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Introducing the Goulet Fountain Pen Calendar!

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

We’ve heard the requests each week for an opportunity to display some of our Thursday Things layouts on your walls. We’re ecstatic to announce the time has finally arrived, introducing the Goulet Fountain Pen Calendar! Complete with 12 of our favorite spreads, these calendars offer a stunning piece to hang on your wall, as well as a functional calendar to plan your days. While the glossy paper used for the calendar is not fountain pen friendly, you can still appreciate the beauty of the pens featured in the images every time you look at it. Each month features a coordinating Thursday Things image and ink splatter to brighten up the dated monthly page.

Thursday Things / Ink Splatters Featured Each Month

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

2018 monthly calendar featuring flat lay spreads of fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

These calendars are available for $11.95 at GouletPens.com. They are only available for a short time so get yours today!

Which month is your favorite?

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Introducing Pineider Fountain Pens!

We’re pleased to introduce a new line of fountain pens from Pineider, now available at Goulet Pens!

Pineider Avatar Fountain Pens

Pineider is a company based in Florence, Italy that has been around since 1774, primarily focused on creating beautiful high-end stationery. Earlier this year, Dante Del Vecchio joined the company to help create a new line of fountain pens. He brings 30 years of experience in Italian pen design, and we’re excited to see what he’ll be dreaming up in the coming year.

The first two models to be introduced for 2017 are the Avatar, and the La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty). All are made in Italy.

Pineider Avatar

The Avatar is a regular edition fountain pen. It comes in four colors: Coal Grey, Lipstick Red, Pacific Blue, and Sapphron Yellow.

It is currently only available in a medium #6 steel nib, but we believe more nib sizes should follow in 2018. It fills via standard international cartridge/converter, and the cap closes magnetically.

The clip is in the shape of a quill, and the centerband features an image of the skyline of Florence, home of Pineider.

The Pineider Avatar has an MSRP of $280; our price at Goulet Pens is $224.


La Grande Bellezza

La Grande Bellezza is a limited edition fountain pen. A unique feature of this model is the all-new “soft touch magnetic lock” mechanism – it’s like a hybrid between a magnetic cap and a twist cap.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

It comes in two colors: Dolomite Green and Sunset Red. The Dolomite Green features swirls of green and grey, and the Sunset Red features swirls of blue, red, and black. They are all hand-blended resins.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

It features a smooth two-tone 18kt gold nib available in fine, medium, or broad. Like the Avatar, it also fills via standard international cartridge/converter.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

The collection is limited to a total of 774 fountain and rollerball pens, each individually numbered. The MSRP for the Pineider La Grande Bellezza is $798; our price at Goulet Pens is $638.40.

Pineider La Grande Bellezza

Every Pineider pen comes in a beautiful gift box with a sample of the luxurious Pineider stationery paper. And, for the rest of 2017, we are also including a free 90ml bottle of Monteverde ink as a gift with purchase!


Pineider La Grande Bellezza

What do you think of these new Pineider fountain pens?

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Goulet Q&A Episode 191: Noodler’s Pens, Premiumization, and Brian’s 3 Favorite Pens of 2017!

In this Goulet Q&A episode, Brian talks about Noodler’s pens, Premiumization, and his favorite pens of 2017!

This week:


1) hermit_piper- Instagram (36:43)
In your video introducing the Visconti Homo Sapiens, you briefly mention the six threads and the hook mechanism. I’ve got two questions on that: how exactly does the spring-loaded mechanism in the cap work? And: the threads on the barrel seem to look a bit “feathery” on some of these pens, almost as if they wear out. Is this possible? I wouldn’t think so as I guess both the threads and the hooks in the cap are made of lava – or does the hook and thread thing work with plastic? I enjoy those Q&As a lot, thanks for that awesome effort, Brian!

  • it’s hard to see the mechanism work in a normal pen, but Visconti’s done a couple of demo pens  that show it a little better
  • there’s a spring loaded mechanism in the cap that moved up and down
  • the threads in the pen grip push it up as you push the pen in and rotate it
  • once it’s over as far as it’ll go, the spring pushes it back and it locks into place
  • from what I understand, it’d VERY difficult to get the threads to look clean on the pens
  • some turn out a little better than others
  • the nature of the volcanic material shows that machining more
  • other pens with the hook safe lock look consistently cleaner

2) taking_care_of_momma- Instagram (39:54)
I really want to add a pen with a flex nib to my collection. What are the biggest differences between the Noodler’s pen models?

