If you’ve been keeping up with Write Time at 9 anytime in the last, oh, 2 months, then you’re quite familiar with the collaboration between Rachel and I at the Goulet Pen Co. and Brian Gray of Edison Pen Co. But for those of you who know nothing about this, I’ll give you some background info.

How The Collaboration Started

Brian Gray and I have similar backgrounds with regards to our introduction to the fountain pen world. We both began as ‘hobbyists’ in pen making, starting out turning small wood pens by hand on our lathes. Brian began this many years ago, I was a little later to the scene just about 3 years ago. By the time I was into pen making, Brian had already gotten more serious equipment, and began making a name for himself and Edison pens in the fountain pen world. I actually looked up to Brian as a model for how to take my own pen making ‘to the next level’.

Brian and I had talked about a collaboration well over a year ago, but at the time I was a bit conflicted about spending my efforts making pens or retailing ink and paper. Clearly, I chose the latter! But Brian and I kept in contact even after I gave up my pen making. It was nearly a year later that we began to seriously talk about developing the Edison Nouveau pens. Interestingly enough, all three of the colors we selected for these pens are ones that I’d used for my own Goulet pens at one point in my pen making career!

What does the name mean?

Edison Nouveau Premiere is a name we chose with much careful consideration. It has multiple meanings:

  • Edison represents Edison pens (duh), and Nouveau represents Ink Nouveau, which has been an integral part of getting feedback and interest in this pen line, especially on Write Time.
  • Nouveau also represents a ‘new’ foray for Edison into the more affordable, non-fully customized pen market. Previously, all Edison pens were one-of-a-kind pieces, with pricetags starting at $250 on up.
  • Premiere means ‘to present publicly for the first time’, which is not only symbolic of Edison’s new foray but also the Goulet reintroduction of a custom pen, which was after all, where it all began for us. 

We opted to name this pen Premiere with an ‘e’ to mean an introduction, as opposed to premier with no ‘e’, which means ‘premium’ or ‘limited’. The Edison Nouveau line of pens are not only UNlimited, essentially meaning that Brian Gray can produce as many of these pens as our fans request, but it’s also to counter the hoity-toity limited edition fountain pens that seem to be coming out left and right. We don’t want exclusivity, we want inclusivity! This is the custom fountain pen for the people!

Brian and I have expressed an interest in wanting to develop other Edison Nouveau collaborative pen designs down the road as well. I am incredibly interested in this because I’m getting to vicariously live out my custom pen making dreams I pursued for several years, all with Brian’s expertise. We both feel it’s the start of a wonderful collaboration that will hopefully last for years and years. We are both very like-minded in the way we operate our businesses, as well as how proactive we are in building online communities of enthusiasts around the writing paraphernalia that we love.

All that said, let me just show you some pictures already!! I must disclose that these are prototypes as of this posting. The actual color of the clips and nibs may vary slightly, and the final pens will have the Edison Pen logo on the nibs! This will be an Edison first on a steel-nib pen.

Pen Details

  • All-resin bodies, available in 3 different colors
  • Priced at $150 with steel nibs available in fine, medium, or broad. An 18k gold nib upgrade will be available for an additional $100 (gold prices are insane right now!), in fine, medium, and broad
  • Cap is a screw-type, and is postable on the pen body
  • Filling mechanism is a cartridge/converter (provided), and is convertible to an eyedropper
  • Clip is tension-hold
  • There will be a subtle engraving ‘Edison Nouveau Premiere’ on each pen body
  • Overall weight: 17g (.6oz)
  • Cap weight: 7g (.25oz)
  • Body weight (with converter, no ink): 10g (.35oz)
  • Overall length (capped): 150mm (5.9in)
  • Cap length: 68mm (2.7in)
  • Body length (no cap, nib to back): 128mm (5in)
  • Overall length (posted, nib to finial): 172mm (6.8in)
  • Cap diameter (no clip): 14.5mm (.6in)
  • Cap diameter (with clip): 17.5mm (.7in)
  • Body diameter: 12.5mm (.5in)
  • Nib size: #6 (pretty big)
  • Nib length (from grip section to tip): 23.5mm (.9in)

Edison Nouveau Premiere: Satin Black

The first of the three pens is the Satin Black. This color was Brian Gray’s suggestion. We really debated between making this pen gloss or satin, but we opted for satin. The reason for this was that we saw we could achieve a nice ebonite feel to the pen, but without the potential UV damage and cracking issues that can develop with ebonite over time.

