Goulet Q&A Episode 248: 3D Printed Pens, Heirloom Pens, and Clipless Pens

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about 3D printed pens, what makes pens “heirloom quality”, and clipless pens.

This week:


1) abbyknitz- Instagram (09:41)

Has anyone tried 3d printing a fountain pen?

  • Additive is the only pen being sold right now that I know for sure is 3D printed
  • Yoshi Nakama of pen.18111 used 3D printing, I believe in some component of his elaborate roll stops
  • It’s possible there are others and I’m not aware?
  • 3D printing technology is something I’ve been surprised hasn’t come up more with pen manufacturers, I’m curious to see if it’s something that gets adopted into the fountain pen industry

2) mollysmomma2010- Instagram (13:53)

What is your recommendation for an “heirloom” caliber pen? Something you can love and use and will stand the test of time?

  • I think a LOT of fountain pens would probably fall into this group, just the category of FP’s overall denote more longevity and quality than what most associated with pens
  • A rough estimate would put most pens over $100 immediately into that category
  • certainly Preppies, Varsities and Shark Pens aren’t what you’d consider “heirloom”, but I’d say most pens could be
  • Pretty much anything with a gold or palladium nib could easily be, and even nicer steel nibs like Edison, Herbert, Montegrappa, Visconti, etc
  • Namiki for sure, Pineider, Visconti, Montegrappa, Aurora, Lamy 2000, certainly any LE or themed pens would be collectibles like heirlooms

3) Heather W- Facebook (18:24)

I’m thinking of buying a metal Kaweco sport and would like to know your thoughts on the aluminum version versus the brass version.

  • the two are not vastly different from each other, they’re both solid metals
  • both cartridge or Kaweco converter (mini) only, no eyedropper
  • very solid, very durable
  • brass will be a little heavier, certainly something to consider for a pocket pen
  • brass will patina a little more than aluminum, which really won’t change much
  • brass will be a little pricier, closer to $100
  • The aluminum pens have a “softer” finish to them, feel very silky, lots of color options
  • brass is just brass, and will look like yellow brass
  • both really nice pens, just depends if you specifically want that “brass” look, or not

4) mountaincavalier- Instagram (22:39)

Why don’t more manufacturers offer clipless options?

  • good question, you really don’t see many of them, do you?
  • some of it’s practicality, I think most people just prefer having clips, if not for clipping them then for having built in rollstops
  • more liability for the pen company, if the pen rolls off a desk and breaks
  • they really could do more, especially because it’s so much cheaper and easier to make them
  • I’d REALLY love some feedback on this, how do you all feel about clipless pens? Which are your favorite and why?


5) newatthisig- Instagram (28:31)

Since cartridges are not labeled, what color cartridges come standard with most fountain pens?

  • It’s going to vary from brand to brand, honestly.
  • pen companies that make their own cartridges are using their own, usually black, sometimes blue, or both
  • companies that don’t make their own cartridges, it’s sometimes a total mystery what ink is in those cartridges, as they’re more or less buying bulk unbranded cartridges
  • that’s one thing we try to find out, and we post it on our site when we know, but we don’t always, and sometimes can’t even find out
  • It’s usually an afterthought from all parties involved


6) Shilo M- Facebook (33:38)

What do you guys think about the Goulet Nation and all the shenanigans we get up to? What are the things that have really surprised you about this mob?

  • hahaha, what a great group, I have to say
  • it’s the internet, and a very passionate group so it’s certainly fertile soil for drama and magic at the same time
  • there’s way more magic than drama, honestly
  • I was surprised to see the group create their own name (Penablers) and sports-style logo, that was awesome, and they buy and wear t-shirts with them!
  • I was warmhearted when a member lost their home and everything they owned in the California Wildfires last year, and the Penablers sent them tons of pens to help them get back on their feet, at least pen-wise!
  • They’ve created bingo cards for the different Goulet team member handwritten thank you cards, that was unexpected
  • people showing their collections, their wish lists, etc
  • The most surprising thing I’ve seen has been how kind everyone is, there are little things here and there that come up, but it really has become sort of like a safe haven for pen folks on the internet
  • many members have exclaimed that it’s the only thing they value about Facebook, and they would cancel their account otherwise!
  • There is a lot of kindness, generosity, and care in the pen world, and this community demonstrates that well

QOTW: If you could have a tree in your yard that could grow any one single meal that you couldn’t sell, only eat for yourself and your family, what would it grow? (39:58)

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Brian Goulet

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Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay: 2019 Spring Seasonal Edition Fountain Pen

Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay: 2019 Spring Seasonal Special Edition Fountain Pen

Take a trip with us, to a warm sunny beach in a tropical paradise. Hear the waves lapping lightly against the white sand. The palm trees are swaying lazily overhead and you can see birds playfully swooping and soaring in the distance. You close your eyes and breathe in the full aroma of tropical bliss.

