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TWSBI 580 Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the special edition TWSBI 580 (and AL and ALR!) fountain pens that have been available in the United States. September 2021: Navy Blue 580 ALR  September 2020: Punch Pink 580 ALR May 2020: Prussian Blue 580 ALR May 2019: Purple 580 ALR   Jan 2019: Emerald 580 AL   Nov 2017: Rose Red 580 AL   May 2017: Turquoise 580 AL   Oct 2016: Pink 580 AL   June 2016: Lava 580 AL   Feb 2016: Green 580 AL   Oct 2015: Blue 580 AL   April 2015: Purple 580 AL   Dec [...]

Jacques Herbin Anniversary Ink History

A visual look back at all of the annual Jacques Herbin 1670/1798 anniversary inks that have been available in the United States. Each bottle of fountain pen ink features added shimmer, a first for the Herbin brand (and possibly the world of fountain pen ink!), and comes packaged in a luxury 50ml glass bottle. 2021: Shogun. A twilight-colored ink, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, is coated with fine red and gold shimmer. 2020: Jacques Herbin 350 Vert Atlantide. An elegant, deep green ink with flecks of both silver and gold pigment, creating a luxurious sheen and subtle shade [...]

Pilot Vanishing Point Limited Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual limited edition Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens that have been available in the United States. The Pilot Vanishing Point is a click-retractable fountain pen, featuring an 18kt gold nib. Our history with Pilot only goes back to 2011, but we dug up some official info on some colors that pre-date Goulet Pens! Enjoy. :) 2021: Black Ice 2020: Link Black (no longer available)  2019: Tropical Turquoise (no longer available)   2018: Crossed Lines (no longer available)  2017: Crimson Sunrise (no longer available)   2016: Guilloche(no longer available)   2015: Twilight (no [...]

Platinum Plaisir Special Edition History

A visual look back at all of the annual special edition Platinum Plaisir fountain pens that have been available. The Platinum Plaisir is a great option for someone just getting into fountain pens. It features a cap that prevents ink from drying, enabling smooth writing even after no use for a whole year! 2021: Limited Edition Ombre - Night Blue, Night Gray, Night Pink 2020: Limited Edition Ombre colors: Morning Glow, Venus Belt, Country Sunshine 2020: Teal Green 2019: Black Mist 2018: Bali Citrus (No longer available) 2017: Nova Orange (No longer available) Which color is your favorite? To view [...]

Aurora 88 Stellar Limited Edition History

Over the last several years, Italian pen maker, Aurora, has released pens in their Aurora 88 Stellar collection, inspired by the splendor of the planets. The 88 is their flagship pen model that features an 18kt gold nib and Aurora's Hidden Reservoir piston filling mechanism with a built in ink reserve so you won't run out of ink when you might need it most! These pens are made entirely in Torino, Italy. Take a look at how Aurora pens are made in this behind-the-scenes tour of their factory. Terra  Venere (no longer available) Plutone  Giove (no longer available) Mercurio (No longer [...]

Conklin Duragraph/Duraflex History

A visual look back at all of the Conklin Duragraph (and Duraflex) Fountain Pens that have been available to us. The Duraflex term tends refer to an individually numbered limited edition out of 1898, whereas the Duragraph generally refers to regular editions or non-numbered special edition runs. October 2021: Abalone Nights January 2021: Full Rainbow January 2021: Matte Black/Rainbow November 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Rose Gold October 2020: Conklin Duragraph Demo/Black and Conklin Duragraph Demo/Silver. January 2020: Water, Earth, and Fire. These are part of the Elements collection. November 2019: Black Matte / Rose Gold.  A Goulet Exclusive, limited edition color that [...]

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