Monday Matchup #46: Monteverde Regatta Sport Black in Broad with Noodler’s Zhivago

Playwright Edward Buller-Lytton coined the “pen is mightier than the sword” adage in the mid-1800s. Since then, it’s been quoted by everyone from savvy statesmen to bumper sticker printers. But what about the lightsaber; which would win in a duel? Call it a draw.

Fulfillment Team Manager Adam wields some powerful words borrowed from “Star Wars” Grand Jedi Master Yoda in Monday Matchup #46. Sure, “May The Force Be With You” may not be a similar pacifist rally cry — Yoda could swing a mean ‘saber — but The Dark Side isn’t easily subdued with bold inks and passionate prose.

Adam is able to depict the rotting tree limbs and murky swamps of desolate Dagobah with a Monteverde Regatta Sport Black — novel magnetic cap included — and Noodler’s Zhivago ink. Look carefully, and you’ll see the diminutive Jedi in the foreground. Maybe just maybe, he’s waiting for our hero.

Monteverde Regatta Sport Black in Broad is available at for $100. Noodler’s Zhivago ink is available in a 3oz bottle for $12.50 and as a 2ml ink sample for $1.25.

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The Goulet Company Team

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  • Scott Rogers

    Nice! Zhivago is one of my two go-to blacks, alongside Dark Matter. It's black enough that if you're not looking for the greenish tint, it reads as a plain black ink. But once you're aware of the green element, you can't help but see the interesting depths of color and character this ink presents.

  • Tom Johnson

    Adam, another great Monday Matchup! A different and fun theme for sure. Love the art work and the quote. Is the dot pad a Rhodia? Thanks Adam, I'm enjoying this a lot. Is this the first Monday Matchup done with a B nib? There haven't been too many.

  • Adam! Love the art and the words. May the Fourth Be With You! Some serious chops in the art. Another great Monday Matchup. Have a great week Team Goulet!

  • Otter

    Great drawing, and exploration of the dark side with that pen and ink! Very stealthy. And who can top the wisdom of Yoda! 🙂

  • Kathy

    Another awesome Monday Matchup. Y'all should compile these in a book. I'd buy it. There is incredible talent at Team Goulet! Have a great week!

  • Madigan

    Hi Scott! Nice to hear from a Zhivago fan. 🙂 It's a beautiful ink!

  • Madigan

    Hey Tom! Yeah, it is a Rhodia dot pad. Good eye! I'm not sure if it's the only Monday Matchup done with a broad, but it's at least one of the few. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Thanks Kenny! Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hi Otter! I always enjoy a good Yoda quote. 🙂

  • Madigan

    Hi Kathy! No one has suggested a book before. What an interesting idea! 🙂

  • Stian Knudsen

    As usual, totally awesome and inspiring stuff. Love the Yoda quotes 🙂

  • Donna Marie

    You could publish a Goulet calendar with these prints! Easy to do, profits could go to …

  • Bill Bermudez

    I just retired from teaching. But…before I left I gave a demonstration to various math classes using my Rhodia dot pad and my Goulet fountain pens (and a pencil). Projecting various math computations of Algebra, Geometry and Trig on this pad. Reason? To demonstrate how wonderful math looks on this pad vs. graph pad vs. line paper vs. blank paper. And using a extra fine/fine nibs with black, red, blue and purple ink, I presented math in a most interesting manner. Compare and contrast with pencil math took on a most interesting dimension. And I made some mistakes which I invited various members to come out and make the corrections. To finish my presentation, I passed out my Goulet book markers that I have saved. Those that came up and made the corrections received a Preppy pen which I purchase in the past from you. Humm, I just came up with another target market that maybe you all had not thought of. Just think of it, Goulet Math pens.

  • Greg Moore

    Love the drawing. Its almost a where's Yoda drawing. 🙂

  • Turtle

    Nice. I would have gone with Yu-yake, but that's just me.