We have the distinct honor of receiving one of the 25 sets in the world created by Pilot for their 100th Anniversary. The Seven Gods of Good Fortune set is the most expensive and elaborate pen creation Pilot has ever produced at $48,000, and it is so incredible we simply had to produce a video for you. Joining us on this one is John Lane, General Manager of Fine Writing at Pilot Corporation of America. John’s been representing Pilot’s fine writing line for 30 years, and even he is blown away by the artistry and detail on these pens. Watch as we unbox this once-in-a-lifetime set and show every piece included.

This set has been sold, but please enjoy the video showcasing it.

Update as of March 2019: we now have these individual pens available for sale. Check out the Namiki 100th Anniversary collection at GouletPens.com. See the newest video with John Lane below:

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The Goulet Pen Company Team