Goulet Notebooks with 52gsm Tomoe River Paper!

Goulet Tomoe River Notebooks 52 gsm paper

Our Goulet notebooks that feature the ever popular Tomoe River Paper were introduced back in May. These have been a hit among fountain pen enthusiasts, so we’re excited to be able to expand our notebook line even further.

Recently our distributor has had difficulty with the production of these notebooks that feature the 68gsm paper from Tomoe River. (Unfortunately we don’t expect to restock the 68gsm notebooks until September.) However, we’re able to offer the Goulet Notebook with white 52gsm Tomoe River Paper beginning now. This paper is the exact same paper that you might be familiar with from the Tomoe loose sheets and tablets that we sell.

The 52gsm paper is incredibly thin, and very fountain pen friendly. This paper shows off the sheen and shimmer in inks unlike any other paper can do. To see more of the 52gsm Tomoe River paper in action, check out our first impressions of Tomoe River Paper below.

We realize it might be a bit confusing to understand the difference between the two notebooks. The cover colors are also slightly different from what’s offered with the 68gsm paper. Each 52gsm notebook comes with 48 sheets (96 pages) of paper which is slightly higher than what comes with the 68gsm notebook.

52gsm Tomoe River Paper

You can find the Goulet Notebooks with 52gsm paper exclusively available at GouletPens.com. We currently have them in A5, TN Passport, Pocket and TN Regular sizes with both lined and dot paper.  They range in price from $6-$9 depending on the size you choose.

Goulet Tomoe River Notebooks- assorted

What pen and ink do you enjoy using with your Tomoe River paper?

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  • Tom Johnson

    I love my Tomoe River 52gsm loose paper and use it a lot with pens from EF to 1.5 mm with all kinds of inks, from black to blue (Liberty’s Elysium & Platinum Pigment Blue) to reds & purples (Fox, Rouge Hematite, Oxblood, Yama-budo, Dark Lilac) to browns, greens, and Ancient Copper. I’ll be adding some of these notebooks to my wish list. The TN Passport size is a great size for slipping in your pocket or bag/pack. I especially love having the dot option, which you can’t get with the TN refills. So glad to see these notebooks available now. Keep one in each car, your packs and briefcases.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      That’s great, Tom! Sounds like you get some very varied use out of these notebooks!

  • Lauren

    I just bought a Nanami Paper notebook, but I’m super excited that these will be available for the TN. I thinking having A5 notebooks with fewer pages (than the Nanami) will be useful for keeping projects separate. Awesome.

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Let us know how it works for you if you get one!

  • Kricket Ashley Krick

    I’m so excited about these! Just ordered a TN regular size in dots!

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      Hope you love it!

  • These look great. I would love to see these notebooks available in A6. I suspect you will be able to prise me away from the excellent Apica CD-10 notebooks! 🙂

    • Lydia At Goulet Pens

      I will definitely suggest that, Gary 🙂

  • Bad Biology

    You know I have used the gsm scale to determine the quality and suitability of paper for my fountain pens. For this reason I usually use Rhodia in the 80gsm and 90gsm range. However we have here this Tomoe River paper that, as I have seen on the site, is incredibly delicate looking and thin. So how is the production of this paper different to allow it to be so fine yet still be fountain pen friendly? I have seen the video on the Goulet purchasing site and man do some people lay down the ink on it. It must ghost 100% of every molecule of ink but does it bleed? And if it is so light as in less dense than your 90gsm then how does it not feather like mad due to capillary action at least a little?

    • John Miller

      I’m a couple of pages into one of these in dot-grid. I’m exclusively an XF Western to m Japanese writer. The wettest I’ve used so far is an Edison Collier with a steel XF. Definitely ghosting but no bleed-through for me. The notebook is a poetry and prose cahier, so it’s not the most “careful” writing at times. And interestingly, Rhodia graph ghosts only slightly less (just tested). Biggest difference is feel – the Tomoe paper “skates” the nib, super smoothly. The Rhodia paper seems to catch, makes the nib squeal a little. Hope this helps.

  • Jennifer S

    I’d love to see a size similar to Moleskine large – 8.25″x5″. I have 2 Chic Sparrows in that size and would die for a Tomoe River notebook that would fit!