When we switched over to our new website a few weeks ago, it was a super exciting time in the Goulet Pens office. Unfortunately, you may have noticed that our ink sample packages weren’t able to make the migration with us. If an effort to still offer you the options, we decided to share the contents of these package sets in a series of blogs for you. Now, you can recreate them for yourself in your shopping cart and wish list! Below, you will find the contents of our Sheening, Shading, Diamine Shimmertastic- Gold, and Diamine Shimmertastic- Silver ink sample package sets.

Sheening Inks

Shading Inks

Diamine Shimmertastic- Gold

Diamine Shimmertastic- Silver

We plan to create more of these blogs to give you the perfect ingredients for an inky good time. If there are other sets you’d like us to share in future blogs, please be sure to let us know in the comments!

Write On,

The Goulet Pen Company Team