It’s true, we can’t all be instantly transported to a place this beautiful but you can get a hint of it with our newest pen. Dip your toes into the warm waters of inspiration and let the latest collaboration between The Goulet Pen Company and Edison Pen Company transport you to a paradise of writing bliss. Introducing the Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay!

Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay: 2019 Spring Seasonal Special Edition Fountain Pen

Years ago, Brian and Rachel Goulet vacationed in the US Virgin Islands and were struck by the beauty and vibrant colors of Trunk Bay, St. John Island’s most famous and photographed beach. These memories provided the inspiration for our latest collaboration, the 24th seasonal edition of the Goulet Pens-Exclusive Nouveau Premiere pen model.

Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay: 2019 Spring Seasonal Special Edition Fountain Pen

This pen certainly serves as a vivid reminder of an unforgettable expereince. The gorgeous flecked resin body is hand-turned by Edison Pens in Milan, Ohio and it features a stunning ombre color effect that effortlessly fades from the cool turquoise of the St. John’s water to the rich tropical green of a palm frond. Each pen is unique and will feature a distinct blend of color and dimension. Keep reading to learn some quick facts about this beloved pen model.

  • Resin body and cap with silver furnishings
  • #6 steel nib available in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, and 1.1mm Stub
  • Replacement nibs available for separate purchase as well
  • Converter included and accepts Standard International cartridges
  • Also eyedropper convertible – check out this Quick Tip video to learn how!
  • Postable and comfortable for writing unposted or posted
  • Unposted body length- 128mm (5in), posted- 172.3mm (6.8in)
  • Grip Diameter- 9.2mm (0.4in)
  • Total Weight-17g (0.6oz)

A dreamy tropical pen deserves an equally stunning ink. These are our favorites:

You can pick up the Edison Nouveau Premiere Trunk Bay for a limited time for $169, only at GouletPens.com! Snag yours before they disappear like a receding wave on the sand.

Write On,

The Goulet Pen Company Team

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Goulet Q&A Episode 247: Visiting Japan, Tine Spacing, and Using Collectible Pens

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about his Japan trip, if nib tines should touch or not, and how he collects and uses pens. Enjoy!

This week:



1) _davide.caruso_- Instagram (13:09)

Have you ever heard of ink staining grip sections? I’ve just received a Homo Sapiens as a gift and I fear that the porous material will stain if I use high sheening inks

  • I have heard of it, sure, but not with this pen
  • I’ve been using a Homo Sapiens daily for over 3 years, and haven’t permanently stained it with any of the crazy inks I’ve put in it
  • generally, black grips of any kind won’t stain, at least not permanently
  • I do find after filling it, that I need to wet a cloth to absorb the excess ink out of the grip, ideally
  • white grips, on the other hand, might
  • the lighter the color grip the more likely to stain
  • certainly the material it’s made of makes a difference, but I haven’t ever had much of an issue with anything hygroscopic like the volcanic rock or ebonite so I think you’re good!

2) kelvs77- Instagram (16:30)

Should nib tines be touching together. Or should there be a space between. Wondering how big a space is the sweet spot. As i notice buying fp lately… The nib tines are sometimes wide apart while others or touching together…. Confused on what to check when buying

  • this is a great question
  • technically ink will flow to the tip of a nib with parallel tines, but it’s usually not ideal to have a nib tuned with parallel tines because any amount of pressure will spread them and work against the capillary action
  • a slight taper is ideal
  • talking to different nibmeisters, there seems to be some debate and personal preference in terms of whether the tip of the tines should actually touch
  • some say “barely almost touching”, others say it shouldn’t, others say they should, and it depends on the pen
  • soft nibs (gold, palladium) are perfectly fine lightly touching, because they’ll spread easily and flow well with normal writing pressure
  • really tight tines with a stiff stainless steel isn’t ideal, that’s pretty universal
  • there really just needs to be room for the ink to flow through, so if the tines are touching they shouldn’t be touching any more than at the tip (that’s when it’s too tight)
  • don’t write off a nib just because it’s touching
  • honestly though, the best guide will be to dip the nib and try writing with it if you’re able, as that’ll tell you the cold hard facts!


3) Dale R- Facebook (22:20)

Whats ur favorite pretending to be black ink?


