We just got in the hot new TWSBI VAC-700’s last Thursday, and amidst the chaos of trying to get them out to eager new VAC-700 owners, I had a little bit of time to shoot a video on the new pen. For the sake of time, I didn’t record the intro or outro of the video, as I wasn’t planning to post it until 6 days later (today, Wednesday). Ironically enough though, I got a sore throat over the weekend and my voice sounds like I’m a chain-smoking sea captain, so I had to ‘improvise’ in the video. It’s definitely worth a look!

The VAC-700 has been talked about for nearly two years now, and it’s release has been pushed back all the way from October of 2011 until now, May 2012. That’s a long wait, for sure. So I thought even though my time was limited and I knew that these pens would be limited in supply, I would still make a video introducing them even though I know it will make some of you who weren’t able to get one angry. I’m sorry!

The video explains most everything, but here are some highlights:

  • It’s slightly bigger than the 540
  • It has a vacuum filling mechanism which is super cool
  • The ink capacity is 1.5ml, but I am able to get 2.3ml in there with some finesse (which I’ll feature in a future video)
  • They are offered in the same colors as the 540 color demos, amber, blue, smoke, and clear (clear isn’t yet released though)
  • VAC-700 nibs are different from 540 nibs, and they are all made by Bock in Germany
  • Nib sections will be available separately, but for now it’s only whole pens

I didn’t get to a full writing test or anything like that in this video, and I’m sorry. It was already long enough ;) But I’ll be talking about these more, this is just to give you an idea of what a vacuum filling pen even is, and how the VAC-700 follows up to the TWSBI 540.

TWSBI VAC-700 in amber, blue, and smoke


TWSBI VAC-700 in smoke


TWSBI VAC-700, screw on cap, push to post on back (posts really securely)


TWSBI VAC-700, vacuum filling pen, which is not very common these days


TWSBI VAC-700, nib units are interchangeable, but not available separately (yet)


TWSBI VAC-700 (top) and TWSBI 540 (bottom), almost the same length capped


TWSBI VAC-700 (top) and TWSBI 540 (bottom), uncapped nearly identical in length


TWSBI VAC-700 (top) and TWSBI 540 (bottom), posted the 540 is actually longer


TWSBI VAC-700 nib (left) and TWSBI 540 nib (right), all VAC-700 nibs are made by Bock in Germany, 540’s are moving that direction from Schmidt


Be sure to also check out the following additional videos:
Getting a Full Fill on a VAC-700

TWSBI VAC-700 Nib Swap


Let me know what you think in the comments!

Write On,
Brian Goulet