5 Ways to Get Your Pen Writing Again

A pen that won't write can make for a very frustrating fountain pen experience. Especially if you are new to the hobby, it can be hard to know where to start to solve this type of issue. We created this video and blog to offer you some of our most common tips to troubleshoot writing issues with your beloved pens. Check Ink Levels It may sound silly but you'd be surprised how easy it is to get into a writing frenzy and not realize there's no fuel in your pen's tank. If you've suddenly run into a scratchy, dry pen, [...]

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Our Favorite Handwriting Tips and Tricks for National Handwriting Day

  At the Goulet Pen Company office, every day is handwriting day, but once a year, we also get to celebrate National Handwriting Day! January 23rd, John Hancock's birthday, offers the chance every year to appreciate one of the most unique and individual things we possess as humans, our own handwriting style! In celebration, we've rounded up some of our favorite handwriting features from the past few years. Take a moment to enjoy some handwriting love! 5 Tips for Improving Your Handwriting with Fountain Pens https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=To7H-ZJ_8Ic Left Out- Ep. 1- Tips for Lefties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IypzgWiN1GY QUIZ: 5 [...]

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MBTI + BuJo: 4 Ways to Improve your Note-taking Strategy

Are you excited to take notes, but a bit overwhelmed about what strategies to use? Social media offers so many impeccably crafted spreads and elaborate systems, but what would work best for the way that you personally like your information organized? Taking some time to consider your own habits can help narrow down the seemingly infinite realm of note-taking possibilities. Here at Goulet Pens, we use the MBTI personality assessment to better understand our individual personality traits and how they translate into a work environment. We’ve gathered some tips from our experience with MBTI in hopes of giving you inspiration [...]

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2018 Holiday Order Deadlines

The holiday countdown is on, so we wanted to share our order deadlines with you to help ensure that you receive your holiday orders in time!  While we can’t officially guarantee delivery timelines, our entire team is working as hard as they possibly can this holiday season to get your order packed with that slightly ridiculous amount of care so they’re on the way to you as soon as possible. Our last shipping day will be Friday December 21st, and below are our recommend order-by dates, based on the shipping method you choose. Shipping within the United States: Order by [...]

Easy Steps to Create Your Own Fountain Pen Advent Calendar

There has been a lot of discussion on our Social Media channels over the past few weeks about making advent calendars chock full of fountain pen goodies. While there isn't one all-encompassing product on our store you can purchase for this purpose, it does provide a good opportunity for some DIY crafting! Below we offer some step-by-step tips to make yourself a DIY advent calendar to countdown the holiday season with your favorite fountain pen products. Be sure to check out our ideas for items to stuff your calendar with as well! Step 1: Make your pouches for stuffing Take [...]

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Introducing the Pineider Pen Filler!

 We're excited to start offering something totally new at Goulet Pens! This Pineider Pen Filler accessory allows you to carry your ink with you on the go, while also allowing you to have an easy way to refill your pens at your desk. It holds a max ink capacity of 10ml. Check out our video above to see the Pineider Pen Filler in action so you can follow the steps to use it yourself. The Pen Filler is made of plastic, so no worrying about if it will break. You'll want to save the box because the side of [...]

10 Everyday Uses for a Traveler’s Notebook, Chosen by You!

The Traveler's Company leather notebooks are a well-loved staple of many fountain pen lover's everyday carry picks. These cowhide covers are completely customizable and can be adapted to fit any situation where you could use more organization. This much freedom can be a little overwhelming though and the $40-$45 price tag of the Traveler's Notebook can make it hard to justify without a clear vision of how you'll utilize it. Fret not, the Goulet Pens team has collected some handy suggestions from fountain pen fans just like you. Read on to hear 10 real-life suggestions for using a Traveler's Notebook [...]

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Which Fountain Pens Fit the Goulet #5 Nibs?

Goulet Pens has recently started carrying #5 size replacement nibs. Are you curious which pens we currently offer with our #5 nibs? Here is our list! DISCLAIMER: Swap nibs at your own risk! Swapping nibs on your pens will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the pen and you will be responsible if anything were to be broken or damaged during the swapping process. Repair from the manufacturer will not be available. Here are the pens we currently offer (As of January 2020): BENU Briolette BENU Chameleon Diplomat Magnum Diplomat Traveller Edison Pearlette Jinhao 51A Wood Jinhao 8802 Shell Kaweco Perkeo [...]

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Left Out Episode #3: Handwriting and Best Products

 Hi there, fountain pen friends! Lydia here again to bring you our third episode of the Left Out series for left handed fountain pen users. In this episode we will be taking about handwriting, smudging or smearing, and my picks for fountain pens, inks, and paper for each lefty writing style. One of the common misconceptions about us southpaws is that all lefties have messy handwriting. Because we are forced to learn writing backwards basically with tools that aren't always ideal for us, it is assumed that our handwriting will never be neat and tidy.  In my own personal [...]

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6 Writers On Why They Use Fountain Pens

All writers used to sit down to write armed with only a pen and paper. This method has changed drastically with the advent of typing and computers and it's becoming more and more rare to see handwriting. So we asked six writers why they prefer to use these analog tools in our digital age. Elizabeth Bear I'm Elizabeth Bear, and I'm an award-winning science fiction and fantasy writer with dozens of novels and short stories in print. I grew up using fountain pens--my family is old school, I guess--and in my career and daily life I still use them for [...]

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