divisible by 4?

  • Jane J

    Brian and Team, there is no link to add a product to my wish list. This happens in both Safari and Google Chrome. Both browsers are the latest versions. Using a Mac Book Pro with OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion).

  • Evana Paul

    Any plans to bring back the Sheaffer 100 Package Sets? The sets are a great introduction to fountain pens and quality paper.

  • I'm so sorry, Ashley! We tried to migrate over everything as it was, but there were a couple of accounts that were missed in the migration of our old site to our new one. Basically, it's a bug. We're working with our developers now to see if that's information that's lost or just information that needs another pass to be pulled from the old site, and we should have more info on that in the near future. We're going to try to have it fixed for you as soon as we can. If you want to email we can update you as we learn more.

    As for the new site's personality, I hear where you're coming from, but I honestly think a lot of that is just because it's unfamiliar. We got a lot of the same responses when we first developed our old site from its previous version!

  • Bear with us, Peter, we're still working out a bunch of bugs. The wish list right now has some quirks that make it tough to work with, and we're trying to get all that sorted out. It won't be like that forever, trust me!

  • Thanks Kevan, I feel ya. The new site is taking some getting used to, even for me. Part of the reason we moved away from the drop-down design to the 'mega-menu' was because certain menu items like "Shop By Brand" were getting so long that a lot of people were having to scroll down the page just to see the brands that were at the bottom. So it's a compromise either way. It's really hard to intuitively lay out so many brands, however it's done, and I realize this is tough because it's a change. One thing that might make it easier for you to look for a specific model instead of going through all the Writing Instruments would be to first click on a brand in the Shop By Brand in the navigation bar. Then you can click through to the Writing Instruments, and it'll have all of the pen models in the left side-bar right at the top (see pic).

  • Thanks Maja! I really appreciate the detailed feedback here. Let me address each point:
    1) Yes, this is something we're working on.
    2) It should give you the option, this must be a bug. Can you email with your browser and version so we can troubleshoot it?
    3) Yeah, there really wasn't a way to do this with the new menu, and the old style would have had so many items in it (especially with menu items like Shop By Brand) that it would have required you to scroll down the page just to view all the options.
    4) Okay, you didn't have a number 4, but it's about the quantity discounts. This is something that we weren't able to have built out in time for launch, which was a huge compromise on our part. It's being developed, but just isn't ready yet, probably won't be for a couple of months 🙁 However, we'll still accommodate as best we can, but we'll need to adjust it manually. Not ideal, I know, but we'll do what we can. Email if you're interesting in ordering anything in quantity and we'll work it out with you.

  • Yeah, this is still in development and wasn't quite ready for launch. Our developers are working on it, so it will be back 🙂

  • Hey Tom! Let's go 1-by-1 here:
    1) Agreed! We're working on that, we'll get that back.
    2) Yeah, we're working on that, too.
    3) I hear ya. This is a big change, especially for folks like you that know our old site really well. The Shop By Brand helps a lot here, and the search is pretty robust, too, so it's easy to find exact things that way. It's different, I know. Give it a little time and see if you get more familiar with it.
    4) We'll look into that.
    5) Yeah, we're working on that. Along with the ability to hover/zoom onto images.
    6) This is a little lacking right now, I admit. We're working on this.
    7) We want this, too. We're working on it.
    8) Sigh…this one's tough. The dates now are all showing as they were imported over (a month ago). Going forward they'll display the correct date, it's just the old ones that will have incorrect dates. We'll see what we can do about this, but I don't know that we'll be able to change it. With 45,000+ reviews that we migrated over, I just don't know if we'll be able to go back and get these dates. We're trying to get an answer on this, but it's not as high on the priority list as some of the other things we're tackling right now.

    So I know a lot of this is 'we're working on it', and that's the honest truth. Rachel and I worked straight through the weekend, gathering up all of the feedback like this, and we've compiled hundreds of requests and prioritized them for our dev team. It'll take time to iron out all the bugs (as Rachel says), and we really, really appreciate such constructive feedback! Thank you Tom!

  • Waski_the_Squirrel

    Mostly I like the new website. There is value to whitespace. I also liked the option in the reviews to add videos or photos. That is interesting! I also like the various searches that are possible for finding an item. Also, in the reviews, I like that you clearly separate reviews of shipping/packing from reviews of the product.

