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Thursday Things: Germany

Round up of brands with German made fountain pens, ink, and notebooks.

Guten Tag! Welcome to a special international edition of Thursday Things. This assortment of German products was inspired by suggestions from you, our fun and vibrant community! Thursday Things: Germany features a stunning sampling of inks, pens, and notebooks from brands such as Graf von Faber-Castell, Pelikan, LAMY, Leuchtturm1917, Kaweco, and Rohrer & Klingner. You will also find some of the Diplomat pens that are coming to Goulet next week! Take a moment to admire the beautiful designs from our favorite German brands then head on over to our site to bring some of these piece home to your collection.

Featured products from left to right:

Round up of brands with German made fountain pens, ink, and notebooks.

Which German brand do you have the most products from?

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Can You Guess The Famous Artwork From These Fountain Pen Layouts?

Our talented product photographer, Whitney, has an eye for all things artistic. In this series of arrangements, she re-imagined a few famous works of art into precisely placed fountain pen assortments. This series, titled #ArtHistoryDesk was originally featured on our Instagram and we thought you all would love to see it in a quiz form. So without further ado, check out our latest quiz and see how many works you can guess!

Pottery of various shapes and sizes, painted with ritualistic scenes with orange and black figures, were a common archaeological find of this country’s ancient civilization. Any guesses as to where one might find an amphora sporting this style of decoration?

This Italian Renaissance painting, Nascita di Venere, represents a particular event in classical mythology. Though it incorporates many classical techniques, many of the proportions and elements of the painting depicted are purely imaginary. Who was the artist behind this masterpiece, and what do we call it in English?

These beautiful objects first took the form of an Imperial Russian gift in 1885. The gift was so well received that one was commissioned annually, with full artistic liberty given to the makers. One of the largest public collections of these ornate wonders can actually be found right here in Richmond Virginia! Can anyone guess the famous name associated with them?

The tragic singing subject of this famous painting by Millais has been the inspiration for many other works of art since. Her first appearance is in a play by William Shakespeare.

This famous De Stijl painter loved primary colors! Can you guess the artist who painted the well-known “Composition?”

This artist was known for his wild colored silk-screen prints which celebrated pop culture and consumerism. Take a trip to The Factory for a guess at this staple Pop Art figure!

This incredibly famous post-impressionist painting is was made by one Dutch artist after he’d checked himself into a monastery-turned-asylum 129 years ago. What is the name of this celestial-themed work, and who was its creator?

This arrangement have been inspired by a famous surrealist painting whose creator had Einstein’s theory of relativity on the brain when it was painted in 1931. What is the name of this Spanish artist and his most recognized work?

How did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

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Visconti Vertigo Overview

New from Visconti, the Vertigo is an elegant and luxurious fountain pen that’s sure to turn a few heads. Handmade in Florence Italy, the Vertigo appeals to both Visconti enthusiasts and those looking for a ‘next next level’ pen. It features a new beautiful nib from Visconti and vibrant colors. Watch our full overview video for more details!

While new, the Vertigo design is very reminiscent of the Visconti Opera with a new tapered look while being a bit lighter than the Opera Master. The Vertigo comes in 4 resin colors:

  • Burgundy Wine – deep pearlescent burgundy color like the wines you’d find in Tuscany swirled with a deep, solid black
  • Marble Blue – VERY deep blue, almost black, with swirls of a pearlescent royal blue
  • Tiger Orange – solid black swirled with pearlescent orange
  • True Black – pretty much what it says!

Visconti Vertigo

In hand, there’s a tapered metal grip that’s cool to the touch and warms as you write. Metal grips aren’t everyone’s favorite especially if you have oily fingers, so it might be best for quick notes rather than long writing sessions. The step is practically seamless and with it having a magnetic cap, it means there’s no threads at all. This gives it a very streamlined design when capped and uncapped.

The weight is a little on the heavier side at 40g. That compares to the Visconti Homo Sapiens (43g), Pineider La Grande Bellezza (38g), and Karas Kustoms Ink (39g). The body itself is only 24g, so similar to what a LAMY 2000 feels posted, or a bit less than a Pilot Vanishing Point. When not posted, it’s very well-balanced in hand, but becomes more back weighted when posted.

Visconti Vertigo

The nib itself is one of the most interesting aspects of the pen. It’s a stainless steel nib with 14kt gold overlay. It’s hard to say if the overlay is anything more than aesthetics, but ink flows really well with it, very smooth, and consistent. While this is certainly a premium to pay for a steel nib, it feels every bit as nice as a stiffer gold nib while also looking as fancy as it does.

The Vertigo uses a standard international cartridge/converter filling system with just over 1ml of ink capacity. It’ll fit both long and short standard international cartridges. With the price, you may feel a piston-filling mechanism is to be expected, but I find the cartridge/converter to be as appealing because it’s significantly easier to clean and maintain! It is available in Fine, Medium, and Broad. The nib itself is very smooth with consistent flow. Not much spring to it, very stiff/nail-like for a steel nib.

The MSRP for the Visconti Vertigo is $475. Log into your Gouletpens.com account to see the best price available.

Overall this is a great pen if you’re looking for a solid performer with a unique nib, unique shape, and with a bit of flash. For more details and up-to-date specs on the Visconti Vertigo be sure to check it out on GouletPens.com.

Visconti Vertigo

What do you think? Are you a fan of the Visconti Vertigo? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Build Your Favorite Ink Sample Package Set: Popular Black Inks, Water Resistant, Lefty-Approved, and more!

We’re back with another round of ink sample package sets suggestions for you. Although we’re still working on getting the sets back on our site, we didn’t want you to miss out on all of the ink suggestions you’re looking for. Below you will find the contents included in our Waterproof Black inks, Best Sellers, Lefty-Approved, Water-Resistent, and Facebook Fan Favorites ink sample package sets.

Waterproof Black Inks

Best Sellers


Water Resistant

Facebook Fan Favorites

We’re having a lot of fun creating these blogs for you! Be sure to let us know what other ink sample sets you’d like to see us recreate in the blog.

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Goulet Guests: Nathan Tardif, Founder of Noodler’s Ink Co.

In a very special Goulet Guests episode, Brian recently had the opportunity to sit down with the infamous & mysterious Nathan Tardif of Noodler’s Ink Co, and learn more about the man behind the ink. Brian had previously interviewed Nathan over-the-phone 4+ years ago for Q&A, but now had the opportunity to talk all things Noodler’s in-person! It was a very free-flowing conversation but here are a few topics covered:

  • What is Noodler’s ink? How did it get started?
  • What were his inspirations for getting into fountain pens?
  • What inspires him currently? Where does he get the ideas for inks?
  • What drives his frugality, in life & in business?
  • What is his favorite Noodler’s ink?
  • How does he feel about the future of fountain pens?
  • What are his thoughts on flex nibs?

What did you think of the interview? Anything surprise you about Nathan? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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Thursday Things: Pink Lemonade

Dip your pens into some sweet summer writing with a collection of stationery supplies inspired by a favorite refreshing summertime beverage. Thursday Things: Pink Lemonade offers a splash of something bright and cheery to bring some sunshine to your writing endeavors. Whether you’re sitting on your porch, basking and writing in the golden rays, or you’re indoors at your desk, these pens, inks, and accessories will squeeze some warm and happy energy in your day. What could be better? Take a moment to gander at Thursday Things: Pink Lemonade!

Featured products from left to right:


What is your favorite drink to sip during summertime?

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