Goulet Q&A Episode 80, Open Forum

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Welcome to Goulet Q&A Episode 80! I’m back this week discussing our new video techniques and platforms. I’m answering questions on my favorite ink, what pen I loan out, and who would play Rachel and I in a movie. Pull up a seat and enjoy the show…

New and Upcoming Products – (:41)
Faber-Castell Ambition
Pilot Metropolitan Rollerballs

Pens/Writing – (6:17)

1) Chris W. -Facebook – (6:32)
Who wins in a shoot-out, the Pilot Vanishing Point or the Lamy Dialog 3?

  • hands down, VP!! 
  • half the price
  • can retract 1-handed
2) Po T. -Facebook – (9:10)
Hello Brian! Currently, I have a Pilot VP with Fine nib and I want to switch to EF. Give me some suggestions about whether I should buy an EF nib unit separately or buy a VP pen with an EF nib. The former option will make the Fine nib unit useless as I only have one pen body and the latter option is more expensive. What do you think?

  • Nib unit: $61
  • VP whole pen: $140
  • $79 price difference, worth it? tough call
  • for me, yes 
3) Angel A. -Facebook – (13:48)
Hello Brian! Are the nibs between the Faber-Castell Basic, Loom, and E-Motion interchangeable? Wanting to buy them with a different nib each.

  • yes, but they’re not really easy to pull out
  • they are all the same size though 
4) (Lin) 林理谙 -Facebook – (17:21)
Perfect copperplate or perfect flex pen than never railroads, has perfect flow, easy to clean, high ink capacity, never dries out, and so on? Given no effort for the first, and no cost for the second.

  • buy a pen, any pen
  • close your eyes until you fall asleep
  • then your pen will write exactly as you dream 🙂
  • there are always tradeoffs, and it just takes practice to understand how to flex well
  • there is no perfect pen, flex pens are just finicky and require finesse 
Ink – (20:57)
5) Brandon D. -Facebook – (21:00)
What one ink would you recommend for each color category on gouletpens.com? I want to have a variety of colors to choose from but i want to limit myself so i do not have more ink than i can possibly use

Paper – (24:11)

6) Chrome Y. – Facebook – (24:16)
As an art student I often write on sketch paper and watercolour paper. Both of them are thick and have textures especially the watercolour paper. (they are quite soft as well) I don’t think there will be bits of paper stuck on the nib as long as I don’t use EF nibs. Do I have to worry about material taken from the nib too much or is it kind of ok?
  • watercolor paper is usually sized with a coating that resists water (ink) which means it will not be incredibly prone to fibers in the nib tines
  • it’s not impossible though, so if it happens, use brass sheets to floss

Personal – (27:56)

7) @Henryw25 – Twitter – (28:02)
When someone not personally close to you asks to borrow a pen, out of the pens that you carry, which do you hand over?

  • Pilot Metropolitan
  • it’s inexpensive enough to loan out (and not sweat it)
  • it’s a snap cap, because people ALWAYS try to pull off the cap instead of unscrew it
  • it’s a good writing experience 
8) Eric O. -Facebook – (31:25)
Who plays Brian in the film “Write On: The Brian Goulet Story”? Who plays Rachel?

  • Rachel: Tina Fey, Jennifer Garner, Rachel Leigh Cook, (Julia Roberts like in Erin Brockovich)
  • Brian: Dominic Purcell
9) Ty W. -Facebook – (34:00)
I heard you mention a couple times about values alignment with other companies/vendors you use. When did the importance of that hit you? (This made a recent choice much easier!)

  • It wasn’t a particular instance that happened, but it was pretty early on
  • probably in the first year, we started to notice a correlation between brands we successfully carried and their values 
Business – (41:58)
10) Brandon M. -Facebook – (42:00)
I have been hearing rumors that Pilot will be bringing new colors of the metro to the US (essentially what they are selling as the cocoon series in Japan right now). Is that true, or is it just a rumor at this point?

