Join us live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9! We talk pens, paper, ink, and random other things (writing related usually, but not always!).

This week was a very special broadcast, where Stephanie Smith of Spiritual Evolution of the Bean joined us live by phone to talk about her experiences with fountain pens, writing, mandalas, and life in general. It was our most active broadcast to date, with over 110 people vising over the 2 hour period she was able to join us! (the video above, plus ‘bonus time’)

Stephanie’s blog has been a great resource for many, including myself, in the writing world. Her experience with writing and blogging got her to her spot as the blogger for RhodiaDrive, and she has become a fairly well-known mandala artist. She is a wealth of knowledge on notebooks and ink, and was gracious to share her knowledge with us during the broadcast!

We decided to do two giveaways tonight because there were so many people joining us….well, technically 3 giveaways. I goofed with my second question and there was a ‘tie’, so we gave one notebook to each winner!

This broadcast also coincided with the announcement of our November Ink Drop theme, which is:


I won’t go all into the theme now, since the majority of the broadcast was Biffy talk! I do want to thank Stephanie for all of her time she gave me over the multiple phone conversations we had and for the broadcast itself. It was a blast to have her, and we look forward to inviting her back for future Write Time broadcasts!

The video is long, but well worth it if you like what her and I are up to in the writing world! Definitely go subscribe to her blog and tell her I said hello! You can also check out her transformational art video on YouTube and her Mandala Art page on Facebook.