  • Nib Creaper – smaller pen, smaller #2 nib, smaller ink capacity (1ml), cheapest ($16.10)
  • Ahab – much larger, #6 nib, piston and eyedropper for huge ink capacity (2-6ml), fits 308 cartridge, my favorite ($23)
  • Konrad – more comfortable size for most people, #6 nib, classic design, piston with decent ink capacity (1.5ml), less universal nib swapping (regular, acrylic, ebonite)  ($22-40)
  • Neponset –  largest and most expensive pen, less universal nib swapping #6, music flex, unique nib but VERY broad and wet, not for everyone, fits 308 cartridge (acrylic and ebonite) ($75)

3) Luca D- Facebook (47:47)
I also collect whisky, and we have seen a lot of “premiumization”, i.e. brands charging high prices for average whisky with brilliant packaging, exotic names and weird stories behind the product. Do you feel something similar is happening in the fountain pen world, with new manufacturers selling flashy pen bodies with the universal Bock/Jowo steel nib and prices often above 100$?

  • for sure, this happens sometimes in all niche industries
  • I know this was a huge movement in fountain pens in the 90’s/2000’s with lots of LE’s
  • I don’t see this blatantly happening so much in the pen industry, or if it had, it’s curtailing right now
  • a lot of brands are going the opposite way, looking to develop more entry-level pens to encourage new users to their brands
  • with Bock/Jowo, SO many brands are using them, it’s not that they’re universal, but OEM
  • the nib is a huge factor in the pen obvi, but there’s so much more that goes into it
  • a lot of smaller, independent manufacturers use more generic and obvious Bock/Jowo nibs, and they don’t have economies of scale so they charge in the $100+ price and often use the story of how they started to promote their brands
  • I don’t think it’s intentional “premiumization”, I think we’re actually more coming off some of that having already happened

4) Jason A- Facebook (53:21)
As the year comes to and end, what were your favorite 3 pens released in 2017 that were/are offered by Goulet Pens?

5) Scott S- Facebook (56:39)
Theoretically: What is the point in a fountain pen with no line variance? Without the gorgeous control of lettering it is just another color changeable ballpoint pen. This is not how I feel as I would have a fountain pen just because I love the mechanics, but a valid someone could make. What are your thought Brian?

  • oh c’mon!! Give fountain pens a little more credit than that! 😉
  • I agree in the sense that fountain pens are certainly more capable of having dynamic writing with stubs or flex pens, that’s true
  • but even with no line variance at all, they’re performance vehicles of writing
  • smoother flow, ink color choices, design, ink capacity, nib size and smoothness, bounce and spring in the nib feel, shading, water proofness/archival inks, etc
  • some people want fountain pens that literally look no different on paper than rollerballs! That’s probably the exception though
  • Personally, I think if you’ve got it, flaunt it
  • Fountain pens, for me, are a way to personalize my own writing experience and I want that reflected in the written words on the page

QOTW: What would you like me to ask Lamy in Germany, feedback to give them, or pics/video you’d like to see of their factory? (58:48)

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Brian Goulet

November 17th, 2017|Goulet Q&A|24 Comments

Thursday Things: Moon Dust

A starry flat lay of galaxy inspired fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

Some pens are just from another galaxy of beauty and possess a grace that is simply celestial. This week’s Thursday Things collection brings together the plethora of gorgeous, nebulous inks and pens, orbiting effortlessly around the stellar Visconti Opera Master Luna at its center. Channel the awe-inspiring splendor of a sapphire sky awash with millions of glittering stars into your writing. Take a peek at Thursday Things: Moon Dust.

Featured products from left to right:

A starry flat lay of galaxy inspired fountain pens, notebooks, and ink.

How do you capture a little stardust magic in your writing?

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The Goulet Pen Company Team

November 16th, 2017|Thursday Things|12 Comments

Introducing the Visconti Opera Master Luna!

We’re thrilled to introduce the new limited edition Visconti Opera Master Luna, our newest Goulet exclusive collaboration with Visconti.

Visconti Opera Master Luna-1

This gorgeous fountain pen is made with a brilliant “Goulet blue” resin infused with silver glittery particles. It’s also translucent, so you can see your ink level through the barrel as well. It also has a small clear ink window, and is complemented by rhodium trim.