The overall shape of the pen is rather ‘torpedoed’. I would say there’s some meaning behind it, but really there isn’t. This is simply what Rachel and I liked, and we chose a clip to match the taper of the finial.

One of our favorite parts about this pen is the grip section. It has a tremendously comfortable feel, and it’s a pleasure for both Rachel and me, despite the fact we have much different sized hands and an entirely different manner of holding our pens while we write.

Edison Nouveau Premiere: Cobalt Blue

This pen is ‘my’ pen. It is a pearlescent, swirly cobalt blue with rhodium trim. Of all of the resin colors I ever used to make a pen, this one was my favorite. Here’s a pen I made with it (and before you email me, this pen is long gone….):

This color is extremely hard to photograph accurately, because the resin has such depth to it. It glimmers as the light hits it, and you can see the depth of the pearlescent swirls in it as you move the pen in your hand. It’s quite captivating!

I personally prefer to write with my pens unposted, so I wanted a pen long enough to do so comfortably even with my large hands.

The pen is a bit long when posted, I will not lie. But it is very light weight and writes very comfortably whether posted or not. Those of you who are posters (most of you) will not find any hindrance of balance when posting this pen. That’s one of the best aspects of an Edison.

Here is Rachel’s much smaller (and less hairy!) hand holding the same Cobalt pen.

I keep swearing to Rachel that these pictures make the Cobalt appear more purple than in real life, but she doesn’t see any purple. I suppose this is a classic instance of men and women seeing color differently (especially blues/purples). But for those of you that are seeing purple, there is none. This is a pure, true blue in real life.

Edison Nouveau Premiere: Cappuccino Swirl

This color was Rachel’s choice. It’s very similar to the resin she used to turn her very first Goulet pen back when she had a VERY brief stint in pen making. It’s a fun material, with a lot of depth, and personality to it. Much like Rachel! There are swirly bands of tan coloring going through the pen, which make every pen that’s turned appear unique, like its own ‘fingerprint’.

This is the one Premiere with gold trim, because it really complements the color of the pen. The nib is a two-toned gold with a rhodium trim.

Here’s a comparison of the length of the pen to a few others you may know. From top to bottom: Platinum Music Pen, Platinum Plaisir, Edison Nouveau Premiere, Pelikan m800.

We wanted a big nib, and a big nib is what we got! The nib on the Premiere is comparable in size to a Pelikan m800. Here’s a group of pens for comparison, excuse the fact the nibs are inky, I use my pens! From left to right, Platinum Plaisir medium nib, Edison Nouveau Premiere fine nib, Pelikan m800 1.5mm italic nib, and Platinum Music Pen 1.5mm italic nib:

Here are the dimensions for the Edison Nouveau Premiere, all three pen colors will be identical in size and style:

We (Rachel, me, and Brian Gray) are all really excited about the Edison Nouveau collaboration, and specifically excited about our first pen, the Premiere. If you are equally excited about them and would like to consider getting one for yourself, they are going to be ready for delivery around the second week of March. At this point, we are waiting for Brian’s new Edison logo steel nibs to arrive from Germany, so as soon as they show up we will be ready to begin sharing our pens with you!

If you are interested in getting one of the first Premieres, we are taking pre-orders for them right now. A pre-order will guarantee that you get your pen as soon as it is ready to ship. Steel nib prices for any of the three pens is $150, with an 18k gold nib they are $250. The pens are being sold exclusively at GouletPens.com.

Whew, okay, so this has been one epic blog post. What do you all think of the pens?