There are a lot of different Pilot Vanishing Point pens, and I thought it would help to talk about them all in a video. I broke it down into three parts:

  1. All The Pretty Colors– (0:53) showing the whole collection of VP pens that are available right now
  2. The Cases- (8:18) showing how the packaging is for each of the pens (there are 4 different ones)
  3. The Guts- (11:18) showing how to take the VP apart, what this nib is like, and how to operate the pen
LOTS of Vanishing Point colors are available regularly and in LE pens.


Vanishing Point nib size comparison, done on Rhodia 80g dotpad paper.

This is a blog best shown in video form, so I’ll let it do all the explaining for you. I also have a short video specifically on filling and using the VP.

Post in the comments if you have any questions!