Visconti Opera Master Luna-1

Visconti Opera Master Luna-1

The Opera Master is an oversized pen that features the Double Reservoir Power Filler. A little history on this filling mechanism…. in 1998, Visconti applied for the Italian patent for its Double Reservoir Power Filler, which is a unique filling system that allows a massive ink capacity and safe usage during air flights. Similar in operation to vacuum-filling pens (such as the larger Visconti Homo Sapiens), the Opera Master fills with a 3.4ml ink capacity in the sealed ink reservoir. Unique to this design, there is a second reservoir in between the vacuum seal and the pen’s feed that holds about .6ml, the size of a typical standard international short cartridge. Effectively, what you end up with here is the ink equivalent of a standard international cartridge that you can use to write (without having to unscrew the filler knob like you do with most other vacuum-fillers), with the contents of an entire pack of cartridges (or the entire Visconti Traveling Inkwell!) in the back of your pen.

Visconti Opera Master Luna-1

The Opera Master uses the large 23kt palladium nib, available in sizes extra-fine, fine, medium, broad, or 1.3mm stub italic.

Visconti Opera Master Luna

It comes packaged with a special glass bottle of Visconti Blue ink, in a beautiful leather gift box.

Visconti Opera Master Luna

Only 188 individually numbered pieces were made, and we’ll do our best to honor any specific requests for numbers.

Visconti Opera Master Luna

The Luna is available exclusively through Goulet Pens for $795 (original MSRP $995).

Visconti Opera Master Luna-1

What do you think of this newest fountain pen?

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How to Recycle Your Goulet Packing Materials

In honor of America Recycles Day on November 15th, the Goulet Team was inspired to research the recyclability of our packing materials. We’ll share with you our findings in hopes you’ll be inspired to think twice before throwing them out!

1) Packing Tape

This piece of the packing process serves its purpose and does its job. Unfortunately, once the tape has successfully bound your boxes together, it cannot be reused. It becomes fuel for the incinerator once removed from the package. It does not have a really easy recycling option but certainly performs a necessary and important job.

2) USPS Priority Box

These packing receptacles are made with recycled materials and can become a continued part of the recycling process. Simply toss them in with your other recycled paper and cardboard and let them be repurposed into another form of paper goods that will help someone day to day. No special precautions are needed to recycle these boxes, you don’t even have to remove the packing tape. That is part of the preparation process to recycling.

3) Thank You Card

Each of these adorable cards features a drawing from a past Monday Matchup on the front and a handwritten note from a team member on the back, to remind you with every order that there is a Goulet team member at every point of the order process. Some people choose to collect these cards and admire the assortment of artwork. If you would rather recycle these greetings, you can do it just as you would other sheets of paper. They are completely recyclable.

4) Bubble Wrap

Goulet Pens tries to have the least impact on the environment while we make the most of our packing materials. Our bubble wrap materials are shipped to us uninflated and we create the bubbles in-house, allowing for more materials to be shipped and less of a carbon footprint to transport materials. These nifty stress relieving packing materials can be recycled in the same containers where you drop plastic grocery bags or anywhere that accepts #4 plastics.

5) Blue Plastic Wrap

This packing material is a signature staple of the Goulet packing process and holds the products safely in place so they don’t shift around in transit. Much like the Bubble Wrap, this product can also be recycled in the same way that plastic shopping bags can. It is composed of a #4 plastic and can be recycled anywhere that handles such materials.

6) Bubble Mailer

Simply stick on a new label and these shipping containers can be reused for your mailing needs. There isn’t a reliable way to recycle a combination fiber/plastic article, but being able to get the most use out of these mailers is another great way to reduce waste. If you take a little care when opening these mailers, you can get many shipments out of them. You can also use them for storing fragile things or give it to your cat for an new bed, the options are pretty vast.

7) Values Card

Our values are an important part of our company culture and these cards are a great introduction for customers still acquainting themselves with Goulet Pens. Once you have had the chance to read the card and become familiar with our company values and policies, feel free to toss this card in with your other paper recycling. The cards are printed with soy dyes and are completely recyclable as well.

8) Packing Card

We like to send along our thanks for placing your order and to assure you that someone on the other end has triple checked your order to make sure you get exactly what you ordered. These packing cards provide us the opportunity to do so. Much like the other cards in our packaging materials, these cards are recycled with your typical paper recycling as well. Just toss them in any paper recycling bin when you’re through and maybe your card will live on to become another expression of gratitude.

9) Tootsie Pop

Who doesn’t love a sweet surprise when they open a package? We hope you enjoy the lollipops every time your unwrap a package from us. Sadly, the wrappers and sticks from these tasty treats are not recyclable but there are some great ideas for upcycling them around the internet!

10) Invoice

Our invoices ensure proper product pulling in our warehouse and provide a verification of order accuracy. You can see the contents of your order listed in every package. These detailed print outs are produced on standard copy paper, so no special requirements are needed for recycling, just toss it in with your other papers.

How do you recycle or reuse your Goulet packing materials? Let us know in the comments below.

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