  • the Cocoon is the Metropolitan in Japan, true
  • but the new Cocoon colors are not the coming Metropolitan colors, they’re different
  • expect new Metro colors in Nov/Dec 
11) Bijan A.- Facebook – (43:21)
Monday Matchup is a really creative way to not only put the spotlight on different pens and inks, but also to get your insta-followers promoting your company/page by the endless amounts of re-grams people end up posting to try and win them. I’d love to know how the idea was spawned, how tough it was to implement, and then also, who gets to have the final say on which ink and pens you choose to highlight?

  • we’re about to hit 1-year of Monday Matchup!
  • idea spawned from our team! 
  • it took us a while to figure out a rhythm, especially with who would do the artwork
  • we way over engineered it at first, trying to push the envelope
  • we didn’t even start out using the ink in the actual pen!
  • we didn’t start out with a contest, that came almost out of necessity
  • what pen/ink combo is initially chosen by team members, then Rachel and I check out inventory (just to make sure we’ll have it!)

Troubleshooting – (50:26)
12) Ana B. – Facebook – (50:35)
For Q&A: Do you also find that the cellulose-derivative Noodler’s pens dry out REALLY FAST even when capped and stored? I’ve filled my Ahab, neglected it in my desk drawer for a few days (oops), and come back to a nearly bone-dry pen (as in, a dry piston chamber, not just a dry nib and feed).Same thing happens with my Creaper, but not my acrylic Konrad.

  • this is not unusual for these pens, they do tend to dry out
  • a lot of it is the wide-open feed, evaporation just happens more quickly
  • not sure if the material itself is a factor, though I have less of an issue with the acrylic pens
  • environment is a factor
  • filling more regularly will just be necessary

 13) Brandon P. – Facebook – (53:38)

For Q&A: I am just beginning to get into fountain pens, and I’ve converted my Platinum Preppy into the eyedropper pen. When I put in some ink in (De Atramentis Indigo Blue), it started writing very light and unsaturated as if the ink had been diluted or washed out. Is this normal for the pen, ink, or paper (medium quality copy paper) that I’m using? Thanks!

  • sounds like it was just getting primed
  • eyedropper conversion doesn’t saturate the feed like when you’re filling directly from the bottle 

QOTW: Who would you pick to play Brian (and Rachel) in the Goulet Pens movie? – (56:30)

Thanks so much for spending time with me this week, I really appreciate it! Be sure to check here if there are any old Q&A’s that you missed.

Write On,

Brian Goulet

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  • Anzan Hoshin Roshi

    The link reads: "New and Upcoming Products – (:41)Faber-Castell Amition"

    Missing "b"

  • Madigan

    Thanks for the heads up! Fixed it now. 🙂

  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa

    For Brian, Bradley Cooper. For Rachel, any of the actresses you mentioned, absolutely.

  • ★ keri ★

    Have y'all thought to set up a Tumblr account and use ITTT to automatically push Instagram photos to it with appropriate tags? I'd reblog the crap out of y'all, but I don't use Instagram myself. 🙂

    If you look at the Goulet Pens and Goulet Pen Company tags, some people already do repost now and then…

  • jeffk

    Jeez, I almost don't want to ask this, but what do you mean when you say "values?" Please tell me it's not some kind of anti-gay-marriage thing. Please. I really want to keep doing business with you.

  • kevin-landon@comcast.net

    Write On: The Goulets Story casting should include Tom Cruise as Brian Goulet and any of Brian's great casting ideas for Rachel Goulet. In fountain pens as with swords, practice may not make perfect but more likely automatic!!

  • Madigan

    Hey JeffK! Brian is referring to our business values. 🙂 You can find them on our website here: https://www.gouletpens.com/our-why

  • Madigan

    Hey Kenny! Interesting choices for actors there. Good points on the VP nibs! 🙂

  • Madigan

    Fantastic choices! 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hey Keri! We've thought about it. We want to look into it a bit more before committing. I've seen some stuff that people have put on there though! 🙂

  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa

    Brian and Rachel seem like good folks. I don't think we have anything to worry about–and I would normally share your concern, jeffk. Like, Madigan wrote, he was talking about business values.

  • Madigan

    Love it! 🙂

  • jeffk

    Thanks, Madigan! I guess that's just become such a "code word" that my instinct is to freeze up and worry about what people are really saying. But I'm already a huge fan of your business values, so happy feelings all around.

