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Why Should I Buy a Fountain Pen?

 Why should you buy a fountain pen? Great question - and Brian Goulet is here to help give you his Top 7 reasons why you should, and breaks down each one. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Reason 1: The Writing Experience 1:58 Reason 2: Improved Handwriting 2:52 Reason 3: Aesthetics 3:30 Reason 4: Ink Choices 4:30 Reason 5: Environmental Impact 5:10 Reason 6: Analog Nature 5:50 Reason 7: Mental Health 8:00 Do you NEED a fountain pen? 8:45 Additional resources Resources Mentioned: Top Pens for Newbies (2021) Top Pens for Newbies (2014) Top Pens to Last a Lifetime Fountain Pen [...]

5 Steps for Getting Started with a New Fountain Pen

 Before you get started with a fountain pen, there are some things you should do first! In this video, Drew gives his suggestions for a new pen checklist! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction 0:18 Step One: Know what a Fountain Pen is! 0:37 Step Two: Unbox your Pen! 1:02 Step Three: Inspect Your Pen! 3:01 Step Four: Clean Your Pen! 4:21 Step Five: Ink Your Pen! 5:34 Wrap Up LINKS TO PRODUCTS FEATURED: Bulb Syringe Are we forgetting any steps? Write on, The Goulet Pen Company Team

Are Fountain Pens Easy To Use?

 Are fountain pens easy to use? Drew's going to walk you through the most simple ways to start writing with a fountain pen in this video. OTHER HELPFUL CONTENT: Top 5 Fountain Pens for Newbies Getting Started with a New Fountain Pen Fountain Pen 101 Anatomy of a Fountain Pen TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Introduction 0:40 What is a fountain pen? 1:01 How do you fill it? 1:25 What about maintenance? 1:54 How does it write? 2:28 Ramping things up with a converter! 3:13 Choosing a nib size! 3:42 More helpful resources! Write on, The Goulet Pen Company Team

Top 7 Next Level Fountain Pens – 2021

  Brian Goulet counts down his Top 7 Next-Level pens in this follow up video to his original list from 2015. If you're looking to level-up your fountain pen game, check out this video to learn about what makes the pens on this qualify as "Next Level". TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 Introduction 01:00 What does "Next Level" mean? 01:40 Benu Euphoria 03:11 Platinum Procyon 04:56 Traveler's Brass Pen 08:11 Kaweco Supra 10:05 TWSBI VAC 12:12 Sailor Compass 13:40 Conklin All-American What is your next level pen? Write on,  The Goulet Pen Company Team

Top 5 Entry-Level Gold Nib Pens – 2021

 Brian is back with an updated list of his favorite entry-level gold nib fountain pens! Adding to his list from back in 2016, Brian covers 5 new additions in this video and details why they deserve consideration. Watch the original video from 2016 here. Links to products featured: Pilot E95S Sailor Pro Gear Slim Sailor 1911S Pilot Decimo LAMY Studio Palladium  Platinum Kanazawa Leaf Do you own any of these pens? Write on, The Goulet Pen Company Team

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