We experienced technical difficulties with Ustream this week, which caused us not to be able to record our broadcast. We had a fan record it, but it appears to have been removed from YouTube. We’re sorry everyone!

This week we were plagued with technical issues. On Tuesday we tried to broadcast but couldn’t get audio, so we rescheduled for Wednesday. In order to work around the audio issue, we weren’t able to record it (or so we thought!). Please excuse our informality – we tend to be a little ‘looser’ when we aren’t being recorded. This was like a 2 hour super bonus time!

A few highlights from the broadcast:

  • April’s Ink Drop theme is….. Easter Egg Hunt! More details to come through the blog.
  • We showed some of the Pilot pens we now carry, and discussed which converters fit which pens.
  • We showed some of the Lamy pens we now carry, and talked about what other styles are coming soon.
  • Rachel demonstrated how to use the Pilot Parallel pens to achieve gradiated colors.
  • Dispelled some of the rumors regarding Noodler’s pens being made by Chelpark
  • Updated timelines for new and out-of-stock items, like Noodler’s flex pens and music pens, new Sailor inks, Habanas, Rhodia products, etc.
  • Talked about upcoming video blogs
  • Announced that we’ll be interviewing Nathan Tardiff on an upcoming Write Time at 9… more details to come

Join us live next Tuesday at 9pm EDT.