Intro to the Monteverde Regatta Sport Fountain Pen

Video notes:

(1:34) Unboxing
(3:02) The magnetic cap!
(3:58) Weight and balance
(4:29) Inside the pen
(5:13) The three colors
(6:06) Finial and other details
(7:13) Grip section and cap
(8:57) Will the magnetic cap cause problems?
(11:05) Comparing to the “old” Regatta
(12:42) Filling the pen
(14:53) Nib options, writing samples&nbsp
(16:40) Increasing the flow of the Monteverde nib 

Monteverde has recently redesigned their Regatta fountain pen, now called the Regatta Sport, with an alternating black carbon fiber and resin pattern with a super cool magnetic cap and the same #6 Monteverde interchangeable nibs in fine, medium, broad, and 1.1mm stub in steel or black color. You can see how these nibs compare to each other as well as nibs from other brands in the Nib Nook.

The Regatta is actually a pen that we’d considered carrying a while ago (before it was all sporty), but we never pulled the trigger on it because we got wind that it was going away. It used to be available in a similar design but with a whole different look to it (and no carbon fiber). We’d debated about bringing it in when we heard it was redesigned, and once we saw them, it was a no brainer. I personally took the yellow one for myself, I dunno, it just strikes me!

This is a heavy pen, for sure. At 50g it’s one of the heaviest pens I’ve ever used. It definitely will not be for those with dainty hands, this is the kind of pen that will make a statement. Mainly, “Hey, look at me, I’m a sweet fountain pen!!”. I’ve personally taken mine to a couple of meetings already and it’s a great conversation piece.

The Monteverde nibs write well, generally, though sometimes the tines can be a little tight and want to write dry. I show you towards the end of the video how to fix that, it’s real easy. This isn’t probably the kind of pen you’ll want to write with for extended periods of time, it’ll just too heavy. This is going to be more of a statement pen, and one that will generate a conversation. It’s really good for quick notes and to-do lists because the magnetic cap is really easy to pop on and off, which is a convenience you don’t get with too many fountain pens (most are screw-cap).

The Monteverde Regatta Sport in red, closed
The Monteverde Regatta Sport in yellow, open
The Monteverde Regatta Sport in black, posted

                                                                                        Close-up view of the black Monteverde nib

Detail view of the red Monteverde Regatta Sport

The Monteverde Regatta Sport is available in Red, Black, and Yellow, and is available in a fine, medium, broad, or 1.1mm stub nib in chrome or black from for $100 (list price is $125).

So what do you think? Does the redesigned Monteverde Regatta Sport get your heart racing?

Write On,
Brian Goulet

2017-10-11T03:45:50+00:00 February 25th, 2014|Pen Reviews|9 Comments
  • Bobby

    It looks pretty interesting, but it's definitely not the type of pen for me. Are you going to do a video on the new Impressa as well?

  • Lori Sanders

    OMG the magnets! I think Brian is a little obsessed. But I would TOTALLY annoy friends and coworkers by doing the same thing with that pen.

  • Allen Van Camp

    Sorry, Brian, saw the Regatta Sport last week at the LA Pen Show and couldn't wait…had to pull the trigger. Got the red one…love it!!

  • Myrto

    A mini version of this would be so darn cool!

  • Tom Johnson

    Good review, neat pen. Thanks Brian! That diamond pattern is called "knurling", at least when it is done in metal surfaces, like tools. Neat use of magnets on the cap.

  • feder-halter

    Thanks, Tom – I usually do flush my pens well before switching inks. And my wife has no problems whatsoever with Noodler's Black in her Noodler's eye dropper and Faber Castell e-motion… Maybe N's B and I don't agree in some way since I have no trouble with any of my other inks…
    p.s.: nice rotation of pens you are listing there!

  • johntdavis

    Thanks for the awesome video. I'm so glad Monteverde relaunched (un-cancelled?) these. The new bodies look great. I especially like the knurling and the shape of the little column where you post the cap. Definitely an improvement over the original.

    Is the build quality noticeably different? I thought the original was pretty well put together, but not the most solid pen I'd ever used.

    Part of me wishes they had brought back the blue and white pattern like the original model you showed. A friend of mine has the blue and white model and I've gotten to look at it in person. It's a really great color scheme.

  • Tom Johnson

    My sister recently sent me her F Safari that she was not happy with using Noodler's Black, it's flow was not that good. After thorough cleaning and flossing the nib and writing with it I found that I had to press down just a little harder to get good flow (the tops of my "h's" became faint). Then, only using the pen's weight on the nib, I found it would not write continuously (a pen should write under only its own weight). I took a trick from Brian and flexed the nib more than normal on my thumbnail (not enough to damage it!) and voila! it wrote smoothly and wet after that. First time I've used this trick and it worked well. Mailing her pen back to her today.

  • A_boy

    Hello. I was just wondering if you know a good/reliable online fountain pen retailer/store in Europe, because in some EU countries you have to pay a lot of exstra taxes/custom fees if you order from the USA.