Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Stocking Stuffers: 9 under $10

Your stockings are hung by the chimney with care, but have you started to think about what to fill them with this Holiday season? We've got 10 great stocking stuffers all under $10 that are sure to brighten up any fountain pen fan's Christmas morning.

1) Pilot Parallel, $10

This pen gives a great italic writing experience for someone interested in the beginning stages of calligraphy and hand lettering. At $10 a pen, we have 4 different line widths and colors available. Check out this video to see how to use two Pilot Parallel pens together with different ink colors to get a gradating effect from one color to another.

2) Platinum Preppy, $3.95-$4.98

This is a fantastic introductory fountain pen at a great price. For $3.95, consider giving someone their very first fountain pen this holiday season! There are multiples colors available and each pen comes with a cartridge to get you writing. 

3) Ink Syringe Set, $4.95

These are a great tool for anyone who uses fountain pens! Use them to refill old cartridges, help to clean out your pen or transfer ink from one container to another. This video shows you exactly how to use them.

4) Rhodia #12 Dot Pad, $3

This notebook is the perfect way to try out Rhodia's paper.  It's fantastic fountain pen friendly paper, with one of our favorite rulings. Each sheet is microperforarted at the top allowing for easy removal.

5) Bulb Syringe, $3.95

This is the perfect gift for the fountain pen enthusiast! It's essential to help you clean out your pens, and fits perfectly inside your Christmas stocking. Need more convincing? Brian shows you how to flush a pen with a bulb syringe here.

6) Micro Mesh, $4.95

This is a perfect gift for the tinkerer. Micromesh is a fine abrasive paper that is used to smooth out scratchy nibs. This comes in a 6" X 3" sheet and you'll get enough to last you years! Be sure to show the recipient this tutorial on how to use it!

7) Brass Sheets, $3.95

These are the perfect accessory to keep your pen flowing smoothly. Use these to floss between the tines of the nib to clear out old ink or paper fibers. Learn how to use brass sheets in this helpful video.

8) Silicone Grease, $2.50

Silicone Grease comes in handy for anyone using fountain pens. This is an essential tool if you're looking to convert your pen to an eyedropper. Comes in a 1/8 oz container. Brian shows you how to convert your Platinum Preppy into an eyedropper here.

9) Grip, $1.95

This piece of rubber will soon become your fountain pen fan's favorite accessory! Use this grip to help remove those difficult feeds or nibs from your pen. Not sure how to use the grip? Learn more by watching this Goulet Grip tutorial.

What other fountain pen products are you thinking about using as stocking stuffers this holiday season?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team

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  1. I'm impressed that you kept a straight face through the whole video. There must be a bunch of outtakes.


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