If there was any hope you had for a Goulet pen, these pictures will crush it for sure :P

This is what’s left after packing (almost) everything away. I sold off all of my pen making supplies and materials, and I’ve completely decommissioned my entire workshop. I’m repurposing the space for more room to pack and store ink and paper, dedicated space for preparing ink samples (both regular and Ink Drop) and setting up a little space to record videos and do more reviewing. All great stuff that I’m really excited about! This is all part of my effort to laser-focus on the heart and soul of GouletPens.com, which is educating the writing community with product knowledge and providing awesome ink and paper for your fountain pens.

Still, it is a little sad having to pack everything away. I have been mourning the loss of the pen making part of my life for the better part of 9 months now, and I’m very, very ready to get past it all. I can say with complete and utter certainty now that I will not be making any more pens or wax seal handles. The few rollerball pens I have left on GouletPens.com are going now small pieces of history in the writing world, and once they’re gone they will really be gone.

**Update as of 10/8/10- all Goulet pens are cleared out. They will forever be a small part of writing history, and perhaps one day become collector’s items! I made a total of close to 900 pens in my stint as a pen maker.

Give me another week or so to get this space all cleared up and reorganized, and you’ll see the Goulet Pen Company working in full force like never before.