The next round of Noodler’s Piston-Fill Flex Pens are coming in, though they will be a bit late. The weather here in Virginia is fine, but it’s a mess down in Georgia where the pens are coming from. Originally, we were supposed to get them this past Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Friday. Well, currently they’re sitting on a UPS truck in Georgia, and the new arrival date is Monday. We thought we were setting a really nice buffer to schedule our release for Monday the 17th (6 days after the ‘original’ arrival date), but the weather threw us for a loop.

We have a policy at not to sell anything that’s not ‘in our hands’, as we get missing items and backorders ALL the time and it creates a mess. However, we are making an exception for this release. We’ve already told everyone it was going to be this date, and people have been rearranging their schedules and waiting to combine orders, etc. to fit this day. We have absolute confirmation that the pens are on their way, and barring the UPS truck spontaneously combusting, we will have them in…eventually. Right now they’re scheduled for Monday, and if that changes we’ll let you know. But we’re still going to release them for sale on Monday at 12pm EST.

We are getting a few (very few) colors like turquoise, clear, navy, and burgundy, and they will go very fast because of how few we have. Your best chance of getting a flex nib pen if you show up after 12:05 is Ivory Darkness:

We’ll be posting the sale of the pens on the blog on Monday, as well as sending out email notifications as soon as we make them available. They’re $14 each (no limit per person on the Ivory Darkness).