4) Renee O- Facebook (25:39)

If I’m traveling abroad to a country where a fountain pen brand is made will sales prices generally be cheaper? Are there “deals” to be had?

  • Prices will usually be cheaper in a product’s country of origin, because you don’t have import fees, shipping, distribution, environmental regulations, tariffs, and currency conversion factors at play
  • In Japan, Pilot, Sailor, and Platinum were all cheaper, but all the US pens were double the price as they are here, Europeans were comparable or more
  • In Italy, brands like Pineider, Visconti, Aurora, Montegrappa will be cheaper
  • In Germany, Lamy, Pelikan, Montblanc (maybe?) will be a little cheaper
  • In the US, Noodler’s, Monteverde, Conklin will be cheaper
  • That’s not unusual at all, and it’s just because there are real costs with moving things across the world
  • So when you’re traveling to any country, think about where the homeland is for the brand you’re looking for and budget accordingly!
  • Now it’s also likely there could be some regions of the world where prices are lower simply because of lower cost of living, but I am less knowledgeable of these, just something to keep in mind


5) Victoria L- Facebook (29:56)

What has been your favourite pen-related place/shop/anything during your trip to Japan?

  • I went into detail a bit on my trip to Japan in Write Now episode 115 from 3/13/19
  • I went to 3 stores while I was there
  • Itoya, Eurobox, and Maruzen
  • They were 3 very different experiences
  • Itoya is huge, in the heart of the Ginza, which is like New York’s 5th Avenue
    • Their new store is 12 floors and is between Bvlgari and Tiffany’s, if that says anything
    • 3rd floor is basically all fountain pens, and it was magnificent
    • lots of higher-end stuff, like Namikis, Platinums, Sailors, Caran d’Ache, MontBlanc, etc
    • Everything was under glass, I didn’t get to touch/hold anything because it was crowded, I was tired, and I was pretty familiar with a lot of what I was seeing so I didn’t ask anyone to see anything
    • I was more just taking it all in
    • You could really make a full day trip of this store, it was huge, and even had a cafe on the top floor called Cafe Stylo, which I ate at and it was really good!
  • Itoya had what I guess was their old store, which is 4 floors, and the first one is the only one I went to bc I was short on time
    • lots of lower-end stuff, like Preppies, Pilot Petit1’s, Cocoons, and tons of rollerballs and stuff
    • I bought stuff at this one, not the other one
    • Lots of Petit1’s, some Cocoons, and a couple of Multipens because of the designs
  • Eurobox was almost as different as an experience as you could get while still being in a pen store
    • only vintage
    • total hole-in-the-wall store, didn’t even have a sign from the outside!
    • it was deep inside an old building from the 1930’s, which there aren’t many of there
    • you could pretty much stand in the middle of the room and touch all the walls, it was small! But packed with fun
    • I actually found two of my most treasured finds there
    • Vintage Pilot VP in blue swirl (not sure of the real name) that I’d never seen before
    • Platinum Prime from 1968 or so, sterling silver with 18k broad nib that writes great!
    • there’s more I would have likely bought, but he only took cash! I had to borrow a few Yen to finish the deal 😉
  • Maruzen was yet another experience
    • in store event, and it was busy!
    • not sure how many pens they normally keep set up there, it seems like they must have a pretty good number of them often
    • I got to see more Japan-exclusive things from the big 3 brands than I’d seen at the other stores
    • everything was under glass here too, and there were a lot of reps and stuff around so it was pretty intimidating being there and not speaking any Japanese, I had to use my translator app a lot
    • I was also with my coat and giant backpack and like a big ogre in the store! I was in everyone’s way
    • I ended up picking up a Sailor King of Pens because blue, a Sailor Promenade because I’d never seen it before, it was affordable, and blue, and a Pilot Grance I’d never seen before, also blue
  • It’s hard to say which was my favorite because they were all so different! I really enjoyed Eurobox though, because it was such a spontaneous little diamond in the rough, and I had a couple of really good finds there


6) Eric L- Facebook (46:45)

Do you collect pens for fun (never ink or write with them) or you actually used all your pens in your collection?

  • haha, isn’t all this fun? 😉
  • yes, I definitely am collecting pens that I’m never using
  • not that I’d be opposed to it, but I certainly have more pens than any reasonable person would ever use, so I just don’t need to ink up every Lamy Safari or Al-Star I ever get, for example
  • there are some pens I’m pretty much on auto-pilot now in terms of “collecting”, mainly Lamy’s and TWSBI’s, as well as VP LE’s, Retro 51 poppers, and any exclusive pen that we come out with of any brand (in each color)
  • at this rate, I can use a different pen every day and not repeat for almost 3 years, I’m clearly into “collecting” mode and not just using them for practicality
  • but I am WILLING to use all of them, so there’s nothing I’m particularly preserving and unwilling to ink up!

