It’s no secret I’ve been going full-bore for a while now, burning the candle at both ends and in the middle! I’ve actually gotten a few emails from some fans and customers concerned I’m going to burn myself out ;) I have been keeping a hard pace though, and I am going to chill out, in some respects. I’ve been regularly working 18-19 hour days, every day for about the last 2 months or so, maybe taking off a few hours here and there, but not really. It’s been tough (but only so tough when you get to do what I do!).

Now that we have Noodler’s, I feel like we have a pretty good selection of inks (280ish colors) and don’t need to so aggressively pursue new brands for a little bit. We’re really pacing ourselves with expanding paper, too. We’re adding a product here, some rulings there, but nothing too crazy. My poor wife needs a break from all the web work! We’re going to chill out a little bit as far as the rapid expansion goes (though if you know me at all, I just can’t help myself!), and really focus on streamlining our current operation so I can have more time for the more ‘fun’ parts of my job! We’re still getting some new stuff like the new Diamine colors and Pelikan Edeltstein, as well as others. I’m going to be working over this next week to do up samples and swabs of all the new ink colors, which in and of itself is a ton of time! :O

I’m going to shift my focus a bit to really learning the products inside and out. My time has been limited lately and I haven’t been able to just spend some good quality time learning how everything is in use. I plan to focus on doing some ink reviews, perhaps get into podcasting (audio and video, if it’s feasible), and just look to get more experience with everything, especially the inks. The Ink Drop is going to be a great way to have a communal conversation about inks, and I’m really looking forward to that!

So that’s what you can be expecting from me moving forward. We’re working to streamline everything we do now so I can maintain the good product knowledge and great customer service we’ve built on. I promise, I won’t burn myself out!