Friday: Random Cool Stuff

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It was announced on Rhodia Drive this week that we can expect to see the popular Rhodia Webnotebook (affectionately known as the ‘Webbie’) in dotpad format in the late-spring/early summer of 2011. It’s expected to have the same off-white paper already familiar in the Webbie, but with dots! Here’s a review I did earlier about the Rhodia dotpads.

Webbies are currently available in lined and blank format, in both large (5.5″x8.25″) and small (3.5″x5.5″) sizes. The dotpads have been incredibly popular, so this is a very welcome and anticipated new arrival!

Of course we’re going to be stocking them at as soon as we can possibly get our hands on them. You’re going to have to be patient, though, as it will likely be the end of April of 2011 before they arrive. But Rhodia responds!