Monday Matchup #50: Super5 Calligraphy Black/Grey with Super5 Frankfurt

Richmond’s Main Street Station has survived more than 100 years of time, floodwaters brewed up by hurricanes and tropical storms, and an evolving infrastructure that’s hidden the National Historic Landmark among a veritable can of concrete worms.

But it has endured. Here Caitlin from our Customer Care Team draws up a snapshot in time, a picture of the station and its clocktower circa 1971. She’s aided by a pair of sleek Super5 products: a Calligraphy fountain pen in Black/Grey and Frankfurt ink. With a narrow 0.5mm calligraphy nib, the pen is built for bold sketching

Today, Main Street Station sits among interstates, Amtrak lines and winding sidewalks. So many choices, so many directions. When there is a fork in the road, some would suggest picking it up. Robert Frost famously spoke of taking the one less traveled. Whatever you choose, be sure to bring your fountain pen, ink and notebook for sketching. Or for drawing a map to find your way home.

Super5’s Calligraphy fountain pen in Black/Grey is now available at at the discounted price of $24.95. Super5 Frankfurt ink is available in a 50 ml bottle at the discounted price of $24.95, as well as in a 2ml ink sample for $2.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  • Tom Johnson

    Caitlin, this is especially wonderful for me! I love it. Having driven past this Victorian era station on I-95 a number of times, I marvel at its design and beauty. Also wondered what it was. Thought it might be a court house. Could never safely study it at interstate speed, just a quick glimpse, even when I was the passanger. Love your artwork and the quote. Nicely done. Gray inks are wonderful, not boring at all as you so clearly prove. Another special Matchup. Thanks for making an afternoon special.

  • Caitlin, I love your drawings! They always make my Monday start off right. ^_^

  • Dave Busse

    Someone else has most likely already made this observation, but these photographs make great desktop wall paper. A reminder to return to the analog while using the digital.

    Caitlin, in this case yours is a wonderful rendering. Thanks very much for sharing with us.

  • Otter

    Great drawing, Caitlin, very inspiring! And Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets. "Miles to go before I sleep," and all. 😀 Thanks for the lovely Monday Matchup.