Say Something Sweet: 7 Ways to Wow Your Valentine

Don’t you just love love? Valentine’s day is one of my favorite holidays- a day set aside to celebrate the people you love. For me, the most moving gestures have always been the heartfelt ones. I love receiving handmade items, be it a drawing from one of my nephews, or a handwritten letter from a friend. I always try to reciprocate in the same way- with something thoughtful, funny, creative, and heartwarming, but it can be overwhelming to try to come up with the perfect idea.

Luckily, I work with a bunch of amazing creative people and together we’ve come up with some ideas to make your handmade heartfelt Valentine’s gift as unique and beautiful as the one you love. As an added bonus, you get to use your fountain pens, ink, and paper in some new and interesting ways. Use some of these ideas, or mix and match to come up with the perfect plan for your darling. You’ll score extra bonus points if your love is a fountain pen fanatic.

1. Make Dinner for your Valentine

Jenni used Empty Ink Bottles, an Original Crown Mill Stationery Set, a Pilot E95s Fountain Pen, and various Ink Samples

This is a classic Valentine’s Day move with an added twist. Give your delicious homemade dinner an additional touch of finery with a handwritten menu. Break out your fanciest stationery, your favorite pen, and write down the delicious items you are preparing. Nothing creates an appetite quite like the knowledge of what’s coming. Create a themed and romantic ambiance by using empty ink bottles as vases! 

2. Writing out lyrics to your favorite song

Madigan used De Atrementis Document Ink Black, a Noodler’s Ahab Brush Pen, a Lamy 2000, Various Ink Samples and Canson Watercolor Paper

Nothing says “I love you” like a song! If your love is musically inclined or if you have a special song with your special someone, writing those lyrics on a card can bring back the memories that song invokes. Easy decorative hearts or even just ink splatters can enhance this simple solution to the valentine’s card.

You can also make an “I love you” with an ink washed heart! Using a paintbrush and water, paint a water heart first and then dab in some of your favorite ink. Tilt the page back and forth to let the ink swirl together. Write an “I” and a “You” and you’re finished. 

3. Make art for your valentine

Madigan used Tomoé River Paper in White, a Monteverde Poquito Fountain Pen in Pink and Pelikan Pink Cartidges

If you are artistically inclined, illustrate your feelings. Your darling will love the artistic expression of your love and get a new piece of art to hang on the wall to boot!

4. Create a custom colored bouquet

Sarah used Carnations, Aurora Blue and Diamine Amaranth ink

Not sure of your handwriting or artistic skills? Dye white carnations with your Valentine’s favorite ink color by soaking them overnight. Simply fill a cup with about 3 inches of water, stir in an ink sample, set the white carnations in, and let the magic happen. Try out multiple colors to see what inks soak up best- we found that heavily saturated inks like Diamine gave the best results. They’ll love your hand colored flowers! Tip: try carefully cutting the carnation stem down the middle and placing each side in a different color ink- you’ll end up with a two-toned flower (seen below transitioning from Diamine Amaranth to Aurora Blue.)

5. Make Origami

Whitney used Clairefontaine Triomphe Paper cut to size and various Ink Samples

Are you an origami wiz? Or even a beginner? Take your favorite Clairefontaine Paper, some romantic ink and create an origami lily, heart with a secret message, or a classic crane. The handmade paper plus the intricate folding will wrap up your love in a whole new way. Write a secret note on the inside to enhance the romance.

6. Write a heartfelt note expressing your feelings

Margaret used Original Crown Mill BiColor Stationery Sets, a Lamy Al-Star Purple and J. Herbin Emerald of Chivor ink

Sometimes, simple is best. Expressing your feelings in writing is sometimes the best way to let someone know you care. We even have a blog from last Valentine’s Day detailing letters for anyone in your life, from the hopeless romantic to the platonic pal. Your darling will feel your devotion. If you need a little inspiration, read through 15 famous love letters!

7. Seal it with a kiss… and a stamp!

Sarah used J. Herbin Brass Seals, J. Herbin Sealing Wax and Atelier Gargoyle Sealing Wax

If you’ve gone the note route or already have a card picked out, why not seal your letter with a symbol of your love? Decorate the envelope with flourishes of ink and pick the symbol that speaks to your relationship. A rose, heart, or sun will give your letter an added touch of sophistication.

I hope you enjoyed some of these thoughtful and creative ways to use your fountain pens and ink this Valentine’s Day! And I hope the object of your affection enjoys your gifts.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you like handmade gifts or store bought treats?

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