  • Steve K

    Fun question this week Brian 🙂 I think it should be Jeremy Renner and Rachel McAdams to play the Goulets. Might I suggest a murder mystery with the murder weapon being a Fountain Pen? Let Liam Neeson be the bad guy, and Brian (Jeremy) gets to kick his "you-know-what" at the end of the movie!

  • Tom Johnson

    Kenny Cross is perfectly right in his comments below. The EF Vanishing Point nib is super fine, mostly suited only for very smooth papers and small writing. I bought my first VP in 1999 and have used it continually ever since. It had a M nib and to me was very fine, since I had only European and US pens in my experience. When the Copper Limited Edition was announced I knew I had to have it (based on its looks). My first VP was 15 years old and had been a most perfect pen, reliable, no maintenance needed, looked good as new after daily use for 15 years. Shortly before I ordered the Copper VP I had ordered the F and B nibs so I would have 4 nibs (2 M, 1F, 1B) for two pens. I also figured out how to make airtight caps for the nibs so they can be kept inked, and stored in the tubes that Goulet ships them in. After I got the Copper VP I ordered the EF nib to have all sizes. I normally keep a F and a M in my two pens. When I want the B nib I'll put it in one VP. The EF I reserve for when I want the finest writing of all, on smooth paper. Great for editing or proofing, or writing in my Midori Passport TN. The EF VP nib is equivalent to the EF Platinum nibs (but I think my EF Preppy is a bit finer yet). I recommend the F VP nib for those who want something equivalent to a Lamy EF and the M VP nib for one equivalent to a Lamy F. The B VP nib is a true broad, a lot wider than the M VP nib.

  • Clipping Path Lab

    Interesting Blog and video. Thanks.
    Clipping Path

  • Tom Johnson

    If anyone is interested in making simple, cheap, air-tight caps for Vanishing Point nibs, I have posted instructions and photos on how I make them on Fountain Pen Network: http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/topic/291506-keeping-extra-vanishing-point-nibs-inked/

  • Madigan

    Haha! Great idea, Steve! 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hi Tom! This is totally genius! What a great idea. Basically, you can have multiple ink colors and nib sizes on hand to swap in for one pen. Awesome!!

  • Briggsae

    In episode 78 Brian suggested I try a lubricated ink or wet sponge to prevent my desk pen from drying out. I didn't want to use the wet sponge, as I was afraid of rusting the metal screw in the stand. However, I have been using Noodler's Black American Eel instead of Noodler's Black and it seems to be helping. Thanks for the suggestion and hopefully this is helpful to someone else too!

    For the Goulet Pens movie I would pick Jesse Eisenberg for Brian and Emma Stone for Rachel (Maybe I just like Zombieland too much)

  • Jules

    Hmmm…if Liam Gallagher could act, I think he should play Brian, and Ashley Judd for Rachel. I would so pay to see that movie, if only for seeing Mr. Gallagher be polite, for a change. But I think there is a bit of a likeness. 🙂

  • Hello Brian! Here's a question for this week's Q&A:
    QUICK! You have to grab a pen RIGHT NOW or a terrible catastrophe will happen! Which pen is it? 😮

  • Brooks Martin

    Ana B – I think Brian hit the nail on the head when he mentioned threads. Acrylic is harder than Cellulose, so will form more accurate threads. Also, Acrylic probably holds "round" better than cellulose. Both better threads, and better round form, would make a more airtight cap seal in Acrylic. For comparison, I have an ebonite body pen, and the threads in that are rudimentary, no seal whatsoever :-). A Japanese pen-making video showed a craftsman cutting threads by hand, not using a die, like a machine shop would use….handcut threads would need very superior workmanship to screw at all :-).

    I always store my pens in an airtight box (sandwich box) or bag (Ziplock). I put a small piece of wet paper towel in with the pens. This high humidity environment keeps my pens from drying out in dry-air Montana. Even in a sandwich box, though, with rubber seal and latches, the paper towel dries out in a month or so. Pen caps are not as tightly sealed as the sandwich box, so drying is inevitable if the pen is left exposed to air for long enough 🙂

  • The video helps to understand properly.

  • Awesome educational video. I have no idea about lamy pen but had seen the video i'm literate.