QOTW: Have you ever bought pens as a souvenir? Which and where? (49:53)

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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Why LAMY Opened a Flagship Store in NYC

In November 2018, I had the chance to travel to NYC to attend the celebration of the grand opening of the LAMY Soho store. It was a great time to see the store, host a meet up with lots of other pen fans, and connect with several LAMY employees who had come in from their headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany.

I had the chance to sit down with Kristina Schmidt who is the store manager for the LAMY Flagship store in Heidelberg and Isabel Bohny who is the Head of International Marketing.

Some of what we covered in the interview includes:

  • Why does LAMY want a physical store presence in New York and San Francisco, what is the vision for these stores?
  • Why is it important for a global company like LAMY to have a physical store presence?
  • What were some of the challenges with designing this store?
  • What are some of the elements of this store of which you’re the proudest?
  • What are some things we can look forward to seeing from LAMY in the future?

If you ever find yourself in the New York City area, I definitely recommend making a stop at LAMY’s store! Their address is 452 West Broadway, New York, New York 10012.

Write on,
Brian Goulet

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Goulet Q&A Episode 246: Hottest Release in 2019, Advice to Entrepreneurs, Selling Brian and Rachel’s Pens

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about the hottest new release of 2019, advice to new entrepreneurs, and would he ever sell one of his pens? Enjoy!

This week:


1) chosenfriend- Instagram 

What’s the most anticipated new release this year?

  • good question, it’s really early to say!
  • new Lamy stuff is always hot, and there’s a lot of it this year (AL- Star Bronze, Aquamarine Studio)
  • Pilot 100th anniversary inks, any new Pilot inks are hot!
  • there will surely be other things, but it’s too early to know exactly what

2) Dorian E- Facebook

Show and tell…oldest fountain pen you own…

  • I don’t 100% know but I suspect perhaps either my Waterman Ideal #7 Pink, or my Mabie Todd Swan, around the 1920’s
  • Vintage isn’t so much my thing, but it is cool having pens around 100 years old!


3) kzender- Instagram 

I have three Monteverde inks in my ink collection. I love them but can’t always use them because I can’t open the bottles! The ink seems to clog up the threads and cap, cementing the cap in place. Is there a way to get them unstuck and/or prevent this from happening? Thanks!

  • This can happen with any ink, when it dries on the cap
  • the ink almost turns to a sort of glue that crusts the cap onto the bottle
  • wiping it off the rim after you wipe your nib helps tremendously
  • this is still something I’ll pass up to Monteverde, in case it’s something that’s a trend


4) Christine K- Facebook 

Currently the website lists nib size, nib color, and nib material in the specs for each pen. Is it possible to add a category that would tell us if the nib is a #5, #6, or whatever # it is?

It would also be nice to know if the nib is swappable either within the brand’s own nibs or if a Goulet nib could be used, though I am guessing the mfgrs would not look too kindly on that bit being added due to warranty issues.

  • Okay, this would be nice but it’s not always so clean
  • the fact of the matter is that they aren’t truly universal, definitely not enough for us to broadcast it as such
  • there’s also warranty-related issues around us promoting nibs across brands as being “swappable” or compatible
  • Sometimes the nib is the same but the feed or housing is different
  • Sometimes the thickness or curvature of the nib is slightly different, even though it’s the same size
  • it’s just not always so straightforward, and we struggle a bit with how to display that on our site
  • we have done a couple of blog posts that might help:

5) Jim B- Facebook

Has Goulet considered selling gently used pens — especially those from your (or Rachel’s) personal collection? I would imagine many of your customers would enjoy owning a pen that either of you might have once owned. (Maybe even your staff has pens they’ve tried and decided to move on from?) Is the used pen market feasible from a business stand point?

  • Rachel and I haven’t really considered selling our personal pens at this point, surely we’ll pare it down at some point
  • We haven’t considered selling used pens, not seriously
  • it’s one thing if it’s our team, we sell the products, know them, and can assess them and trust they were used properly
  • selling others’ used pens is more complicated, especially if it’s something we don’t sell/know as well
  • we’d have to determine what type of warranty/return policy to have on it, it’s complicated
  • this is usually best left as private-party sales
  • the only ‘used’ pens I’ve really seen retailers sell is past limited editions, usually of pretty significant value, but even that we’re not really interested in

6) Nolan C- Facebook

What words of motivation would you give to someone that’s thinking of starting their own company?

