Everyone’s going nuts over flex pens lately, and manufacturers are starting to take notice. There have been several flex pens to be released in the last couple of years, so I wanted to compare some of the most popular ones to see what really makes them different from each other. Rather than make an hour-long video going over every detail, I focus strictly on how these five pens actually write, using Noodler’s Black ink on a Rhodia dot pad:

(1:20) Noodler’s Ahab
(3:09) Pilot Falcon soft extra-fine
(5:00) Noodlers Neponset
(8:00) Stipula Splash (V-flex) No Longer Available
(10:24) Omas Ogiva Alba 14k extra-fine extra-flessibile No longer available

If you’re doing a double-take there, I definitely wrote “Noadler’s Ahob”. These pens can make your handwriting look cool, but they don’t help you spell any better.

In the video, the Neponset railroaded a bit and the Splash fussed at me when I flexed it all the way out, and both of these instances are not incredibly uncommon, though they were a bit on the extreme-end of what I normally see. This vid was a one-shot take so you’re getting to see the good, the bad, and the ugly :)

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

Write On, 
Brian Goulet