    A few minor concerns: I don't like the enormous pictures that come up when I click on a particular brand. I have to scroll down to get to anything useful that I can interact with because of the large banner picture. These banner pictures don't add any content or interest. It's nice if the important bits are all on the page without scrolling. Another minor suggestion is to put a prominent "out of stock" or "back ordered" on items which are out of stock. Finally, there doesn't seem to be any more zooming on the pictures as I run my mouse over them.

    That said, it is nice to be able to ask for an E-mail when the item is back in stock. I used that recently with the Conklins! I also really like that the various nib sizes of a pen are all under one category and all the reviews are put together.

  • Carol

    I was delighted to see J. Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey ink listed and pictured in Specials > New Arrivals (though I was surprised not to have gotten an email saying it was back in stock). But when I clicked to buy it, big joke – it isn't in stock. Not amusing. I definitely felt jerked around. What is that all about?

  • Tom Johnson

    Brian, it will be a most awe inspiring web site! I would not spend time on my #8, move on and work on the priorities (I expect you will). 45,000+ is so daunting, not sure it's worth it. The search is robust and what I'm using now. I'm very happy with it.

  • Robert Harris

    I quite like the new site at first glance. I'll hold off until I use it a bit more. One bug … the "Ink Drop" link in the Ink pull down menu doesn't go anywhere. (I assume because ink drop is on hold. Many years ago I was a member and I'd like to reapply.

  • Peter Buergin-Witt

    Thanks for your assurance, Brian! Despite my 'troubles' with the new site, is still the best, and if I can overcome all obstacles, you'll receive another order soon! 🙂

  • pepperpath

    I just read some of the comments below and it was exactly what I was planning to write, re the sub-categories. For example, I loved looking up Noodlers and being able to quickly see only Ahabs. Other than that, I find the new site works very well and though it's not as "cozy" and personal as the last one, it is beautiful and professional

  • Brooks Martin

    For Jackie M. "Noodler easy starting" – I live in a dry climate (Montana). The ink in the feed will dry out while the pen sits unused. To fix this, I store my pens in a plastic sandwich box (airtight seal). I put a piece of wet paper towel in the box. The humidity of the box keeps the ink from drying out, and the pen is thus ready to write. The paper towel must be moistened periodically since the humidity drops whenever I open the box. I have kept my Ahabs, Konrads, and Creepers write-ready for several months this way. Eventually, I have to give the feed a good cleaning, but I consider this normal maintenance for any fountain pen.Hope this helps.

  • Brooks Martin

    For MLSxEazoon"Noodler Ink-free cap" – I pull the ink out of the section and feed whenever I travel with the pen. This is easy to do with the knob on the Creeper and Konrad: hold the pen nib up, and turn the knob as if you were filling the pen from a bottle. For Ahab, I have to remove the barrel to get access to the plunger, of course. I travel with the nib up, and the feed and section de-saturated of ink. I've had no ink gushing/cap filling with this system.

    Whenever you place a pen in a warm area (room or even your pocket), the air in the reservoir will expand. If there is ink in the section&feed, this will be expelled by the expanding air. Pulling the ink back into the reservoir reduces the chance of ink being expelled.

    To restore the pen to write-ability, I hold the nib down (over a wastebasket) and refill the section&feed by turning the knob the other way. It takes some practice; usually a 1/8 turn of the knob is sufficient. Ahab plunger is a little more tricky; if it sticks, you can end up pushing a squirt of ink into the wastebasket. Best to Pull the plunger 1st, to unstick it, then push to refill the section.

    For this method to work, you can't fill the reservoir completely full. Otherwise, you don't have any wiggle room to suck ink out of the section. Hope this helps.

  • Fpnut

    Don't like the new logo. Preferred the old one, it had more personality and more polished. New one looks more amateurish, made by someone's relative. Not impressed with the site— site does not render properly on ipad. You used to have the option of seeing about 380 inks at one time. Now it's just 100. When I'm looking at inks, I don't want to keep waiting for the page to load. Too soon to say about rest of the site.

  • Anonymous

    Mobile website is forced, no option to see full site from phone. Can't even see the new features. Can't see reviews. Loads only a few items to browse, then kicks back to the top of the list a few pages in. A pain to browse. Don't like it. Don't like this new direction in general… less community, definitely trying to pull reviews away from FPN and into your site, more business. I get it. But I feel pushed away as a regular customer.