  • I’m incredibly biased, but I think starting and growing your own company is one of the most thrilling and terrifying things you can do as a career
  • it’s basically like having a kid, in terms of emotional, financial, and time investment
  • it’s an opportunity for you to make your dent in the world, explore who you are, serve others, and even impact the lives of those you hire, it’s an incredible responsibility that can’t easily be replicated in other areas of your life
  • everyone has doubts and fears in the beginning, no one’s born knowing how to start a business
  • if your business succeeds, you’re going to continue to have doubts and fears, they just get bigger and more complex
  • every single entrepreneur you see has fears, fails on the regular, and doubts themselves, the only difference is they don’t let that stop them from making decisions and taking action
  • you have to suffocate the excuses, just cut that crap out
  • “I don’t have enough money”, “the competition’s too good”, “they just won’t give me a chance”, etc, screw all that
  • Excuses are just lies you tell yourself to keep from having to take action
  • If there’s ever anyone that looks like you that’s done it, then you don’t really have that as an excuse
  • QBQ, “what can I do about it?”
  • one this is for darn sure, you will have to work hard, but it doesn’t feel “hard” the way doing a job you hate feels
  • doing work you love and for your own cause is very motivating, and you’ll naturally work harder with momentum
  • Don’t do it because you hate your job and want to “set your own schedule”, I promise you’ll work harder and have more stress in your own business
  • Don’t do it because you want the fruits of it either, like money, independence, etc, because until you’re successful, none of that stuff comes anyway, and to get to the place of success, you have to transcend all that stuff anyway
  • If you really love the work, and don’t love managing or leading, then freelance and DON’T grow a big business, or you’ll be miserable
  • you’ll just have to be comfortable raising higher and higher prices and turning down work as you’ll be a constraint
  • you don’t have to strap yourself with debt, or take some huge risky move, especially in 2019
  • there are more opportunities now than ever to do a side-hustle, try out some of what you love in your off-hours, and if you truly still enjoy it from 7pm-midnight every night after working a full day, then there’s a good chance you’ll still love it when you’re in it full time
  • Gary Vaynerchuk’s first book Crush It was so clarifying for me, I highly recommend it
  • Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits by Greg Crabtree is really practical/financial advice when first starting out
  • Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty is great for freelancers (especially with pricing your own work)
  • Simon Sinek Start with Why
  • In all of history, there has never been more access to information, more resources, more freedom, and more abundance than right now to do your own thing, so what the heck are you waiting for?

QOTW: If you could start your own business doing anything and you were guaranteed success, what would it be? 

Write On,
Brian Goulet

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Pineider Avatar = Unbreakable?

Since the introduction of Pineider fountain pens in 2017, Dante Del Vecchio has pushed the envelope in terms of pen design for the brand. From the unique Honeycomb design to the intricate Mystery Filler mechanism, there’s always something new on the horizon for Pineider. Dante stopped by to discuss his latest creation, the unbreakable Pineider Avatar! Watch the interview above for a closer look at the design process and see if it’s truly unbreakable as Brian smashes it with a hammer!

The newly designed Pineider Avatar is the first fountain pen to feature UltraResin, a mother of pearl compound resin, developed in Florence for Pineider. This compound is very stiff and its exceptional features make it a more durable option than traditional celluloid. UltraResin is extremely rigid, like a metal. This makes it resistant to hits, oils, inks, electricity, extreme temperatures, UV rays, and other weathering conditions.

In addition to UltraResin, the new Avatar also features a new assembly technique called GlueLess. Thanks to 3D engineering and manufacturing, this fountain pen is assembled without using a single drop of glue.

The Avatar has a magnetic twist cap that allows a soft touch closure. The band is finely engraved and inspired by the skyline of Florence. The nib is a Rhodium-plated #6 steel nib with a new Pineider engraved logo on it. It’s available in 6 color options; Graphene Black, Abalone Green, Angel Skin, Devil Red, Riace Bronze, and Neptune Blue.

The last big change for the Avatar is the price. Despite all of these upgrades to the design of the pen, the price actually went down! The Avatar will now be available for just $126.40, a great price for the quality of pen it is! This newly redesigned Avatar will be available at GPC in the very near future, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.

For more information, tech specs, and more, check it out on GouletPens.com! What do you think of the new Pineider Avatar? Leave a comment below!

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team

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