Pens, ink, and paper get a lot of love around the holidays, but there’s some unsung heroes behind the scenes in the fountain pen world. Accessories can come in all shapes and sizes and can provide a helpful hand through your fountain pen journey! Celebrate the little guys and have a look at our must-have fountain pen accessories:

Pineider Pen Filler – $25

Traveling with full ink bottles can be a pain and could lead to an inky disaster. The new Pineider Pen Filler is here to make filling on-the-go significantly easier! Compatible with nearly all fountain pens, this pen filler holds up to 10ml of ink, perfect for multiple fills when away from the desk. Check out our Quick Look video to see how this helpful device works!

Pineider Snorkel – $15

Worried about getting the very last drop of ink out of your favorite bottle? The Pineider Snorkel filler is here to help! Attaching directly to most converters, this helpful accessory is designed to draw up ink when traditional filling methods don’t work. Use every bit of your favorite ink before ordering the next one!

Nock Co. Seed A5 Case – $70

The perfect fountain pen case for students is here! The Seed case from Nock Co. features two interior pen slots, a small card pocket in the back, and accessories pocket on the outside. Even better, your favorite A5 notebook can slide into the interior panels keeping them safe and secure. Have your pens, ink, and notebook all in one place with these unique cases from Nock.

Carton 10x Loupe – $19.50

Sometimes, fountain pen disasters can strike! It’s unfortunate, but it does happen, even to the best of us. Keep an eye on your nib and make sure it’s in top-working order with this Carton 10x Loupe! If your nib is feeling scratchy, or a tine may be misaligned, get a closer look with this accessory to help diagnose and solve the issue.

Goulet Cleaning Set – $17.90

Keep your pens in tip-top shape with the Goulet Cleaning Set! This handy set comes with an 8oz bottle of Goulet Pen Flush for any stubborn ink, an empty vial, a bulb syringe, and 2 ink syringes. Pen cleaning has never been so easy with this grouping of accessories. Perfect for fountain pen beginners and seasoned vets alike!

CursiveLogic Workbook – $34.95

Looking to teach, learn or re-learn cursive writing? This workbook from CursiveLogic is the perfect accessory to your fountain pen hobby! Each workbook contains step-by-step instructions for learning the CursiveLogic way with lessons and practice sheets. Take back your handwriting and improve with the helpful teaching tool.

GPC Calendar – $12

Love our weekly Thursday Things and Art History Desk features? Experience those year-round with our 2019 GPC Calendar! From themed flatlays like ‘Pink Lemonade’ and ‘Nordic Blue’ to layouts inspired by Salvador Dali, these truly highlight the beauty of pens, ink, and paper.

Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Cases – $15 to $60

New to GPC in late 2018, Rickshaw Bagworks Pen Cases feature our unique ‘ink-in-water’ designs you see throughout our offices. Available in 1 and 2 pen sleeves, as well as 6 or 8 pen rolls, each design has amazingly soft plush-lined sleeves to keep your fountain pens safe and sound on-the-go!

Check all of these selections and more out on our Must-Have Accessories Shopping Guide! Do you have a favorite accessory? Let us know in the comments below.

Write On,
The Goulet Pen Company Team